Tantus G-Force Review

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The Basics

The G-Force is made from Tantus’ hard silicone and is 1.4 inches in diameter and 10 inches in length (including the handle). The entire toy is curved to help reach the G-spot and the tip of the dildo is bulbous shaped to help stimulate the right spot. Even though it is made of firm silicone, it is still fairly bendable because the body of it is so skinny.

In Use

You already know how much I love having long handles on dildos. And you already know how much I love having firm pressure on my G-spot. So you know I’m going to say that this is a freaking great combination!

The tip of the toy is bulbous and totally just matches up with my G-spot. I don’t have to search for it – the toy is drawn to the right spot on its own.

The handle, like most handles, makes the toy incredibly easy to thrust. This means that there is so little effort put into my orgasms with this dildo. Of course, I also use a clit vibe at the same time.

The same can be said for partnered use: the handle and the bulbous tip that naturally heads for my G-spot are a great mix.

The only downside to this toy is that the body and neck are bendable, which reduces the amount of pressure that it can place on my G-spot. The silicone is made of Tantus’ hardest blend but the fact that the toy itself can move limits how much pressure you can apply, especially if you are holding it lower down on the handle. This might be perfect for someone who needs firm pressure but who might not tolerate a completely solid material like glass or metal. For me, I would still rather have a rock hard material, but the G-Force continues to impress me with how easy it can make me orgasm. Like, it’s just so simple that it works.

Prostate Use

We can’t yet fit 1.4 inches inside of Andy’s butt so we can’t test it on the prostate. The only review we can find for prostate pleasure is from Harry Q Contrary who had mixed feelings about its simplicity. Of course, always make sure to sanitize a toy when it is inserted in different orifices or partners.


If you like firm but not-too-firm G-spot stimulation, then I would highly recommend the Tantus G-Force. It is a simple dildo that is incredibly effective in the job it sets out to do – it targets the G-spot in a really great way. For both solo and partnered use, this toy is made exceptional from the easy G-spot targeting and the easy-to-use handle. It isn’t overall firm enough to be my go-to G-spot toy, but I would suggest it to someone who is still exploring the depths and intensities of their G-spot.

Recommended For: People who like direct and firm G-spot stimulation. People who do not like hard materials like metal or glass. People who need or prefer a longer handle.

Not Recommended For: People who need super firm pressure like you can get with metal or glass. People who don’t like G-spot stimulation.

It seems to be in the ‘closeout’ section of Tantus, so you might want to purchase it before it is too late!

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