Twistty With a Chance of Too Heavy (Maia Silicone Duo Balls Review)

Maia Kegel Balls Review Silicone - A Couple of KinksI love the colour yellow. I also love things that are meant to go in my vagina. So you can only imagine my excitement when my Maia kegel balls arrived in the mail. Two bright yellow, shakeable, twisty balls that I was going to gently hold in my vagina while the inner balls rocked back and forth. Or so I thought. 



The Basics
The Miranda Twistty Silicone Duo Balls feel fantastic to hold. No matter how many times I tried inserting them, each new time started off positively because who can be sad when there’s bright yellow around? They are 100% silicone, which means they are hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic and super easy to clean. The insertable length is 4.5” and the width is 1.5”. They have a 2.5” rope that allows for easy removal, which is also 100% silicone. They twist in your hand (hence the Twistty name), and you can feel the inner balls rolling around. (Weight to be disclosed at a further point).

Maia Kegel Balls Packaging Review Silicone - A Couple of Kinks

The Packaging
I’ve never seen a more cheerful box! You also get a bright yellow cloth sac for storage. Each Maia product comes with a sac that matches your toy’s colour so your toy box will be extra pretty!

Maia Kegel Balls Review Silicone - A Couple of Kinks

The Story
Picture this: It is Sunday night, and I am about to start getting ready for work the next day, when an idea popped into my head. Why not prepare all my mundane chores with a little extra ‘oomph’ inside me. Brilliant!

Out came the Miranda Twistty Silicone Duo Balls, washed, lubed up and ready to be inserted. The first ball went in, and the second one was on its way when it… stopped. It was like my anatomy wasn’t allowing the balls to move any further. I tried lying on my back, I tried standing up, I tried inserting them ‘doggy style’. Nothing would let the balls go all the way in.

Have you ever inserted a tampon part way in, left the bathroom only to go running back to try to push it farther up? That is what it felt like, except instead of just having the sensation – the balls would just pop out of me one at a time. My partner and I laughed ourselves silly as I continued to have a bright yellow item actually pop out of my vagina.

It made no sense because the insertable length of 4.5 inches typically doesn’t cause problems for me (we even tried inserting them after I was aroused). It couldn’t have been my anatomy stopping them from going all the way in. Or could it?

We gave up and went to go read about what the hell to do.

Most sites just gave the same general information: wash, lube, insert, enjoy, pull-out. Most sites specified that wider balls and silicone balls are easier for beginners – which is exactly what I had. Nothing was actually helpful.

The second attempt was a bit more successful; I managed to walk around with them inside me – although my entire mind was focused on them not coming out. It was a mental debate whether I had weak kegel muscles or if they weren’t inserted properly. I didn’t last very long before that uncomfortable “partially-inserted” feeling became too overwhelming for me.

I’m not sure if the third time was really a charm. I managed to get them all the way in – but I couldn’t jump for joy out of fear they would pop out. I walked around the house, sat down and ate some sushi, and decided that this just didn’t feel right, so I took them out, and searched for an answer I had neglected to think of: the weight.

Disappointingly, the Maia website does not actually say how heavy the duo balls are. I looked everywhere, even in their ‘instruction manual’, but they failed to specify a weight. The company took over one week to reply my email. After two emails and two tweets (4 attempts!), they finally replied saying the balls weigh 200 grams. 200 grams! No wonder they didn’t stay inside of me.

As they were my first pair of kegel balls, I had no idea that the weight would make such a difference. I know it was super naïve but I didn’t consider looking for a weight because there was no information listed. The colours seduced me but the company missed a VITAL part of information.

When I looked up information after my first failed attempt, there was not a single website that recommended a good ‘start weight’. I know that every body will react differently to weights, but there is no way that 200 grams is a good starting weight!

I decided that the closest thing to the truth would be to compare the Miranda Twistty balls to a gold standard… the Lelo Luna Beads. The lighter Luna beads each weigh 28g, and the heavier beads each weigh 37g, meaning that, at the heaviest level, the Lelo Luna beads are less than half the weight of the Miranda Twistty Balls. Well, that explains it.

Normally, I try a sex toy or accessory at least 5 times prior to my review, but I had to stop at 3 times since discovering that they are significantly too heavy for my untrained PC muscle. Sadly, these will be put in their beautifully bright cloth sac at the bottom of our toy box to be used in the far, far future. In good news for me, I already have a shipment of Lelo Luna Beads headed my way!

In good news for you – as a result of this incident, we have created The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using Kegel Balls. This incident not only upset my vagina, but it also upset us knowing that there is a lack of information available on this topic. We care for you – so we gathered up all of our knowledge in order to help others. No need to waste money or emotional energy on the wrong balls!

Maia Kegel Balls Review Silicone - A Couple of Kinks

In Conclusion:

The Miranda Twistty Silicone Duo balls will brighten up your day as long as you can handle the weight (again, 200g!). They are cute, 100% silicone, easy to remove and budget friendly. If you’ve already experienced kegel balls and are ready for a heavier level, I highly recommend these. If you are new to kegel balls, like me, then I would highly recommend you avoid these. The colour might be hard to resist, but your poor vagina won’t be happy with you. I am definitely disappointed in the lack of weight information provided by Maia Toys, as I feel like this whole situation could have been avoided.

Recommended For: People who have advanced experience with kegel balls and want 200g. People who enjoy bright colours!

Not Recommended For: People are new to kegel balls. People who need smaller or lighter kegel balls.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can purchase them from PinkCherry

If you have any questions or are looking to buy your own set of kegel balls, please check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using Kegel Balls.

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Maia Kegel Balls Review Silicone - A Couple of Kinks


  1. Very informative review…they certainly don’t look so heavy, and that info should be prominently displayed!

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