Vacation Sex – My Turn (Part 2)

Part 1 of Vacation Sex sets the scene of how we like to spend our vacations. Part 2 is a much sexier post, but Part 1 shows you more about who we are – if that’s something you’re into!


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We had plans to leave our Air BnB soon. The morning had passed us by with cuddles and work phone calls. Our plan was to head downtown and wander around the shops. We had already been on a tour as an intro to the city, but we always prefer to explore on our own.

Andy was finally done responding to emails and was in the process of picking out my underwear for the day (one of our daily routines). “It’s not like it’s a surprise,” I said, knowing exactly which undies remained in our suitcase.

When we’re at home and I’m being cheeky, I get punished. Not intensely, but I get a spank or two. It’s a fun little game we have… because I’m often cheeky. Sometimes when we’re out of the house, he tallies all the spanks he needs to give me once we’re home. Like I said… I’m often cheeky.

When I stood up to get dressed, Andy rushed over to my side of the room, reached around my body, pulled down my pajama pants and laid a perfect, stingy spank that resonated in the room. Playfully squirming to get out of his grip, he spanked me again. 

There was something about the way his grip was firm and commanding on my body that made me want to kiss him hard. 

We stood in the middle of the room, kissing each other, with my pants half way down my legs. Clearly realizing that we weren’t leaving the house anytime soon, Andy promptly pulled them down the rest of the way. Our shirts quickly added to the pile on the floor, and I lead him onto the bed. 

Our temporary bed for the week had two things going for it. The first, was the view. The second, was that it was lower than we were used to, which provided different angles. 

While I stuck a pillow under my back to prop myself up, Andy found the condoms in our luggage. 

The different angle of the bed allowed for deep penetration. Andy balanced along the edge of the bed and I clung on to him, wanting to hold him as tightly as possible. Our faces were too close to kiss, so I found ways to bite his shoulder and breathe heavily into his ear as he kissed my neck. We stayed like this – me on my back, him hovering along the edge of the mattress until I felt him come inside of me. We didn’t need to change positions or alternate with different acts – it had been way too long since our last intimate session, so we just held on to each other as much as we could. 

I moved into the middle of the bed and Andy laid down beside me until we caught our breaths. My vagina was still wet from pleasure, so his fingers easily found their way inside of me. One… two… three. Three fingers were running over my G-spot, teasing me from the inside. There’s a certain type of stroke that can send me over the edge. A slow, hard, consistent stroke that works wonders. My fingers and his mouth alternated over my clit. With no toys in our room, we relied on manual stimulation. For me, this takes longer (way longer), but the resulting orgasm is typically more intense from the build up. Andy loves it. If he could go down on me every day for hours, he would – but that’s for another post. 

While my fingers became reacquainted with my body, Andy started to bite my nipples. Both of our hands were working together on my vulva and vagina, but his licks and nibbles created sensations throughout my entire body. My orgasm was the first one in over two weeks. Two weeks of watching Andy masturbate, two weeks of pressing my vulva against his leg at just the right spot. Two weeks of being infinitely in love with him but not being able to come because of our surroundings. 

I hadn’t gotten enough though. One orgasm wasn’t enough to make up for two weeks of gross showers and dorm mates and 50 C degree weather. “I want you inside me again,” I told Andy. And that’s exactly what we did. 


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