Our First Virtual Toy – Fleshlight VStroker Review

Interactive toys kind of blow our mind. We all knew that porn would be the first domain to go mainstream with virtual reality, but it is just so awesome that we get to experience it. The VStroker is the first of its kind, and we were super excited to be able to interact with online videos.

Fleshlight VStroker Interactive Masturbator Review

The Basics:

The Fleshlight VStroker is an attachment that you can connect to a standard Fleshlight. It is an interactive attachment, which means that it connects to virtual content (online videos).

The VStroker monitors the speed of your strokes and the feedback is wirelessly transmitted to your computer. This means that if you go slow, the stars of the videos reacts like they can feel you go slow. If you go fast, then they react like you are going fast.

When you purchase a VStroker, you get access to four free full-length videos and a free 7-day membership so you can explore what is offered.

Basically, you connect the VStroker to the end of your Fleshlight (instead of the standard cap), connect the included USB to your computer and then head over to the VStroker part of the internet to watch and interact with videos. It is compatible with most Fleshlight cases, but make sure to double check before you purchase.

The VStroker itself uses 2 x AAA batteries (included) and is compatible with Mac or PC computers (we tried it with a Mac).

You do need time to download the videos and if you are using a Mac (we can’t speak for PC users), we also needed to download Adobe Air (free). This can take a while and can be a total turn off so make sure that you’ve already downloaded everything before you want to actually use it.

Fleshlight VStroker Interactive Masturbator Review A Couple of Kinks

Using the VStroker:

We won’t go into details about using the Fleshlight because we wrote a whole post about it if you’re curious.

The VStroker is pretty flawless while interacting with the videos. It really does speed up and slow down as you stroke. You have different settings on the videos to increase sensitivity as well as increasing the maximum speed so you are able to customize them a little bit. If you stop stroking, the video knows this and the person in the video asks you why you’ve stopped. The application itself is easy to use and you can skip ahead to find positions that are ideal for you.

Fleshlight VStroker Interactive Masturbator Review A Couple of Kinks
The Videos:

The videos lack diversity. The majority of them are stereotypically attractive, cis-white women. The videos are all POV, so you can always see a penis and it always happens to be a white penis. The dialogue in the videos feels awkward. Our favourite line happened after the cum shot when the penis-owner proclaimed “Fuckin’ A!”. The dialogue that the women speak definitely play into that idea of “cock worshiping” and maybe that works for some, but that doesn’t quite work for us. We tried to find more diverse videos, and there are videos with Fleshlight girls Asa Akira and Misty Stone, as well as someone in full Avatar costume. We can’t seem to find any Fleshjack videos, but maybe we’re looking in the wrong places?

One thing we did discover that is really cool are interactive online video games. They are basically like an X-Rated version of The Sims and they allow players to use their VStrokers, which just seems really awesome. We didn’t see a description of how vagina-owners can virtually interact, but hopefully that is on the way (maybe they can incorporate the Kiiroo Pearl).

Obviously if you want to experience more than just the free videos, you do have to pay. There is a membership fee or you can buy individual videos.

Fleshlight VStroker Interactive Masturbator Review

Strap-On Use:

I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have a virtual interaction! So I messaged Fleshlight and asked about using the system with a harness and a dildo. I was provided with two answers, both of which I am happy with. The first response was: “Silicone toys are fine, it’s just the lubes that will damage the material.” The second answer was: “As far as the two materials are concerned there is no issue between the materials.” Which means that, as usual, don’t use a silicone lube with a Fleshlight, but we have the green light to use silicone toys.

Along with the second answer, I was reminded that (paraphrased): “If I peg Andy, I should use a condom or sanitize the toy before using the Fleshlight. If I peg Andy and don’t clean it prior to using the Fleshlight, then we need to make sure that we clean the Fleshlight before Andy uses it again or he needs to use it with a condom. “

I absolutely love that answer, because it either means this is a common occurrence (going from pegging to Fleshlight), or the person is clueless and covering all the bases. I’ve never considered going from pegging to Fleshlight, but who knows, maybe one day that info will come in handy for us! I’m sharing it because maybe it is handy for you!

Fleshlight VStroker Interactive Masturbator Review A Couple of Kinks

Cleaning: The VStroker is on the end of the Fleshlight, so there is not much extra to clean besides the Fleshlight itself although there are instructions in the small user manual.

Lube: As usual, only use water-based lubricant with a Fleshlight. We take the risk and use hybrid lubricant. If you do the same, make sure you clean the Fleshlight as soon as you are done using it to reduce the risk of damaging the material.

Conclusion: The VStroker is a really cool product that works flawlessly with the videos that are available. However, the videos definitely lack diversity, which can ultimately turn you off of the interactive toy. The VStroker was incredibly fun to test out, both with Andy’s penis and with my strap-on, but we wish that the videos had been more appealing for us. The online video games are fascinating, and we can’t wait to see more diversity and more vagina-interactive games as well. If you’re looking for a basic interactive system and don’t mind the cis-straight-white videos, then we would highly recommend the VStroker.

Recommended For: People who want to test out interactive videos. People who enjoy Fleshlight sensations.

Not Recommended For: People who enjoy diversity in their porn videos.

You can purchase a VStroker from: FleshlightLovehoney US | Lovehoney UK  | Come As You ArePink Cherry 

Thank you Fleshlight for providing us with a Fleshlight VStroker in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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