We-Vibe Nova Review [Rabbit Vibrator]

Yes, I know it is a rabbit vibe. I know – but I swear I had heard great things about the We-Vibe Nova and I was curious to try it out. I had heard great things because the rabbit arm is flexible and points downwards which means that it can be adjusted for different bodies and it can maintain contact during thrusting. I’ll jump right to the point though: it still didn’t work for me. 


We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks


The Basics: 

The We-Vibe Nova is made of silicone and is totally waterproof. It has two different motors (one in each arm). There are 10 pre-set vibration modes, but there are endless options with the We-Vibe app. It is USB rechargeable and charges in 1.5 hours for 2 hours of playtime. It even alerts you when the power is low. It comes with a storage pouch, a USB charger and a 1-year warranty through We-Vibe. The full toy is 8.5 inches long with 4.25 inches being insertable. The widest point is 1.25 inches. The main difference between the We-Vibe Nova and another typical rabbit vibrator is that flexibility and size of the clitoral arm should allow you to thrust with the insertable part. The clitoral arm should be able to bend and extend as you thrust. 


We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks


In Use:

The insertable arm of the We-Vibe Nova is actually pretty great. The vibrations are strong and rumbly and the slight bulbous head means that it hits my G-spot pretty damn well. It isn’t the best G-spot tip that I’ve ever experienced but it is still really enjoyable. I have no real complaints about the insertable arm of the Nova.

The rabbit arm is where things go downhill for me. The rabbit arm itself doesn’t actually reach the part I want it to reach on my clit. I know that I have a longer clit/vag distance than other people, but I am still surprised that it really didn’t work for me. The rabbit arm reaches just underneath the place I need it to be, and when I push harder the stiff material makes it uncomfortable. It isn’t painful, it is just uncomfortable on a part of my body that should be feeling pleasure. 

Because the rabbit arm is flexible, I can manually extend it to reach the proper place on my clit but then I am stuck holding it in the right place. I then am not able to thrust with the toy, so I lose out on some of the G-spot sensations. The flexible rabbit arm is really innovative, but it just doesn’t work for me. 


We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks

We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks


Using With Another Toy:

When part of the vibrator doesn’t work for me, I always try to find another way to use it. For a rabbit vibe, that means attempting to only use the insertable portion while using another vibrator on my clit. This just didn’t work. The rabbit arm is way too large to casually move it out of the way. You can turn down the strength of the vibes in the rabbit arm so it is less noticeable but it is still very much in the way. 


The Buttons: 

There are five different buttons on the vibrator itself. There are two buttons to change the intensity (increase or decrease). There are two buttons to change the vibration pattern (you can scroll backward and forward which is pretty great). There is a fifth button that I only discovered at the last minute. The button smack in the middle of all the other ones seems to change which motors are being used or what speed the patterns are being delivered. For most of the patterns, the middle button seems to change which motor is being emphasized – alternating between the rabbit motor, the insertable motor or both. The buttons are easy to press, which I appreciate. 


We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks


The App:

The App is a really neat concept. You can connect it to your own phone or your partner’s phone. The App allows you to do two things. The first is change the vibration patterns. The second is change the intensities of each motor individually. 

I don’t personally see the benefit of having your partner control a rabbit vibrator. I feel like my body is just too picky to have someone randomly choose patterns for both my G-spot and my clit. I actually really didn’t like when Andy was controlling the vibes, but that is probably because I just don’t really like patterns in general.

However, there was one benefit to the app that I did like. When I was using it solo, I had my right hand preoccupied with holding the toy as well as manually extending the rabbit arm. This meant that my right hand was too busy to press any of the buttons. My left hand was able to control them through the app! Lazy masturbating at its best!


Lubricant: As always, use a water-based lube with silicone or do a small patch test first with any hybrid or silicone-based lubes.


We-Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator Review A Couple of Kinks


In Conclusion:

The We-Vibe Nova is a great innovation of the rabbit-style vibrator. The idea is that the rabbit arm is flexible so that it will always provide stimulation to your clitoris. However, my clitoris seems to be too high up to properly use it. The motors themselves are great; rumbly, strong and consistent. I just wouldn’t choose to purchase a rabbit vibe over buying another toy. I’d much rather use my other We-Vibe toys (combine the Rave and the Tango and… they out-do pretty much anything a rabbit could ever attempt to do). For a rabbit vibe though, it is definitely the top of the top. 


Recommended For: People who enjoy rabbit vibrators. People who enjoy app-controlled vibrations and lots of variations of patterns. People who like strong We-Vibe motors.

Not Recommended For: People who have a larger clit/vag distance. People who don’t mind having two separate toys. People who don’t like patterns. 


Purchase We-Vibe Nova:  We-Vibe | Vibrant | SheVibe | Lovehoney US | Lovehoney CanadaLovehoney UK | Good Vibrations | Early 2 Bed 

Thank you to We-Vibe for providing us with a We-Vibe Nova in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

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  1. Hi there. I just want to share with you readers that for some larger girls the NOVA used upside down allows them to hit both spots perfectly using the app to control it, I agree a TANGO-RAVE duet is nearly impossible to beat, still the NOVA is ideal for couples to tease each other because NOVA’s arms can hold the penis in different ways so for creattive people and teasers is great.


    It is also worth mentioning the kind of vibration NOVA´s got, the RAVE is the type of a vehicle´s motor engine while NOVA feels more like an electric discharge rumble, I love teasing myself dressing a silk bed suit sliding the nova placed horizontally all over my tits to find the perfect nipple spot between the two vibrators because the electric vibrations of NOVA at maximum intesity spread along the breast´s skin through the silk while my nipples turn into rocks, when my skin gets used to that kind of vibration I switch to the next which is a different wave so it feels like a brand new different vibrator and so on… while my skin is already goose bumps I slide down NOVA to find the same spot between the two vibrators to hold my clit which works maybe not clit side ways but up and down always holds my swollen clit because a clit is always longer than wider giving me strongest orgasms only comparable to TANGO´s but more complex because they are two vibrators holding your clit whith crazy vibrating patterns so you just can´t hold your moans, seriously. I have to admit that I usually prefer the use of NOVAS vibrations over my satin panties because they hit my clit a bit smoother and also I love the tickilg around the area. In a different use I love to tease my boyfriend´s dick with NOVA, in fact he loves the use of it to cum at the end of our love making session.

  3. This is a copy of an email I’ve just sent to WE VIBE customer care:
    Hi my Name is Sarah Michelle and my boyfriend and I are sex toy collectors. I have created a few awesome custom patterns for your NOVA rabbit vibrator, Ive found that used horizontally against the skin it can hold my clit between the two vibrators and feels even better wearing satin panties because the vibrations spread all over the area, feels smoother and vibrations comming from all directions to hit my swollen clit giving me better and more complex orgasms than TANGO, RAVE, or TOUCH. I have designed a few awesome custom vibration patterns which I would love to share with other users somehow if you can make that possible updating the app, one is totally organic made by hand drowing many patterns so it feels totally unespected and unrepeated because repeats every 2 minutes or so so a clit never gets tired of this pattern without the hassle of having to scroll all the time, I have created an orgasm pattern and a few more users would love. Congrats for your amazing products. Cheers Sarah.

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