Separate But Together: Inebriated Orgasms


I stumble in through the front door Andy has just opened. It isn’t even midnight yet but I am clearly inebriated. Or… not so clearly… as I hit a few of the light switches at once to make sure the proper one turns on.

I head to our couch, where the evidence of our half-drank wine bottles are still strewn across our coffee table. My glass still half-full of white wine, I top it up and hold it to my lips. Andy’s glass remains with only remnants of his choice of red.

Dinner with our friends was a lot of fun, but somehow adding another bottle of wine during our meal was a little bit too much.

Andy tells me he wants to make me orgasm. I can’t imagine being able to orgasm in this condition, but the way the moonlight reflects off his rosy cheeks helps make his offer irresistible.

“Can I do it myself with a toy?” I ask him. I already know he will say yes to anything that pleasures me.

We stagger into the bedroom, forgetting about the wine I just re-poured in the living room. I grab two of our more powerful toys to help guarantee the conclusion that we want. Some people find that alcohol makes orgasms easier. Not so much for me – lube is always necessary because alcohol inhibits my ability to self-lubricate.

Andy’s already naked on the bed, coaxing his penis to get hard. Drinking keeps me dry, and drinking keeps Andy soft – but that’s one of the many reasons we’re meant for each other. We gave up on drunken penetrative sex years ago – but mutual masturbation is never off the table.

In my haste to turn on the vibrators I forget the lube, so I make Andy get out of bed to go find the particular one I’m in the mood for. You know your partner loves you when he stops masturbating to get you the right lube so that you can masturbate.

With fresh lube dripping down me, I insert my larger G-spot toy inside of me and turn on my bullet vibrator against my clit. I turn it all the way up to the highest setting and let is rumble against me. I thrust the larger toy sloppily inside of me, while the outside vibrator does most of the work to bring me close to orgasm.

I turn on my side to watch Andy as he continues to stroke himself. In our drunkenness, we’re lying side-by-side without touching. Being close to each other and watching each other is enough.

The highest setting against my clit, mixed with the visual of Andy touching himself, allows me to have an inebriated orgasm. It’s a short, light one, but the view of me having an orgasm is just what Andy needs to go over the edge. It’s a bit of a chain reaction. We don’t need to come in unison for it to mean something. We don’t need to touch each other or grasp each other or even speak to each other.

We just need to be in this drunken adventure together. I roll over to grab some tissues and toss them over to Andy’s stomach where his fresh cum had landed. We take turns using the washroom, and I crawl back into bed. A goodnight kiss is all I need to fall asleep.

We’ll clean up the wine glasses in the morning.


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