Tantus Echo Handle Review

Written by: LaRee
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The Basics

Tantus has created a beautiful, perfect dildo. The Echo Handle is made from 100% ultra-premium silicone. It is 1.5 inches in diameter and has a whole 7 inches of insertable length, with a magnificent 4-inch handle. The insertable portion has 5 ridges on it to provide extra texture. The material is firm yet still pliable. It has a glossy finish, which causes zero drag. The handle has a less-glossy finish on it, which makes it easier to hold on to. They’ve really thought of everything.

It has a very small flared based, which means it is incompatible with a harness. Tantus does not claim it is safe for anal use.

The Packaging

We received the Echo Handle from the Grab Bag, which is a wondrous part of the Internet where you can purchase Tantus toys for significantly cheaper just because you don’t get to choose the colour. For this reason, the grab bag comes in a metallic bag instead of a regular Tantus box.

We received a bit of an odd colour – it is brown with swirls of lighter brown. It is our first earth-toned toy but the toy itself is brilliant so really the colour does not matter.  Please note that we have nothing against brown dildos, we just much prefer bright colours.

You can always purchase the Echo Handle in strawberry or midnight purple in the regular dildo section. Also, FYI: Tantus silicone products have a lifetime warranty!

Could We Handle It?

In case you couldn’t tell by now – this dildo is amazing. Like… how have we lived without it for so long?

The girth is wonderful, and the ridges add a nice subtle texture to it. I don’t find them to be too pronounced, but I can still feel them. The top of the toy has a ridge intended to target the g-spot and it has found mine quite a few times. I need to angle the dildo upwards to get the right pressure, but it is super easy to do with the long handle and the flexible silicone. The silicone is just soft enough to bend, just hard enough to cause pressure and just glossy enough to glide smoothly with very little lubricant.

When I masturbate, the Echo Handle is easy to control. I don’t have to contort my body into weird positions in order to thrust (admit it, you’ve done it too). I angle the handle down to get a little bit of a bend upward – like an overall curve towards my g-spot. The handle is super easy to maneuver and it also doesn’t get lube all over it. Sometimes with shorter toys I find that the whole toys gets covered in vaginal juices and lube – but not this one. My hand can stay dry if I choose to keep it dry.

My partner loves using this toy on me. He actually wanted me to emphasize how much he likes this toy. I think his words were: “tell everyone that the handle makes it super easy to thrust and I can easily use a vibrator at the same time”. I think it’s the most he’s ever said about a toy (kidding… but he definitely rated this one very high). He gets super excited whenever I pull this one out of our toy box (well, to be honest it lives on our nightstand). As a frequent ‘giver’ he appreciates that this toy has the girth to make me moan while the handle makes his life easier.


Tantus does not claim that it is safe for anal use, although I have seen some blogs state that it is. It is not intended for full insertion.

In Conclusion

The insertable part itself feels really good against my vaginal walls and my g-spot. I like the girth, the subtle ridges and the pressure it can provide. The handle is an incredible feature! It makes it easy to thrust and maneuver, and can obviously be inserted deeply (if that’s what you’re into). The Echo Handle puts shorter toys to shame. We both highly recommend this toy – whether you’re giving or receiving!

**We have since reviewed the Goddess Handle which is a less-textured version of the Echo. Check out our review here.**

Thank you to Tantus for providing us with the Echo Handle in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

Tantus Echo Handle Review





  • The HANDLE!
  • Silicone: Glossy for insertable, Matte for handle
  • Textured ridges are noticeable but not painful
  • G-Spot targeting
  • Long insertion length (7


  • Nothing.
A Couple Of Kinks