Writing Elsewhere

We are always looking for new sites to be involved with!  Please contact us if you are interested. This is only a selection of articles we have published online.

Elite Daily:

1. Keeping A Shirt On While Having Sex Makes Me Feel More Comfortable In Bed

2. How to Bring Up the Possibility of Pegging With Your Boyfriend



1. Behind The Scenes: Shooting a New Kind of Pornography


Her Track:

1. What Really Happens When You Propose to Your Boyfriend

and… it was reposted on Huffington Post!



1. 6 Odd Things I Learned About My Vagina When I Learned How To Squirt

2. What Happened When I Gave My Boyfriend a Hummer Blowjob

3. Things I Learned About My Vagina When I Had A G-Spot Orgasm


Dusk TV:

1. Top Tips for a Speedy Orgasm

2. Unique Date Ideas on a Budget

3. Sexy Foods in the Bedroom

4. Guide to Birth Control Methods

5. 10 Reasons You Should Have a One-Night Stand

6. 5 Directions to Mind-Blowing Oral Sex 

7. Best Positions for Morning Sex

8. Best Positions for Your G-Spot

9. What You Should Know About Pegging


Kink Craft:

1. How to DIY Homemade Porn

2. Sexy New Year’s Resolutions!



1. What to Buy for a Bridal or Bachelorette Party 



1. 10 of the Weirdest Looking Sex Toys That You Will Actually Want to Use



1. Hypersexual Halloween

2. The Great Wall of Vagina (Review) [please note, the correct anatomy term is vulva]



1. Sex Toys You Might Not Want To Buy



1. Sex Communication 101

2. The Five Rules of Anal Play


Please note that you will find many articles on Kiiroo.com from 2016. We have since stopped writing for them after they violated our policies.


We are always looking for new sites to be involved with!

Please contact us if you are interested.