Vacation Sex – Setting the Scene (Part 1)

If you’re looking for super sexy stuff, skip ahead to Part 2. If you’re looking for a story about us, then continue reading Part 1.


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People like to vacation in different ways. Some like to head south to a 5-star hotel where they don’t have to worry about a thing. They’re food is prepped, their drinks are always refilled and they can just hang out in the sun.

I feel like that type of vacation is conducive to a lot of sex.

Our vacations are a bit different. Our vacations don’t really cater to the sex life we have back home.

We do tend to head to warm places, but we stay in less glamorous locations. We stay in hostels, often sharing dorm rooms with strangers. If we get a private room, the walls tend to be very thin and the bathrooms are shared (often dirty) and located down the hall.

The nights tend to be sticky and the days tend to be exhausting. We sleep in, head out for the rest of the day, and make it back just before our legs/back/feet give up. An unpleasantly cold shower doesn’t give us confidence that we’re as clean as we can be.

I love this type of vacation. It isn’t crisp white sheets with a view of the sunset. Instead, it’s grimy and dingy, and it adds character to our travels.

Of course we bring condoms with us, but we leave all toys at home. It doesn’t matter how long we’re away for – we know we are going to have minimal amount of sex – and that’s okay with both of us.

Most sex bloggers we know pack an assortment of fun things like lube and their favourite travel-size toys. We could have brought our Tango with us but we decided not to because it is loud and requires charging. We didn’t bring lube with us because we didn’t have any travel sizes! We opted instead to go totally au naturel for a month.

The good news for Andy is that I love watching him masturbate. It’s one of my favourite things to watch him pleasure himself and then explode all over one of us. We change it up often. Sometimes he’s lying down while I’m caressing his balls until he makes a mess all over himself. Sometimes I’m sitting down and he straddles me until he comes on my chest. Sometimes I’m face down with my butt in the air, jiggling it for him until he covers it with warmth. Sometimes, it’s totally different. It’s a super fun, easy way to discreetly do something sexual when the surroundings aren’t great. 

For me? It isn’t easy. I’m very particular when it comes to getting turned on and even more particular about what makes me orgasm.

Don’t worry though… I’ve saved that story for Part 2.


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