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Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, I squirted. It was the first time and it was glorious. It was less wet than I had imagined, but it was still pretty damn wet.

The Lelo Ella has been responsible for many people’s first squirts so I knew I had to try it. Many reviewers have started their squirting adventures with this elegant, sleek little toy. I am pleased to confirm that I have joined that group, but don’t fret; even if Ella doesn’t make you squirt, your G-spot will still sing with joy.

The Basics

Lelo Ella is a double-ended G-spot dildo, which means that one of its ends is designed specifically to reach your G-spot. The other end is designed as a classic insertable. Ella is 100% silicone – a really smooth silicone that has a soft silky feel to it. It is currently my favourite toy to hold because of the silkiness and sleek curves. The ‘classic’ end can also be inserted anally because the G-spot curve will stop it from being sucked in. Ella does not vibrate like the Lelo Gigi 2). It is 7.25 inches long and 1.4 inches wide, body-safe, waterproof and overall easy to clean.

As with all silicone toys, a water-based lube is recommended. You should not use a silicone-based (or mixed) lube without first doing a patch test. (Check out our guide to silicone material here).

The Packaging

Lelo sent Ella in sexy packaging. They have a clean, elegant black box that goes perfectly with their sleek toy. Inside the box you will find a satin pouch, a user manual and a code for their one-year warranty. The warranty is easy to set up – you just have to create an account on the Lelo website (but read our disclaimer first at the bottom of the page).

What I appreciate is that the user manual discusses squirting in a super inclusive way: “Some women ejaculate during G-spot-triggered orgasm; some do not. There is no ‘normal’, just what works for your body”. Well done, Lelo.

The Story of the Squirt

There was some serious anticipation leading up to trying Lelo Ella. When it arrived, it was washed and used immediately. I ooh-ed and aww-ed over its curves and luxurious material and I couldn’t wait to try squirting. Obviously, it didn’t happen the first time – that would have been a miracle. It did feel f*cking amazing though. It was the first time I really got to feel my g-spot in all its sensations. The toy was incredibly easy to guide inside of me and it made contact with my g-spot almost instantly. The direct pressure was exactly what I had hoped to feel – it did not disappoint. Although I didn’t squirt, I did cum pretty damn quickly. It was deep, intense and long lasting. I repeated right away and got the same results. I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t squirted but it didn’t really matter because I was already enamoured with the sensations the focused head provided.

We kept using Ella with the goal of squirting but had accepted that it wasn’t going to happen and that I was just going to enjoy a mixed clitoral/g-spot orgasm (I always use my hand, my partner’s hand or a vibrator on my clit). I found that my partner wasn’t quite getting the right angle with Ella while I was lying down and he was in front of me. We changed a few positions until we found the ultimate angle. Sitting up in bed with my partner controlling a vibrator and me controlling Ella – it was a collaborative effort. I started to feel this swelling inside of me so I started thrusting faster and harder until I felt a release. Omg I felt a release. Ella was SOAKED. I didn’t spray 10 feet and I didn’t soak through the sheets but I definitely ejaculated.

I’ve had countless orgasms with the help of the G-spot end of Ella. The other side – classic penetration – feels great against my vaginal walls but the tip is too pointy for me. It feels mildly uncomfortable to use and I always end up just turning it around to use the g-spot end. The classic end isn’t even that pointy – but for some reason I can feel it and I don’t particularly like it.

In the Butt

You can insert Lelo Ella anally as well because the curve of the g-spot acts like a flared base. It inserts surprisingly well (with lots of lube – we use Sliquid Sassy). For someone who doesn’t use butt plugs often, I can insert almost the entire toy without any discomfort. It’s the perfect width for my butt and the perfect handle for my partner to have control. I’m super surprised by this discovery but I have to say that the Lelo Ella is great for anal beginners. (You must sterilize any toy that is going from anal to vaginal – after every anal use.)


I find that the black silky material holds on to my natural juices, which can either make it slippery or can make it flaky. I don’t find it particularly pleasant to switch ends mid-way because my hand just gets covered in drying juices. The short handle can make it a bit awkward when you’re slipping around but I don’t find that it takes away too much from the experience. The fact that my version of Ella is black means that my juices show in all their glory – this can be super hot in the moment and not quite so hot after the moment – I recommend cleaning it pretty soon after use. The one design flaw is the word LELO embedded on both sides because it tends to accumulate fluids and makes it more difficult to clean. You have to scrub it clean – don’t be lazy; it’s for your health.

In Conclusion

Lelo Ella is sleek, sexy, silky and scream-inducing. The g-spot end curves perfectly to make my g-spot swoon. The classic end is great for penetration if your body doesn’t feel the mild poking. I won’t be using the classic end for vaginal penetration but it does glide smoothly into my butt, which is definitely a perk. This toy is pretty multi-functional so whether or not your body can squirt, I would highly recommend Lelo Ella.

Recommended For: People who want to discover their G-spot. People who want to try to squirt with the help of a toy.

Not Recommended For: People who do not enjoy G-spot stimulation. People who prefer vibrations against their G-spot.

Lelo Ella seems to be slowly disappearing from online sites but you can still buy from SheVibe.

Disclaimer: Lelo as a manufacturer has been under a lot of fire in recent years. There seems to be a lack of real innovation, a decrease in quality, an un-justified increase in price and a not-so-great customer service (especially where warranties are concerned). Lelo seems to have peaked with their older toys such as the Ella, Mona 2 and Luna Beads. I would highly recommend doing research before splurging on a Lelo toy. Ella is usually recommended but many of Lelo’s other products are not.

Update June 2016: Following the launch of Lelo Hex and the incredibly inappropriate appointment of Charlie Sheen as their representative, we can no longer endorse any Lelo products. For more information, please refer to Marvelous Darling’s post for more information.

Lelo Ella Review





  • Double Ended
  • G Spot Precision
  • Anal Safe
  • Silky, Sleek, Sexy


  • Embeded Logo
  • Short handle
A Couple Of Kinks