kink craft paracord mini flogger kit review

Written by: LaRee
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Kink Craft Paracord Mini Flogger Kit Review – on YourTango

We are big fans of Kink Craft, so when we had the opportunity to review their Paracord Mini Flogger for the website YourTango, we jumped at it!

We personally think it was much more successful than our attempt at the Figure 8 Handcuff Kit but you’ll have to head over to YourTango to find out why!

“This little DIY flogger really packs a sting! The design on the handle allows for a solid grip and the knots at the end of the paracord provide a stinging sensation with every whip. Without the little knots at the end, it wouldn’t feel like anything, but the knots are the perfect size to provide a sharp but pleasant sensation.”

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