Summer Giveaway! 4 Prizes to Win!

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Summer is on the way, so it is time for a giveaway!

We can’t help but be excited about the summer months up ahead. We have a lot to celebrate! Our site has been launched for just over 3 months and we have seen SO much support! Our highlights: Being featured in the ETO Magazine, winning Lovehoney’s Review of the Month and being invited on the radio at  

We met so many wonderful people at Smut in the 6ix and watched a Ciné Sinclaire porn shoot!

We wanted to thank all of our amazing supporters, and what better way than to have a giveaway!

We are looking forward to what the summer brings! Get ready for more reviews, more guides (there’s a pegging one coming this summer) and many more sexcapades. We never got to tell you about our first orgy that happened last month….

Thank you for your wonderful support!

The Prizes:

1. The company Desirables is offering a set of their porcelain ADORI massagers. We recently reviewed their DALIA dildo, and imagine the massage set to be just as amazing. You’ll have to let us know!

2. The super sleek water-based lubricant SUTIL (2 x 4 oz) is being offered by Hathor Aphrodisia.  We recently reviewed their lubricant and it has quickly become one of our go-to lubes.

3. Genuine Jade is offering the luxurious 3-piece set of Kegel Yoni Eggs that come in Nephrite Jade, Obsidian Gemstone and Rose Quartz.  We recently reviewed those too and they’ve been getting a lot of use.

4. Our last prize is a super-fast orgasm inducing toy: the Womanizer Deluxe (W500).  Yes, we’ve reviewed it too! 

The Small Print:

  1. This giveaway will run from June 14th to July 13th, 2016.
  2. Open to residents of Canada and the USA (all companies have offered to pay for shipping costs).
  3. You must be 18 years or older and live in a province/state where sex toys are legal.
  4. Giveaway accounts will be disqualified.
  5. Each person can only win one of the prizes.
  6. The winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have 48 hours to reply.  The winner agrees to provide us with their name and shipping address, which we will forward to the respective companies.

Good luck!

Summer Giveaway! 4 Prizes!

Thank you to Desirables, Hathor Aphrodisia, Genuine Jade and Epi24 USA for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. You ought to make the tweeting thing daily (unless you don’t want to… I know a lot of reviewers + giveaways do daily tweets for entries which a) gets the giveaway out there more and b) rewards folks who are diligent), and you should let us get entries by referring friends!

    • I will add the friend referral for sure! As for the tweets… last time it was just giveaway accounts that kept tweeting every day. I’d rather keep it a one-time thing for the moment. Will make a big announcement if that changes. Thank you for the tips!

  2. I’m excited to have found this site through r/sextoys. Looking forward to exploring it more!

  3. Great giveaway! I love the fact that it is canadian themed!
    I would love to finally get to try the womanizer!

      • Well spotted 😛
        Thanks, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I’d be so happy to win! Thanks for running that giveaway (and giving everybody a chance to get to know more canadian companies!) !

  4. I really like your how-to guides and would love to see more of those. Specifically, I’d love to see a how-to guide of how exactly the two of you incorporate sex toys into your partnered sex. Like, all the technicalities of it. All the nitty-gritty details. I’m not sure if that makes sense. But I only suggest it because I very recently began to use sex toys during partnered sex, and perhaps I just need more time getting accustomed to it, but I am actually finding it kind of difficult! I’m learning that positioning and choice of toy, for example, play a big role. I was trying to use a Lelo Mona while my male partner and I were in in missionary position and it wasn’t working out too well. It’s such a hard-bodied vibrator that it was painfully smashing my clit in that position. Anyway, those are my thoughts! Thanks for the great giveaway! Love your blog!

    • Hi Caitlin! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments and such a great idea! I love the idea of a post about how to incorporate sex toys during partnered sex. We find that the missionary position is tricky, so often if we’re using a vibrator during penetrative sex, then Andy is standing at the side of the bed and I am lying down on the bed. This leaves enough space for the vibrator to not painfully smash anything. Hope this helps for now! We have a ton of reviews to do, but when we are all caught up, then we are going to focus a bit more on our guides. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. I am beyond excited for this giveaway! A chance to win a Womanizer? Yes please!!!

  6. Your blog is beautiful! Super glad to have found it through /r/sextoys. Read a couple reviews and they are fantastic. Great photography and descriptions! Excited to continue browsing when I have more time.

  7. This giveaway is terrific!
    I’m fairly new to your blog, but I am very much enjoying!
    Thank you!

  8. I’m sorry to say my Twitter account looks like a Giveaway one. I mostly only use FB to update my day to day life. Thanks for running this one.

  9. Great prizes! Mostly not ones I’ve seen before but really exciting! I would love to get a chance to play with these with my gf!

  10. The reviews and giveaways look great to me, so I’ll have to think about it! Happy Canada Day to you both…

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