I’m browsing the Internet as my phone beeps. I know it is Andy before I even see his name. “I’m on my way home” it says – flashing brightly before my eyes. 


Home is where I’m sitting on the couch and I hear him unlock the building’s door and check the mail regardless of what time it is. I hear his distinct footsteps walking up the stairs and his keys fumble around as he still forgets which direction to turn the lock in our new apartment. 

Home is where he says “hello beautiful” before he’s even around the corner to look at me. Where he comes over to give me a frosty autumn kiss before taking off his shoes, his cold nose bumping into mine. 

Home is where he comes to cuddle on the couch and we set up in our regular position, facing each other with our legs intertwined. There is something so reassuring about feeling each other’s bodies after a long day apart. 

Home is where we tell each other about our day, where we go into more detail about the quick text messages that were sent to each other. I find out what he had for dinner and he makes sure mine was satisfying too. I complain a little about work and tell him about my ideas and he supports every word.

Home is where he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water, asking if I want something from the fridge and knowing that even if I say ‘no’, I’ll have some of whatever he brings back.

Home is where sometimes we rush off to the bedroom to cuddle face-to-face or to quickly get undressed to press our bodies against each other or press into each other until both our bodies tremble. Or sometimes there is work to be done and we sit silently on our computers, glancing over at each other and blowing kisses through the air. 

Home is where I check the time and realize it is already late in the night and I’m exhausted but I don’t want to go to bed because this beautiful human is still talking and I want to soak up every single word he has to say and discuss every single thought we’ve ever, ever had. 

Home is where we go to bed and we lay there with the lights on while we finish our conversation. It is where I indicate my sleepiness by putting in my mouth guard so he knows to turn off the light. He gives me a goodnight kiss and squeezes my butt. He always squeezes my butt. 

Home is where I get to do this all over again tomorrow. 

I glance back at my phone and type: “I can’t wait to see you, my love”

Featured Photo from Unsplash.com

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  1. I am such a total sucker for everyday romance – there’s something so deeply warm and wonderful about the little daily things like having some of whatever he’s brought from the fridge and sitting entwined on the sofa. You’ve summed up like a million of the things that make me feel lucky about my relationship too <3

    • I’m a bit surprised how so many people can relate to this as it was so specific but I find that even more wonderful! I feel lucky about my relationship too!

  2. I’m feeling so sappy and gross because I am immensely, wholly, endlessly in love with my current partner and we’ve been talking more about the possibility of moving in together soon. This sounds like a dream and made my insides feel all tickly. Your love sounds splendid <3

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