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Despite being enemies with my pubic bone, the Suko rubs my G-spot as if they have been friends for years. And with a kickass name like Suko, why shouldn’t they be friends?

The Basics

The Blush Novelties Suko is a dual density dildo, which means that it is firm on the inside and soft on the outside to give it a more realistic feel. It is made from premium silicone and has a very strong suction cup that makes it anal safe and harness compatible.

The Suko is 8 inches long with 7 insertable inches. It is 1.6 inches wide with a 5.25-inch circumference. It has a very pronounced head with two other ridges along the body. The head and ridges are made from the softer material, making them feel delightfully squishy. The toy itself can bend, but it does so in a rigid-fashion.

The Packaging

The Suko comes in a sturdy plastic holder as with all the other toys from the Real Nude line. It also comes with a microfiber storage pouch for safekeeping.

Using the Suko

The Suko is slightly larger than any of our other toys by 0.1 inches. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but I still debated for a while, thinking it might just push my limit. In the end I decided that the dual density factor would help make the toy less daunting. When it arrived, I was once again shocked by how big it is. I seem to think my vagina cannot handle these things – and I was almost right about the Suko. Almost, but thankfully not.

The first attempt with this toy was not successful. I was warmed up and using ample lube but that didn’t stop my pubic bone from yelping in pain, which is a pretty good session-ender. The head is incredibly pronounced and although it is made of the softer silicone, I don’t find that there is enough squishiness to help ease insertion (unlike the Tantus Flurry O2’s ridges that were a bit smaller and squishier).

The next few trials were significantly more successful. It was as if my mind and body were prepared for a (mildly) painful insertion but still wanted to experience everything the Suko has to offer. Once the Suko is past my pubic bone, the head is exceptional. Because it is more pronounced and more firm than expected, it knows exactly where my G-spot is and can make it swoon pretty damn quickly. There is no need for any angle tilting to get the right spot. All I need with the Suko is slow, consistent contact. The body of the toy is rigid enough to keep consistent pressure.

I cannot fully insert the Suko because of the girth, but I am totally okay with this. Solely using the toy against my G-Spot is perfectly all right with me. The girth keeps my vaginal walls happy and the head allows for really good orgasms (with the addition of clitoral stimulation, of course). I cannot really speak for the ridges along the body of the dildo as I cannot successfully insert them. They are less pronounced than the head so I can’t imagine they would cause problems.

One thing that we don’t like about the Suko is the base. The suction cup is incredibly powerful (same as Helio’s suction), but for some reason the base it more spherical than necessary, which causes an awkward grip. It is almost as if the base is too floppy for the shape. We can use it, and it isn’t really a limiting factor, it is just a mild inconvenience.


I’ve mastered about 1” diameter, so 1.6” just isn’t going to happen. It is anal safe and I am sure it feels great against a prostate or even indirect G-spot stimulation.

In Conclusion

It turns out that we are big fans of the Blush Novelties Real Nude line so far. With the Helio giving me delightful A-Spot orgasms and the Suko giving me magnificent G-Spot orgasms, we’ve had nothing but good experiences so far (well, once my pubic bone learned to deal with it). If you’re looking for a dual density toy that has a pronounced g-spot targeting head and an incredible suction capacity, then you should consider the Blush Novelties Suko. Just be wary if your pubic bone is sensitive like mine. Lots of warm up, lots of lube and lots of self-love!

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