Tantus Flurry O2 Review

Written by: LaRee
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Silicone? Check. Dual Density? Check. Candy Coloured? Check. Girthy? Check. G-Spot Targeting? Double check.

It is kind of unfair to review this toy. My vagina has been dreaming of the Flurry O2 ever since I first spotted it. Those double ridges? I just knew – I KNEW – they would be good. The verdict? My vagina was most definitely not disappointed. My partner would even tell you that it smiled (and by smiled I mean gushed).

So, let me tell you about the Flurry O2 so you can decide for yourself if it is going to work for you and your needs ‘cuz that is what this site is all about!

The Basics

The Flurry O2 by Tantus is made of dual density, which means it has a super soft outside and a harder core. Together, the toy feels more realistic. Both materials are made of ultra-premium silicone. The diameter is 1.5 inches and the length is 7 inches. It has two ridges – kind of like if a dick has a double chin, except obviously way hotter. The ridges are pronounced but soft and squishy, which means there is no hard pubic bone bashing with this toy.

Excitingly, the flared base means that it is both anal safe and harness compatible.

The Packaging

Classic Tantus packaging: simple, gender-neutral and bright colours! I destroyed it while taking out the Flurry O2 though… so it cannot be used for storage. Tantus toys don’t come with a storage sack, but if that is the only fault of this toy… then I’ll deal without it.

The Flurry of Pleasure

Initially when I took the Flurry out of the package I thought my eyes had been larger than my vagina. Sometimes I find 1.5 inches to look bigger than it is, and this was one of those cases. With the straight, un-wavering stance of the Flurry I was a bit intimidated. Although once I had properly squished the material and felt that classic Tantus Dual Density, I was a bit more at ease.

To say the Flurry is excellent is an understatement. With a little help from my lube friend (Sliquid H2O), I have no difficulty inserting the toy despite its size. The double ridges are squishy enough that they do not get stuck anywhere on my pubic bone, but are hard enough to allow me to feel them the entire time. While I cannot insert the Flurry very far inside of me, I don’t really care. This toy is perfect to stretch my vaginal walls with its girth and rub against my g-spot with those glorious ridges.

Thrusting is incredibly easy with the Flurry because the base of the toy is flared and made of the harder silicone. It acts like a solid handle, which is very much appreciated. Both my partner and I have had no trouble getting a proper grip on the base. I do find it very easy to rotate the toy without realizing it. Once, I was almost on the verge of orgasm, but couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t happening. I took out the Flurry only to realize that it had rotated 180° so the ridges weren’t rubbing against my g-spot at all. I hadn’t even really realized it – that is how great this toy is – it even felt wonderful when it was upside down against my perineal sponge! I promptly placed it upright and came pretty instantly. This toy is the first toy to make me aware of my perineal sponge… so there’s that.

The silicone is smooth and causes very little drag with added lube. I love feeling a thick toy inside me when I orgasm, and the dual density allows for that. It squishes with my contractions but doesn’t give away too easily so I can still feel the girth.

Normally I need a bit of an upward angle to target properly target my g-spot. This is not an easy feat with the Flurry, but I find that the two ridges made up for this. While I have had more direct pressure on my g-spot from other toys, I actually liked the more passive stimulation. It makes my masturbation sessions a bit longer, which can be an added bonus (or not – depending on if you’re in a rush).

I tried putting a vibrator against the base of the handle, and while I can feel the vibrations throughout, it isn’t the greatest transfer of vibes – but it isn’t supposed to be, so I’m totally okay with that.


While this toy is anal compatible, 1.5 inches just can’t be inserted anally into either of us. This toy will not bend upon insertion, so if you’re looking for a more rigid toy, this could be it.

In Conclusion

The Flurry O2 is great for thrusting, great for g-spot stimulation, great for feeling girth, and great for my newly found perineal sponge! The dual density is a standout quality of this toy, allowing for it to be both squishy and rigid. If you are looking for a multi-use, non-realistic, sturdy, girthy dildo, we would highly recommend the Flurry O2. If you’re looking for even more girth, you can try out the “big brother” Cush O2.

Thank you Tantus for providing us with the Flurry O2 in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

Tantus Flurry O2 Review





  • Dual density silicone
  • Sturdy and squishy
  • Not one but TWO ridges
  • Flared base: harness, anal and easy-to-grip
  • G-spot, girth and perineal sponge


  • Might not be girthy enough for some
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