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During our first year of sex toy reviewing, we reviewed a LOT of toys. Some of them we purchased, some of them were sponsored reviews, and most of them were sent to us for free from companies looking to promote their sites or their products.

It was a LOT of fun… at the beginning.

The first few sex toys we had purchased together helped us discover how important my G-spot is to my orgasm. The next few toys we reviewed confirmed this.

I went from enjoying buzzy vibrations to preferring rumbly ones (although I’m still not totally against buzzy ones).

I went from 40-minute manual orgasms to 5-minute sex toy orgasms.

I went from single orgasms to multiple ones.

I went from rare PIV orgasms to PIV orgasms almost on-demand.

The sex toys we tested and reviewed totally changed our sex life. Our sex life was pretty great to start off, but there are certain things that are now even better.

Except, the toys kept showing up at our door, and our list of review items started to look less interesting and more like a burden.

Reviewing excellent toys will always be fun. Reviewing toys that don’t work for us? UGH it sucks.

Reviewing a toy means testing it out more than once or twice. We both need to be available to try it, and we both need to be in the mood for sexy stuff, and we both need to be in the mood to try the toy in question.

Sometimes trying a toy for the first time can be a fun experience. Sometimes it can be totally off-putting, and just totally kill our sexy mood.

Making time for sex with two busy schedules can be difficult enough. Our horniness doesn’t always happen at the same time, or at convenient times. I’m an afternoon person, which means I am either not at home, or if I am at home, Andy is working. Andy is a morning person, and that’s happened like all of three times because I hate morning sex.

Real life is tough! Continuing to prioritize sexy time is tough! Adding in the requirement of testing out a toy can make it worse.

So… what did we do? We slowed down our reviewing. We’ve taken on fewer toys from companies. We have entire sex sessions that do not involve a new toy. We’ve focused on reconnecting and getting in sync without the business aspect of toy reviewing.

No – we’re not done reviewing – don’t worry! We’ve just accepted two more items from companies and we have a very large Sliquid review coming very soon.

This is just to say that we know there have been fewer reviews but it has been intentional. We’re going to be focusing more on our sexcapades, and hopefully find more people to join us. We’re both loving our monogamish lifestyle.

As always, we’d love to know what you want to read about on our site! Are there toys you want us to try? Are there stories you want to read? Is there something else you want to have us do? Let us know!

Thanks for reading! More sexcapades and more reviews coming soon! Promise!


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