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We-Vibe claims that the Tango is the most powerful mini-vibe, and so far, we would have to agree with that statement. The We-Vibe Tango seems to be a sex blogger staple, and we can see why.

The Basics

The We-Vibe Tango is a bullet-sized vibrator. It is made of ABS plastic, 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable. It is in the shape of a ‘lipstick’, which means that the tip can dole out some precise vibrations. The toy is 3.5 inches by 0.7 inches. The body is small enough that the vibrations run throughout the entire toy.

A full charge takes 90 minutes and allows for two hours of playtime and thankfully there is a blinking light that comes on when the power is low so you know when to recharge it.

There are eight vibration modes that go in one-direction. The button is on the bottom of the vibrator and is easy to press. The first four settings are constant vibrations in increasing intensities. The last four are different patterns.

The Packaging

It comes with a standard USB cable to charge (but not an actual plug). It comes with a silk storage pouch, instruction manual and product registration card. We-Vibe toys come with one-year warranty.

In Use

Despite us now raving about it, our thoughts were not always positive. I had purchased the Tango on the premise that most other sex bloggers raved about it. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I turned it on and it vibed so hard that it jumped out of my hand. And that was on the low setting. My current preference is lower intensity vibrations, so I was worried about it being too intense.

Initially, I was right. This vibrator was wayyyyy too intense for me and I quickly decided I didn’t like it. I put it away as a ‘try again later’ toy. Thankfully I didn’t have a timeline for a review because I purchased it myself, so it sat in our bin of toys for a while.

Then one fateful day, our go-to vibe started to lose its strength. We decided to revisit the We-Vibe Tango and find a way for it to work for me. It has since become our go-to vibe. Let me explain.

  1. Pinpoint Stimulation: Normally, I love pinpoint stimulation but the Tango is way to strong for it to be pleasurable for me. Instead, what I learned to do, was hold the Tango next to my clit so there was a tiny protective layer of hood to buffer the intensity. This. This gets me to orgasm almost instantly.
  2. PIV Sex: The size of the Tango makes it really easy to use during PIV sex. It used to be really rare for me to orgasm during PIV sex, and slightly less rare for me to orgasm during PIV sex with some kind of vibrator on my clit. The Tango has changed this. It doesn’t happen every single time, but I’d say like… 80% of the time, I can orgasm during PIV sex if I am holding onto my Tango. This is definitely related to point #1. During PIV sex, I find it difficult to maintain pinpoint stimulation because of all the thrusting and moving, etc. With the Tango, I don’t need to maintain pinpoint stimulation, I just need to be somewhat touching my clit or my clit hood.
  3. Blowjobs: The Tango has lent its powers to add a different sensation to blowjobs. Due to its size, it can easily be used on the perineum, frenulum or really, anywhere.
  4. Inside Dildos: There are a few toys and harnesses that have space to insert a bullet vibrator (like Tantus). Switch it out for a Tango, and you have a much stronger sensation.

The We-Vibe Tango has been pretty revolutionary in our bedroom (shower, living room, etc). It has become our main vibrator during most of our sex sessions. It took us a while to get used to it, but I am so glad that we gave it another chance. My orgasms thank me for it.


There are a few little complaints about the Tango that I cannot ignore. We love the Tango, but there is still room for improvement. First, the USB cord is frustrating as hell to keep in place. It is held by magnets, but like… not very strong magnets. I can never tell if it is fully charged or not because I don’t know if it’s full or if the charger just got disconnected. Second, I really wish there was a way to lower intensities without having to go around the entire 8 settings. When I orgasm, I like to drop down the intensity as my sensitivity increases, but with the Tango I have to circle through all of the patterns in order to do that. It is controlled by one button, but I wish there was some way to change this function. Third, there is no travel lock so you’ll have to find a clever way to store it if you want to take it with you anywhere.


You can use any type of lube because it is ABS plastic.


Super easy because it is waterproof! Yay! Check out our material guide for more info.


The We-Vibe Tango has been instrumental in increasing the amount of orgasms I have had over the last six months of owning it. I can orgasm faster and in more varied positions because of it. The function doesn’t stop there, as it can be great for penises too! We would really recommend purchasing a We-Vibe Tango if you’re looking for a strong bullet vibe.

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Recommended For: People who like strong vibrations. People who like more pinpoint stimulation.

Not Recommended For: People who prefer weaker vibrations or broader stimulation.

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