The We-Vibe Rave is all the Rage!

I was so spoiled to receive the We-Vibe Rave and the L’Amourose Prism V around the same time. If you’ve read our review of the Prism V, then you know how much I enjoyed it! The We-Vibe Rave is incredibly similar but I actually enjoy it even more! The strong, rumbly vibrations are greatly enjoyed by both my G-spot and my clit. The asymmetrical shape surprisingly works really well with both my G-spot and my clit. Basically, this product really works for me.


The Basics:

The We-Vibe Rave is a G-spot vibrator that is made of silicone. It is 7.5 inches long and 1.22 inches wide. It has a unique shape because it has a curve in the middle of the shaft as well as an asymmetrical G-spot-targeting head. It is USB rechargeable (and even indicates when it has a low battery). It charges in 90 minutes and lasts up to 2 hours. It is considered ‘splash proof’ but not waterproof so you shouldn’t submerge this product. There are three buttons – one for higher intensity, one for lower intensity and one for changing the vibration patterns. This product is App-compatible, which means that there are well over 10 different vibration modes.

Like all We-Vibe products, there is a 1-year warranty.


In Use:

The We-Vibe Rave has become my go-to internal vibe. The motor is the same classic We-Vibe motor that is both powerful and flawlessly rumbly. The silicone is on the harder/less-padded side so the vibes aren’t washed out through layers of material.

The upward curve in the shaft makes it easy to target my G-spot. Even without added effort, the tip hits the right spot. My G-spot really enjoys firm pressure, so I do hold down the end of the toy to get the right angle but I don’t find myself thinking about it as often as with some other toys. The angle is predominant enough that even a lazy masturbation session will make my G-spot feel really, really good.

When inserted straight-on like I normally insert dildos, I don’t feel any of the asymmetry – it might as well not be a feature. However, during my sessions I often find myself turning the Rave to the left. This means that the ‘sharper’ asymmetrical side is pressing more along my G-spot, almost providing a firmer and more pin-point sensation. I like this. Hard G-spot pressure is definitely my thing, and the asymmetrical side allows me to feel the hard sensation as well as receive powerful vibrations.

Similarly, the asymmetrical tip allows me to really enjoy clitoral stimulation from the Rave as well. Unlike the L’Amorouse Prism V that was too round for my clit to really enjoy… the Rave is the opposite. It has hard edges and a slightly pointed tip. While I still use my Tango and Touch the most as clitoral vibes, I have been able to orgasm with the Rave as my clitoral vibe. I wouldn’t recommend spending that much money just for that function, but it is always kind of wonderful when a toy is multi-functional (and GOOD at being multi-functional).


Partnered Use:

Andy always does this thing where he twists sex toys that are inside of me. Of course he thrusts back and forth, but he has some affinity towards twisting them. This is usually fine by me, but with the We-Vibe Rave this is like an essential part of how amazing this toy is. As described above, the asymmetry provides a unique sensation and I feel it the most when the toy is turned.

Thankfully, this toy has been easy for Andy to hold and use. I say thankfully, because I really, really like it and I always want to make sure his arm and hand are comfortable during the experience too.

With Another Toy:

The We-Vibe Rave is a perfect toy to pair with a second one. As you probably know by now, most of my orgasms are mixed (G-spot and clitoral) which often means that I need two toys or one toy and one hand. Some toys kinda suck for pairing but the Rave works well with other toys, regardless if I am using it as an internal vibe or a clitoral vibe. Nothing gets in the way of each other.


The Buttons:

The buttons are the only thing we don’t really like about the We-Vibe Rave. We find them to be inconvenient in the sense that they are difficult to actually press. They are in a fine spot to reach them easily, but you need to really focus on pushing them properly. However, if this is a big concern, then you can avoid this dilemma by using the app to control the vibrations (read below).

The App:

The App is actually really cool. You can connect the Rave with your own phone and then you can connect your partner’s phone, regardless of where they are in the world. This means that your partner can control the vibrations from any distance, which is pretty neat and ideal for long-distance couples. The App allows you to pick different vibration patterns (including making your own which is awesome). It also allows you or your partner to change the intensity of the motor.

For someone like me who does not enjoy patterns, the App is more of a novelty in this regard. However, having the vibration mode be ‘constant’ with Andy changing the intensity is a lot of fun and is great for teasing me and turning me on! It doesn’t make much sense to use it within our home but if we were ever apart… we would definitely use this feature.

The App is incredibly simple to use and it provides flawless changes in the motor vibrations or intensities. There is instant feedback so you can feel the changes in real-time. If you’re worried about the App, you should read what Epiphora wrote about it.



As with all silicone products, it is suggested to use water-based lubricant or do a patch test with hybrid or silicone lubes.


Splash proof and silicone! It can’t get much easier! Just… don’t submerge because ‘splashproof’ is not ‘waterproof’.

In Conclusion:

The We-Vibe Rave has easily made its way onto our Top Toys list! We have yet to have any complaints about any of the We-Vibe motors so far, and the fact that the vibrations work for both my G-spot and my clit is impressive. I continue to be surprised at how well the asymmetrical shape works for my G-spot. It is possible that it won’t work for you, but my vagina loves it. We don’t really use the App, but this could make for an interesting long-distance product because it works in so many wonderful ways. We definitely recommend the We-Vibe Rave if you’re looking for a good quality, rumbly, G-spot vibrator. If you’re just looking for a clitoral vibrator, spend a little less and enjoy the Tango or the Touch.


Recommended For: People who want strong, rumbly G-spot vibrations. People who often use more than one toy at the same time. People who like the idea of using the same toy to alternate between clit stim and G-spot stim. People who want a user-friendly App for LDR.

Not Recommended For: People who are very sensitive to textures (because of the asymmetry). People who want a toy that they can submerge in a shower or bath. People who prefer soft silicone. Please note this toy is not anal safe.


Purchase the We-Vibe Rave from: SheVibe | Vibrant | We-Vibe | Come As You Are |Pink Cherry | GoodVibes | Early to Bed | Lovehoney US | Lovehoney Canada | Lovehoney UK | Ann Summers

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