Our First Fleshlight Girl: Lisa Ann Barracuda Review

This was our second ever experience with a penis masturbator. Our first one was pre-toy knowledge and it ended up melting together with another unsafe material. So… that didn’t go so well.

Our first Fleshlight, however, did go very well. It took some getting used to but with the right amount of lube and suction pressure, it became very pleasurable.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

The Basics:

Fleshlights are penis masturbators made from a soft, pliable, non-vibrating Real Feel Super Skin sleeve. It is a Fleshlight patented material and although the formula is kept secret, it does not contain latex, plastic or silicone. Fleshlight has realistic and non-realistic masturbator sleeves. The most popular realistic ones are modelled from real life porn stars. Not every star has all options, but most have a vulva, an anus and a mouth option. Each sleeve has different inside textures for a variety of effects.

Our star, Lisa Ann, has three different textures for her vulva sleeve. We have the Barracuda version. As described by Fleshlight: “As you enter the sleeve, you will start with a subtle resistance of front facing bristles. A thick passageway then follows into a massaging grip-like feel as you are rubbed and tugged to relief.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator - A Couple of Kinks

Taken from Fleshlight.com

The modelling on our sleeve is perfect. It looks realistic (besides the colour) and it actually incredibly photogenic. Each Fleshlight Girl has a little signature on it, which is a cute addition. 

Each standard Fleshlight is able to hook up to the interactive VStroker, which allows for a virtual experience. We will be reviewing this at a later date.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

The Packaging:

We received the Fleshlight sleeve in a plastic disposable case so it didn’t get squished en-route. Each Fleshlight comes with a proper case for usage, and they are all interchangeable. We received two little packets of lube and a pamphlet showing us all of the Fleshlight Girls options. The sturdy case is shaped like a large flashlight, which would only be discreet to people who don’t know what a Fleshlight is.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks


Our Lisa Ann:

When we first took the Fleshlight sleeve out of the package we were incredibly surprised as to how realistic the material felt. It was a bit tacky (which is normal), but we had a lot of fun just squishing it around. I may have fingered it a few times. I mean, we both fingered it quite a bit.

We rinsed it out, put the sleeve in the case, grabbed our favourite water-based lube and got to work. It did take some getting used to. We didn’t initially add enough lube and had to keep re-applying. The end of the case has a screw top that allows you to adjust the pressure. The highest pressure is when it is fully closed, which was initially too intense but we gradually worked our way to that. If you unscrew it a bit, then there is less pressure because the air is allowed to exit. This does create a wheezing noise which might be distracting for some.

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

This Fleshlight is modelled after the adult performer Lisa Ann so you can easily watch her videos and get the whole experience.

We typically use the Fleshlight as a couple, and we have to different ways of doing this.  The first is when I am holding it and using it on Andy as a handjob enhancement.  The second is when Andy is holding it and I am busy doing other things like mutually masturbating or playing with his testicles. 

As the person holding it without getting the pleasurable sensation, I can say that it is definitely fun to use. It is easy to hold and easy to maneuver. I find that going slowly is more enjoyable for him than going quickly when I am in control. It might have to be with the pressure adjustments – I am assuming that going faster might feel better if there was more airflow allowed.

It took a few trials for Andy to appreciate the sensation of the Fleshlight. Remember, this is our first one so we had a learning curve.  It required a lot of air pressure adjustments, a VERY liberal use of lubricant and a switch from water-based to hybrid lube (more on that later).  Andy says that it is definitely not a “replacement for the real thing” but instead, a fun tool to use to enhance masturbation and try something new. The sleeve itself has an adequate amount of vulva cushioning so there was never any pain upon deep penetration. The only time the sleeve was uncomfortable was when there was not enough lube or the water-based lube had dried up.  Being un-circumcised, the lack of lube would cause his foreskin to pull back, irritate the head of his penis and lose his erection.  Moral of the story: lots and lots of lube.  The Fleshlight was physically more enjoyable for him when he used it on himself as I played with other parts of him. However, he found that the toy was more mentally pleasurable when I was holding it and using it on him. 

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

Lubrication: Fleshlight sleeves are not intended to be used with silicone or oil lubricants. These lubes can break down the material of the toy. However, we find that using water-based lubricant is not ideal because we keep having to re-apply it once it dries up. After speaking to a few well-researched sex bloggers, we were recommended to use a hybrid lubricant and to ensure that we wash it quickly after use. The site itself mentions that you can use condoms with Fleshlights if you want – without specifying non-lubricated condoms. If the oily lube from condoms is okay, then we imagine a hybrid lube won’t do too much damage if you clean it right away.

Cleaning: All you need to do is rinse out the Fleshlight sleeve with warm water and let it dry COMPLETELY before storage. You should NOT use soap to clean as it can damage the material. Fleshlight does have a cleaning spray available for purchase (Fleshwash), but they also recommend a small amount of isopropyl alcohol for tough cleaning. Once it is cleaned, there will be a tacky feeling to it. You can sprinkle some Fleshlight Renewing Powder on it or simply just sprinkle cornstarch. Do not use talcum or baby powder.

Harness: We contacted Fleshlight to see how they felt about inserting silicone toys.  They said it was okay!  “Silicone toys are fine, it’s just the lubes that will damage the material.”  Something to consider if you’d like to use a Fleshlight with a strap-on!  Our review of this will happen once we own a harness.  

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks

In Conclusion:

The Lisa Ann Fleshlight Girl is awesome! The texture is the closest we’ve ever felt to “real” and the modelled vulva is very attractive (as you can tell from our overload of photos).  For porn enthusiasts, the Girls line is a fun addition to feel a bit closer to your favourite porn star. Overall, the Fleshlight gives an alternative to solo masturbation and is a fun toy to use as a couple. We are super excited to try out the VStroker and interactive platform.  

You can purchase your own Fleshlight Lisa Ann from Fleshlight!  
US Fleshlights at: SheVibe | LoveHoney US | GoodVibes 
Canadian Fleshlights at: Lovehoney CanadaCome As You Are | PinkCherry

Thank you Fleshlight for providing us with the Fleshlight Girls: Lisa Ann Barracuda in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

Fleshlight Lisa Ann Review Male Masturbator Sleeve - A Couple of Kinks


Fleshlight Girls: Lisa Ann Barracude

Fleshlight Girls: Lisa Ann Barracude




  • Realistic material and design
  • Padded vulva
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Easy to grip (self or partner)
  • Easy to penetrate (once lubed)


  • Air pressure cap whistles
  • Requires a large amount of lube
  • Might irritate head of penis

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