For Our Readers:

A Couple of Kinks is a personal blog about sex toy reviews and stories of sex-related events.

The product reviews are honest and unbiased. If the product was sent to us from a company, we will disclose that information at the bottom of the post.

All stories of products/films/locations/events are our own, and we will write our honest opinions.

We are affiliates with certain companies, which means we receive a small percentage of commission from any purchases made through our affiliate links. If you want to support our endeavours, please make sure you clear your cookies/cache prior to clicking on an affiliate link in order for the store to register that the sale transpired from our site. Companies with whom we have an affiliate relationship do not influence our review opinions.

For financial reasons, we accept paid sponsors in the form of banner ads or sponsored posts. The banner ads will be identified in the sidebar under “sponsors”. The sponsored posts will contain a disclaimer at the bottom of the text – we will always disclose if a post is paid for. Like our affiliate relationships, our advertising relationships do not influence our content.

Paid links are not necessarily from sites that we would personally endorse. Please make sure to always scrutinize each site for safe products or ethical porn. If you are unsure about a site, please e-mail us and we will be happy to discuss it with you


Advertisement/Sponsored Post Program:

A Couple of Kinks includes a paid advertising program in the form of text links, banner ads and blog posts.

Any sponsored posts will be in line with our values – written 100% in our honest opinions. Companies will not be allowed to “preview” our posts or request posts to be removed if there is a negative review. Not to worry, we will disclose if any posts are sponsored.

Any price inquiries can be made with this contact form. Payments will be made via PayPal and required prior to publishing a post/link/banner. We do not guarantee ‘click-through’ rates and do not provide refunds.

Contacting us does not guarantee acceptance, and we reserve the right to refuse any offers.  Any company that supports sexism/racism/ableism/transphobia/body-shaming/non-consent/etc will be automatically denied.

If at any time, we discover that a company condones any harmful opinions, we will remove all advertising without any refund.


Affiliate Program:

A Couple of Kinks includes an affiliate program in the form of hyperlinks.

We reserve the right to refuse any offers. Please note that we will verify your site to ensure that the majority of products are made from what we consider safe materials. Commissions must be at least 10% of the product purchasing cost, with a relatively low payout (ex: $100) via Pay Pal or Cheque. Any companies that support sexism/racism/ableism/transphobia/body-shaming/non-consent/etc will be automatically denied.

If at any time, we discover that a company condones any harmful opinions, we will remove all affiliate links and issue an apology to our readers.



Nothing is more exciting than a sex toy giveaway! We’d love to help increase your social media followers. Please contact us if you have an idea and we will discuss the process (prizes, length of time, social media accounts, etc). We obviously have to approve the product, and it must come from a company and manufacturer that we are proud to support. We will not pay for any shipping costs. Any company that supports sexism/racism/ableism/transphobia/body-shaming/non-consent/etc will be automatically denied. Giveaways that are based in Quebec MUST legally follow the Quebec giveaway rules that the Government has regulated.


Product Review Guidelines:

We would absolutely love if you sent us toys and products to try out! However, there are some rules you need to follow. Please make sure you read them prior to contact us. If we receive a message from you, we will assume you have read our policies.

-We will not pay for any product costs or any shipping costs. We are not responsible for costs if the product does not arrive to our address.

-You need to contact us prior to shipping a product, so that we can agree on the terms of the review. We need to accept the product and discuss a timeline for publication. If you ship them without our acceptance, you risk us not reviewing the product.

-We reserve the right to refuse any reviews if we do not feel that the product is body safe (toys need to be non-porous [silicone, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, finished wood, safe stones] with the exception of masturbator sleeves from reputable companies).

-Any surprise conditions post-review-acceptance are not considered valid.

-Any creams/lubes/cleaners/oils need to be hypoallergenic. If they are not, we will not review these items. If you say they are, and we discover otherwise, we will definitely not review them.

-We do not review condoms for reasons of allergies (exceptions can be considered at our discretion).

-We do not review electro-stimulation products, chastity belts, penis-cages, or any pain-inducing penis products.

-We do not review tightening gels, numbing agents, sexual enhancements, penis pumps or any products meant to modify our bodies.

-You may not ask for a refund if it is a negative review. Negative reviews will not be removed by the request of the company.

-If you are not part of our affiliate links or advertised companies, we reserve the right to link to an appropriate affiliate.

-We reserve the right to link to our own relevant posts of similar products or reviews of the same product from other bloggers.

Your act of sending us a product to review equals your agreement to our terms and conditions above.


Writing For Your Website:

We love writing so much that we want this to be our career. We do not work for free because “exposure” does not pay our bills. Topics include: sex toys, relationships, sex adventures, sex advice, sex tips, general sex positivity, feminism and more! You can check out our ‘writing elsewhere‘ page for some ideas. We’re open to a variety of ideas! 


Using Content:

We would love for you to link to our content! You may not, however, duplicate our content without our permission. We will find it and we will get it taken down. If you would like to quote us, please send us an email with the details (quote, location, how you will reference us). Quotes should be 100 words or less and contain a link to our home page or to the original post. You still need to ask permission in order to do this. If you would like to use one of our posts on your site – we cannot provide content for free, and would require a monetary remuneration.



We are an anonymous blog by choice because we both have professional careers that cannot be mixed with our online work. In a world where everyone is sex positive, we would love to disclose our names. However, that is not the case just yet (although we’re trying!). If you find out who we are, or if you need our legal names for a payment, shipment, etc, you are not allowed to share it with anyone without our consent. By working with us, we assume that you have read these policies and therefore will respect our anonymity.


If you have any questions, you can use our contact form or email us directly at acoupleofkinks[at]outlook.com