Doxy Die Cast Review

Written by: LaRee
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We had the opportunity to pick a Doxy product to review that I would pick up at Woodhull. I obsessed over reviews from Epiphora and Erika Moen to decide between the Doxy Massager and the Die Cast. I decided to go for the Die Cast because Epiphora noted a wider range of less intense vibrations. I am the opposite of a PowerQueen, so that was more tempting for me.

The Basics

The Doxy Die Cast is a super sexy wand. When you hold it in your hands, you know you’re holding a great piece of material. It is made from an aluminum/titanium alloy that goes through five stages of polishing to get its super shiny finish. The Die Cast is heavier than the Doxy Massager, weighing a total of 830 grams (680 grams without the plug). There seems to mixed info about the weight of the Doxy Massager, but the consensus is that the Die Cast is heavier. The plug can be used anywhere in the world with the right adaptor and is long enough that it shouldn’t be limiting. The head is made of smooth silicone and is not intended to be removable. This is an upgrade from the PVC head of the Doxy Massager.

There are three buttons for the controls. One is a power button, and the other two are a “plus” and “negative” in order to go up or down on the intensity. They all light up so they are easy to find in the dark.

You have two options for the vibrations. You can turn it on regularly and adjust your intensities as you desire or you can set it to ‘pulse mode’ where is will automatically go from the lowest setting to the highest setting in waves. The more you press the ‘plus’ button, the faster the waves happen.

What is great is that you have the option of having consistent vibrations (5 settings) or pulsing vibrations. It is two separate operations, which means that you never have to scroll through one or the other – you get to pick what you prefer and just scroll the varying intensities. What is exceptionally cool is that it will remember your vibration setting for the next time! If you like it high, it will start on high, etc. Yes, total sex toy nerd moment over here.

Doxy toys are guaranteed for 12 months, and the Die Cast comes in a massive badass silver case. The case gives off the ‘we mean business’ feel.

In Use

First, the weight in your hand is just a beautiful thing. Maybe it is just me, but that heaviness makes me feel like something intense is about to happen.

However, the weight can get tiring after a while in certain positions, but for the most part it wasn’t an issue. If fatigue/joint pain/arthritis is a problem, then this probably isn’t the best choice for you. I noticed this the most when I was underneath Andy and holding it against his perineum. It definitely can fatigue your arm or wrist.

The vibrations are rumbly, deep and strong. Like, really, really strong. I can’t even use the highest setting over my pajama pants. They are not buzzy at all, in fact compared to our Lovehoney Massage Wand, they are silky smooth vibrations (and noticeably more intense).

The silicone head is smooth and soft, making it great for broad stimulation. I personally enjoy more targeted stimulation, and I am able to successfully achieve this. It took me a while to figure out the perfect angle with the head, but I finally found it and it was worth the discovery time.

Andy loves the vibrations on his perineum and shaft. Turns out that he can handle some pretty intense vibrations and manages to consistently make it past my own highest tolerated setting! A super hot fact to learn about my partner!

Overall, the Doxy Die Cast lives up to its hype. But there is just one thing that I really don’t like and therefore limits our desire to reach for it during sessions. I really don’t like the buttons. I personally find that the buttons are awkward to press and that the vibration changes are too drastic.

I feel so silly complaining about the buttons, but I find that they don’t always respond to my touch. If I push them at an angle or not hard enough, then it doesn’t change. This is fine when I’m increasing intensities, but this is not fine when I am decreasing intensities. It is almost as if the buttons aren’t sensitive enough for my fingers, which just sounds strange.

Once I’ve properly pressed the buttons, I personally find the jump between settings to be too drastic. As you may have noticed, I am the opposite of a Power Queen and I need to very slowly work my way up to higher intensities. With the Die Cast, I go from enjoying super rumbly vibrations to being attacked with power. I then can’t easily go back to the lower setting because the buttons don’t like my fingers.

Everything else about the Doxy Die Cast is so wonderful, but I just can’t get past those buttons. I’ve read so many reviews and no one else seems to mention this problem. A lot of the reviews have been compared to the Magic Wand (Hitachi) that only has 2 settings so obviously the Doxy Die Cast is going to be better than just having two settings. If it were up to me, there would be a scrolling button with a smoother transition between settings.


It is recommended to use a lubricant with the Doxy Die Cast. As the head is made of silicone, make sure to do a patch test with silicone lubricant prior to using it. Ideally, use water-based or hybrid lubricant.


Make sure to clean the head after every use, and sanitize it if you’re using it near an anus (which feels really good, by the way). I do wish the head was removable to be easier to wash. Obviously, it is not waterproof so you need to take caution while cleaning, which is pretty standard for a massage wand.


If you are a Power Queen, then the Doxy Die Cast is all people say it is: ultra rumbly and super powerful. If you are not a Power Queen, then the shift in intensities might be too much to handle. We love the look and weight of the Die Cast. We love that it remembers your setting and has the option of pattern vibrations. We love that it is body safe. Unfortunately we don’t love the buttons and while that is a limiting factor, it isn’t a reason for us to stop using it. Overall, the Doxy Die Cast is an excellent massage wand that has brought a lot of people a lot of pleasure, including us. If you are looking for something with the strongest vibrations, then we would highly recommend the Doxy Die Cast. If you’re looking for more subtle vibrations, then this wand isn’t for you.

p.s. The Doxy Die Cast now comes in a variety of colours!

Recommended For: People who love really powerful vibrations. People who want the luxurious feel of a metal wand.

Not Recommended For: People who need softer or more subtle vibrations. People who need smooth transitions between intensities. People who cannot lift heavy objects for extended periods of time.

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