Tantus Goddess Handle Review

When we saw that there was another dildo that appeared similar to the Echo Handle, we jumped on the chance to review it. We are big fans of the Echo Handle because it is so great for partnered use and considers accessibility in its design. The Echo is pretty great for texture too, so we were eager to compare the seemingly less-textured-but-equally-long Goddess Handle. 

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Echo Handle Compare Firm Review

Please excuse the weird colours happening in these photos. This is what happens when it is winter and there is no natural light. The Echo Handle review is more representative of the brown colour. The Tantus site is more representative of the Goddess Handle wine colour. No clue what happened here but at least you can see the swirls!


The Basics:

The Goddess Handle is made from Tantus’ unique formula of 100% silicone which makes it moderately flexible and glossy. The diameter of the toy is 1.5 inches while the insertable length is 6.5 inches. The Handle adds about another 5 inches, if you’re counting.

The ridges on the Goddess are smooth and blend so that you can still feel them without them being too pronounced. There is a long head, followed by three ridges. The body of the dildo has a slight overall upward curve. 

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Firm Review


Technically, this dildo is not anal safe because the base is not flared enough. I don’t personally know many people who would be able to insert the entire toy, but if you are skilled enough to be able to do so, then don’t use this anally. 

Tantus packaging always comes in gender-neutral, bright packages! It does not come with a storage case so it does tend to attract quite a bit of lint. We always wash our toys before and after use, so this isn’t really an issue for us. 

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Firm Review


In Use:

I personally love the feeling of the Goddess Handle being inserted inside of me. I always find this diameter (1.5 inches) to be great at stretching me a just enough while still being entirely comfortable. Adding a bit of water-based lube results in a smooth insertion. The ridges on the Goddess provide just enough texture for me to feel them, while not creating any problems by hitting my pubic bone. They are very mild ridges, but at least they never get in the way. 

There is a slight curve upwards, but not enough to really be of importance. For me, I have to physically bend the toy in order to hit my G-spot with focused pressure. The toy itself is flexible but it isn’t an ideal situation because you have to hold it in that upward curve to maintain pressure. 

Honestly, the best part about the Tantus ‘handle’ toys are that the handles make them so easy to use during masturbation or for a partner to use. Because of the need to curve the toy, it is much more enjoyable for me to masturbate with the Goddess Handle rather than direct Andy about the angle. Although, if you’re up for some really deep thrusting from a partner, then this toy is PERFECT. 

The Goddess Handle also never gets in the way of using a clit vibe, which is my personal ideal. A long handle, decent girth and a clit vibe make for some pretty lazy (but great) masturbation sessions. 

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Firm Review


Echo Handle vs Goddess Handle:

These two toys are incredibly similar except for the size of the ridges, where the Echo takes the cake for being much more pronounced. Actually, alternating between the Echo and the Goddess made it hard to choose a favourite. The diameters and lengths are identical, so it really just depends on if you like texture or not. The Echo occasionally hits my pubic bone but I find it to be better at targeting my G-spot. The Echo is never uncomfortable but it was slightly more noticeable when comparing the two. Both were A+ orgasms, so I think it just depends on what you might enjoy more. If you’re texture-sensitive then go for the Goddess. 

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Echo Handle Compare Firm Review

Tantus Silicone Dildo Quality Goddess Handle Echo Handle Compare Firm Review


Lube: As with all silicone toys, we’d recommend using a water-based lubricant or a hybrid lubricant. If you want to use silicone, then make sure to do a patch test first. This is actually a great toy to do a patch test with because you aren’t inserting the handle into your body anyway, so just dab a bit on the end.

Cleaning: Head over to our material guide to learn about how to clean silicone (it’s one of the easiest materials to clean).

Conclusion: The Goddess Handle is a simple but effective dildo. It is made from firm but bendable silicone and has a diameter that fulfills me without needing a lot of prep work. The handle is really the star of the show, making it easy to masturbate with and easy to use it on a partner. I can feel the ridges without encountering any discomfort. If you’re more of a texture-focused person then I would suggest the Echo Handle, but if you like smoothness then the Goddess could be right for you!


Recommended For: People who like mild texture. People who like firm but flexible dildos. People who require (or enjoy) the function of a handle. 

Not Recommended For: People who like a lot of texture. People who need hard and direct G-spot stimulation. 

You can purchase a Goddess Handle at: Tantus | PinkCherry 
If you want it to vibrate, you can buy a regular Tantus Goddess and insert a bullet vibe.

Thank you Tantus for providing us with a Goddess Handle in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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    • The colours are so bright in these pictures! They’re a bit duller in real life, my unnatural light seems to have brought out the best of them which is just so strange, these pics aren’t edited!

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