Review: Blush Novelties Nude Impressions Black

This toy seems to cover all bases – it is made of body-safe materials, waterproof, rechargeable and has a base that acts as a suction cup, fits into harnesses and makes it safe for anal play. As well, the body is curved to stimulate the G-spot. It might have all these features, but does it live up to the test?

Silicone Vibrator G Spot Rechargeable Blush Nude Impressions Review

The Basics:

The Black Nude Impressions is made of silicone, is USB rechargeable, waterproof and anal safe/harness compatible/has a suction cup. It has 5 vibrating speeds and 5 different vibrating patterns. There is a small safety feature for traveling where you need to press both the power button then the vibration button so it is harder to turn on than just one press. The full length is 6.5 inches with an insertable 6 inches. The width is 1.6 inches with a circumference of 5 inches. The head is curved to target your G-spot and has 3 ridges to REALLY target your G-spot.

It includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty and a storage pouch. Always make sure to read about the warranties before throwing anything else. In this case, you need to keep the original packaging and receipt.

I just want to mention that this name is awkward. There are four different vibrators in the Nude Impressions line: Red, Blue, Yellow and Black. Blush Novelties is normally so great about using non-gendered names with dildos like Helio and Suko, but… colours? Boring, and a bit awkward considering that they are all completely different vibrators.

Silicone Vibrator G Spot Rechargeable Blush Nude Impressions Review

First Impressions:

Charging this toy was strange. Once you’ve plugged it in, the light blinks at a distractingly high speed with a rather bright light. Then, instead of notifying that the charge is complete with a solid bright light, the light turns off. Whenever I readjust the cord the light starts flashing again, only to turn off later. I still don’t know if I ever fully charged it or if my charger just kept sliding out of place. I know a few other bloggers had difficulty with the charger too.

The vibrations are surprisingly intense and LOUD. Like, really, really loud. In fact, it is the first time that I have been self conscious about the noise a toy makes. We live on our own, which means we don’t have any siblings or roommates to be concerned about but it was just so loud in my own room that it felt a bit awkward to use.

Like I said though, the vibrations are intense. I’m surprised how much power is in this vibrator. Each speed seems to jump intensities quite a bit. I prefer when vibrations are pattern-less and this toy has five different pattern-less settings, which is appreciated. The five pattern settings are quite varied and go through all sorts of intensity ranges. If you enjoy patterns, then you would probably enjoy how varied these ones are. I just don’t like patterns, so these aren’t for me. The vibration button is uni-directional so unfortunately you have to scroll through 5 patterns to get back to the pattern-less vibes.

Silicone Vibrator G Spot Rechargeable Blush Nude Impressions Review

In Use:

As a clit vibe, I was a bit disappointed. It seems like the vibrations are more concentrated in the shaft of the toy instead of the tip, which just doesn’t work for my clit that often needs pinpoint stimulation. My hand gets a little buzzy while holding it, but it never gets uncomfortable. Just loud, really loud.

As an internal vibrator, it is a whole different delicious story. Wow, does this toy make me gush! I’m not typically a huge fan of internal vibrations, but the mixture of the curve, the ridges and the strong vibrations really works for me. The curve and ridges are actually perfect for my G-spot. The shape of the body makes it feel like it is filling me up and stroking my G-spot at the same time. The toy itself is easy to hold onto and thrust because of the flared base. It is also easy to press the buttons and rotate through the settings while it is inside of me, which is always a bonus.

For partnered use, this vibe is easy to control. Andy has never complained about a sore arm or buzzy hands. Thursting slower was so much better than thrusting faster. Yumm.


Yes, it is waterproof but I would be cautious with soaking it. The flap for the charger doesn’t seem too trustworthy. We’ve had no problems with it, but just make sure it is properly closed before use. Water damage voids the warranty.

Anal Safe:

Yes, this is anal safe! However, I cannot tell you how it feels. We tried. It didn’t insert. End of story, as usual.

Suction Cup:

Yes, this suctions! It holds onto the wall pretty well. It seems to have a similar suction cup to the Helio, which we filmed so you can check it out in that review.

Silicone Vibrator G Spot Rechargeable Blush Review


The Nude Impressions Black is made of body safe silicone, is rechargeable and waterproof and anal safe and harness compatible and has a suction cup and is curved for G-spot stimulation and has ridges (phew… that was a long list of great things). It basically has everything you might be looking for in a sex toy, for a really decent price. The vibrations aren’t perfect, but they range quite widely in intensities and patterns. It isn’t great for my clit, personally, but it is fricken fantastic for my G-spot. The one major downside is that it is really quite incredibly loud and that might be an essential part of purchasing a sex toy.

Recommended For: People who want to experiment with vibrations, G-spot stim, anal play, harness play, suction cup play or all of the above. People who like waterproof vibes. People who love textured G-spot stimulation.

Not Recommended For: People who need more pinpoint clit stimulation. People who need a quiet toy.

You can purchase the Nude Impressions Black over at SheVibe.

Diana Fox

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