Sinful Press – Eroticon 2017 Writing Competition [Entry]

This is our entry for Sinful Press’ Writing Competition! They are sponsoring one person to attend Eroticon 2017, and we want to be that person! Well, Andy wants to be that person! Rebecca already has a ticket, but there are two of us behind A Couple of Kinks and we would both love to be able to attend!

The competition required us to write a flash fiction erotic story under 1000 words inspired by a photo of Molly’s Daily Kiss that they selected. The photo is at the end of the story. 

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Sandra logged off of her glaringly bright computer and grabbed her bag from the cupboard. Looking behind her as she left the office, she switched off the light and shut the door. She walked passed the aisles of office spaces that her coworkers inhabited. She was leaving a bit early today but felt like she’d put in her share of work. She didn’t really have anything planned for this evening but the sunshine outside was calling out to her to go for a walk.

There were a few messages on her phone – some texts from a friend, some emails from companies she had contacted – and a message from Rudy: “Hope you have a nice walk home today.” Her shoulders relaxed at the sight of it.

Rudy made her life complicated and wonderful at the same time. It used to only be wonderful, waking up together every morning – him brewing coffee while she quickly prepared her lunch for the day. Always making sure to give each other a goodbye kiss and a ‘have a good day, my love’ on the way out. Coming home to him was the best part of the day, and if he got home later than her, she would swoop in for a hug before he even fully entered the door.

Then he got accepted into a university program in the next city over and she wasn’t about to stop his education. He was now home with her on weekends, and on Skype with her during the weekdays. They were getting used to it – the part-time LDR stuff. They’d hide little gifts for each other to stumble across when they were apart.

Today on her walk home, with the crisp air in her lungs and the sun gently shining down on her, she felt a ping for him. She felt her body physically miss him. Like it couldn’t bear to be without him any longer.

My walk will be filled of thoughts of you and how much I need you inside of me.” She pressed send – always feeling a little boost of excitement when she was so upfront, even though they’d been together for over eight years.

She was outside walking along the canal before her phone buzzed again, interrupting her thoughts that had roamed way past simply just having Rudy inside of her. “I wish I was home so I could throw you on the bed, pull down your underwear and slurp up all of your juices from how wet you’d become.

Yep, that would do it.

Another buzz from her phone: “You better send me pics when you get home.” Rudy and Sandra had a deal – whenever they masturbated, there needed to be a picture sent to the other person. It didn’t have to be of the act itself, it had to be a visual clue to what was happening. A post-shower selfie, a pre-toy use photo, an in-action sound clip… anything. It made them feel closer together while simultaneously building up anticipation for the weekend.

What if I don’t wait until I get home?” Her fingers were typing before her brain could catch up. It wasn’t something she would normally say but the canal was unusually empty at this time and the sun was giving her vibrant energy. Doing anything outside was kind of a ridiculous idea but she looked around to see if it was even possible. The more she thought about it, the more she kind of liked it. It would be something different to send to him, and she could imagine Rudy getting hard at the thought of her exposed in public. She didn’t see anywhere yet, but she as on high alert – her eyes dashing between her phone screen and possible public masturbation spots.

You’re killing me, Sandra. My dick is trying to escape through my pants and I can’t do anything about it right now. All I want is to bury my face between your legs and I have to wait three more days until I can make you scream.

Oh he definitely did make her scream and that was part of what had made them last eight years – the spark never left. Sometimes it took a little longer, sometimes it was a bit grumpier, sometimes they kept their cozy socks on, but most of the time it was just like the very first time – a true connection.

Sandra, tell me what you’re doing. All I can think of is you touching yourself and I’m desperate to know if you are.”

Her eyes fixated on a cement wall that was part of an old underpass. Three days just seemed way too long.

She pressed her back against the wall, hiked up her skirt and carefully placed her own fingers into her folds, feeling the wetness of excitement. The thought of Rudy waiting for her messages turned her on – just a little more silence to keep his mind wandering. Thinking of him, she teased herself, fully exposed to anyone who might stroll by. Her hands knew exactly what to do while her mind focused on her partner. She thought about how his beard always tickled between her legs and how his fingers grazed over her G-spot, building up pressure before he’d tease her by focusing solely on her clit. When he felt she was close, he would pound her G-spot while demanding that she cum. The look in his eye was desperate to please her, desperate to watch her orgasm by his motions. She heard her phone buzz again, and the thought of him being tortured with desire on the other end sent her over the brink.

She muffled her moans, remembering that she was in public. She laughed to herself as the sense of relief and cheekiness pooled into one.

Before she got dressed, she had one last thing to do. She pushed down her shirt, picked up her phone and snapped a photo to a Rudy: “I’d say my walk was pretty nice.

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If you are a company looking to sponsor a blogger to head to Eroticon 2017, please contact us! We have a sponsorship package we can send to you. Thank you!


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