A Love/Hate Relationship – G-Swirl Smartvibe Pleasure Works Review

I want to love this toy. It is purple, swirly, girthy and rumbly and has a g-spot tip. It visually reminds me of a flower. I love the weight in my hand and the endless possibilities you can have with it. But I am totally stumped over whether or not I enjoy this toy. There are some very positive things about this toy, and I really want to love it, but every time I try it, I just can’t fully get into it.

The Basics:

The G-Swirl Smartvibe from Pleasure Works is a g-spot/prostate vibrator. It is made of premier silicone with an ABS plastic battery cap. It comes in black or lilac and requires 4 x AAA batteries (4!). The total length is 7.5 inches, with the insertable length being 4 inches. The width gradually increases and is 1.5 inches at its largest. There is a flared base, which makes it safe for anal insertion, and can broaden the area that is stimulated (think: below clit or perineum). The tip of the toy is curved to better target your g-spot. The main insertable part has 3 ‘swirls’ for texture. There are three buttons: a plus sign, a minus sign and a booster button. There are 8 different speeds, and you have the option of different wave patterns. The booster button revs up the power when you hold it down. It has a rumbly vibration that resonates strongly throughout the entire toy. It is completely waterproof (yay!) and easy to clean. (Remember to sterilize if you’re going from anal to vaginal, or sharing your toy with someone else.)

The Packaging:

The packaging is so sleek! The box is perfect for storage. The G-Swirl comes with an instruction manual for the buttons. You absolutely need to read this. I was initially so confused – there are symbols and arrows everywhere so I don’t actually find the manual super clear. I had difficulty putting in the batteries – I was worried I was opening the cap incorrectly and then it took me a while to see the directions for the batteries and then initially I couldn’t get the toy to turn on. Turns out you just hold down the plus sign – but I didn’t find that to be super clear. I would recommend keeping the instruction manual, as it seems that this line of toys all have the same settings. You do need to read it to discover all of the options, as holding down some of the buttons provide different wave patterns.

The Good and the Bad:

The vibrations are really strong, and it vibrates throughout the entire toy. I have a hate/love relationship with these vibrations. I dislike how distracting it is as my hand is vibrating like crazy while I’m trying to masturbate. This obviously does not become a problem when my partner is holding it, and is no longer distracting. I do however love the intensity of the vibrations when it is inside of me. I find it to be really great in two different circumstances. The first one I love is when the toy is only partly inside of me – the curved tip connects with my g-spot and the vibration adds some real pleasure as I’m thrusting. I don’t tend to just hold vibrations against my g-spot, so it needs to work well with thrusting, and this toy definitely does. If I insert the toy about halfway, I lose the pleasurable sensation. The vibrations just get lost in my vagina – but that is just how my vagina works. If there isn’t a direct connection to my g-spot, then there might as well not be any vibrations. Surprisingly, the second circumstance that I really like is when the toy is completely pushed inside me – the flared base stopping any further insertion. I turn the settings up to the max (often using the booster button), and I can feel the vibrations throughout my entire vagina, anus and clitoris. It’s like everything is shaking, and it actually becomes really pleasurable. The flared base is sadly not wide enough to directly reach my clit, but it reaches just beneath it, which is also a pleasure centre of mine. It’s like the perfect tease for my clit – just out of reach. It is a super unique sensation – I feel filled up with the girth of the toy, and I feel filled up with the buzzing. It won’t make me orgasm like this, but if you like the feeling of being ‘full’, then you’re going to think this is really unique. The booster button is an awesome feature and more toys should have it. I feel badass whenever I press it – like it’s the secret crime-fighting button they have in cartoons. Ya, totally badass.

I don’t think the G-Swirl is very easy to insert, ironically because of the swirls. I find that the swirls on the main body cause more resistance than pleasure. I have to apply lube lower than I typically require. Of course, only add water-based lube because the material is silicone (we use Pink Water).

It took me a little practice to get used to the vibration controls. I didn’t find them to be straightforward – I just found that there were so many options between intensities and wave patterns. It is something you have to get used to, but once you’ve figured it out the options can become a positive aspect of this toy.

I tried using this as a clit vibe, and although it felt good, I felt distracted by my hand shaking with the strong vibrations.

Anal: My butt cannot currently handle a toy with a 1.5 inch width. It also can’t handle vibrations. We were not able to test it anally, but if you like the shape and the girth, then I implore you to explore.

In Conclusion:

I find that the G-swirl toys with my emotions. I love when it is only partly inserted and can feel it against my g-spot, and I love the unique sensation when it is completely pushed inside of me rumbling and simultaneously teasing my clit. I don’t like the numerous button combinations, the resistance upon insertion and how intense the vibrations happen in my hand. I like how it feels to actually use, but it takes a lot of work to make me orgasm with it and I feel like there could be improvements on more technical aspects. Can you tell I’m still conflicted?

It has a learning curve with the buttons, but once you’ve mastered it, you’re in for some good times – not excellent for me, but definitely pleasurable. We’re not done experimenting with this toy. Although it might not live on my nightstand, it hasn’t seen its last days.

You can purchase the G-Swirl Smartvibe from Good Vibrations.

Even if you aren’t convinced with this toy, you should still go check out Good Vibrations cuz they’re pretty damn awesome.

Diana Fox

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