IUD Diary #2 (1 Month Later)

At the end of my last diary (1.5 weeks after my IUD insertion) my bleeding had decreased but it had not fully stopped.

Well, unfortunately it still has not fully stopped. I actually got my period last week (my normal schedule) and the bleeding has become lighter since my period ended, but I still require an underwear liner to protect my precious undies from blood.

Don’t worry though – bleeding or “spotting” is very common for about 3-6 months after an IUD insertion. I’m told it is worth it, but it still really sucks.

Since the last diary, I have also managed to break out into forehead acne. I always thought I was blessed with decent skin, but it turns out that it was my birth control pill regulating my zits. My forehead looks worse than when I was a teenager. I get random blackheads on my cheeks and I can’t stop getting whiteheads on my chin. The estrogen in birth control pills help control acne, which means that cutting out the estrogen allows acne to roam free. On top of that, the Mirena IUD has a higher level of progesterone than my brand of birth control pills, which actually aggravates the situation. So, at 27, I am dealing with acne for the first time in my life. Just in time for my engagement party photos.

My nipples also became intensely sensitive for a whole week. I couldn’t touch them without feeling pain. Thankfully it has gone away, but they were hard and erect and swollen for an entire week. I have no explanation except the IUD hormone adjustments. It wasn’t near my period and it isn’t a usual thing for me. It was random and my best guess is the IUD.

I’ve overall had less pain than I thought. There has been the occasional cramping, especially right before my period. I was a bit worried it was IUD-related pain and then I started bleeding more and realized it was just normal period-related pain, which was a relief. Although I do hope that my IUD eventually stops my periods from happening altogether.

Sex has been totally fine. The first time we had penetrative sex (PIV), Andy felt the wire but that is the only time he has felt the wire poke. In terms of my own comfort, occasionally I am uncomfortable during vigorous sex. Occasionally it feels like my cervix is protesting, but normally we change positions and it seems fine. No real pain, just slight discomfort.

I chose to write after 1 month because I actually had a checkup appointment. Once the IUD is inserted, the clinic schedules an appointment 4 weeks later to check the placement and see if the wire needs to be cut. I know that this is not a standard procedure across the board, but I was happy to have a check up – especially after occasionally feeling mild discomfort during sex.

My Doctor had been a bit eccentric, so I was happy to have a Medical Resident instead. She was thorough with her questions and made me feel like she knew what she was doing. She checked the placement but didn’t cut the wire. I asked her why not, because I had originally thought everyone’s wires needed cutting. She told me that if it isn’t causing any issues, then there isn’t a reason to tamper with it. Sounds good to me!

My placement was totally fine and she told me that bleeding is normal for 3-6 months and that I just need to stick with it. I asked her about using sex toys – specifically sex toys that hit my cervix. She told me that because the IUD is above the cervix, there is no risk that I will push the IUD out of place. The only problem that might occur is if I somehow hook the wire and pull it. A standard dildo won’t be an issue. The confidence in her answer really reassured me. I haven’t had any issues so far but we’ve also been avoiding hitting my cervix with anything.

Overall, I am fairly happy with my IUD. Besides the acne and the bleeding, there have only been very minor issues. Hopefully the bleeding goes away soon, and hopefully I can get my acne under control with a change of face wash. All of my fears about sex and sex toys have been debunked.

The next diary will probably be at 3 months, and I hope to report zero bleeding! Fingers crossed!

Please note that although I am reporting my medical experience, this should not be taken as medical advice. If you have any questions, you should speak to your own doctor.

You can read about the insertion experience over at IUD Diary #1 (1.5 Weeks Later).

Diana Fox

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