What to Bring on a One-Night Stand

Recently, it was our 4-year anniversary of our one-night stand! Every anniversary, we reminisce about how fateful our night together was – a bunch of stars aligned to get us in the same room at the same time. A LOT of things had been scheduled for that day, but every single one of them fell through, on both of our ends.

Neither of us were expecting to go home with each other that night, but we’re definitely glad that we did! However, it was a true movie-scene – not only did Andy make me orgasm from PIV on the first try (that like… never happens), but it rained the entire time with thunder keeping us awake for most of the night. I also happened to be in a little black dress, with black heels and a tiny little purse that had only my phone, my keys and a condom.

Andy was kind enough to offer me a change of clothes but I insisted on getting into the taxi with my tousled hair and tiny outfit. The whole scene didn’t leave much room for the imagination.

We’re always happy for you to learn from our mistakes, so we thought it would be fun to research what people typically bring along with them on a one-night stand! Of course, they aren’t always planned (like ours), but with the age of finding your naughty date on sites liked Sex With No Strings, Tinder, etc, one can always plan to be prepared!


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Here is what we think you should bring on a one-night stand:

1. Safe Sex Items!

The first thing on your mind should be what you are going to bring in order to protect yourself from diseases and/or pregnancy. This means bring condoms, bring dental dams, bring gloves, etc. Don’t just bring one of each – bring a few in case one of them breaks or gets contaminated.

2. Medications and Similar

Along the same lines, if you’re taking birth control pills, then make sure to bring them with you. You don’t want to accidentally skip a day because you left them behind. This is the same for any daily medications you might require and items like contact lens solution. If something is essential every night or every morning… bring it.


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3. Favourite Toy!

If you are an avid sex toy user than you can definitely bring along your favourite toy! Even if you aren’t sure you are going to use it, there is no harm having it in your bag in case the opportunity arises. Obviously, smaller toys are better unless you want to carry a large bag with you. We’ve heard many people carry around bullet vibes like the Tango.

4. Lube!

We can’t rave enough about the power of some good lubricant. We suggest going with a body-safe water-based lubricant like Sliquid H2O in order for it to be compatible with safe sex items and all sex toy materials (some silicone lubes react with some silicone toys). Make sure you’re buying a safe low-allergy brand, especially if you aren’t familiar with your partner’s tolerances.


sex with no strings one night stands ACOK

5. Toothbrush/Gum, Deodorant and Washcloth

This part of the bag will vary depending on preferences. Some people will feel the need to bring a toothbrush, while others will prefer to chew gum until they get home to their own bathroom. Some people will bring deodorant or will just wait until they get home too. We’ve heard that a few people bring their own washcloths, so really – whatever you want to bring to feel fresh in the morning is totally up to you.

6. Clean Undies

Re-wearing clothes from the night before is totally fine, but it might be nice to bring a fresh pair of undies with you. Sweat, pre-cum, discharge, etc, can get on your undies so it can be nice to throw on a new pair. Bonus that undies are small enough to carry in a small bag.


sex with no strings one night stands ACOK

7. Phone Charger

We’re including a phone charger on this list because in during our research we discovered that most people bring a phone charger with them! Unless you’re spending hours on your phone, it should probably last the night but there’s no harm in bringing one with you. Having your phone functional in the morning can be useful to call a cab or text a friend. Unless your phone has a long battery life or you are certain that your fling has the same phone as you do, we suggest bringing a phone charger – just in case.

8. Emergency $20

I usually carry around an emergency $20 bill wherever I go, regardless of a one-night stand or not. We’re a society that relies heavily on credit cards and debit cards, but what if those get misplaced or stolen? Keep enough cash to pay for a cab ride home, but keep it separate from the rest of your wallet.


sex with no strings one night stands ACOK

9. Change of Shoes

If you’re bringing a big bag over to the person’s house, consider bringing a change of shoes! If you’re arriving in converse or flip flops, then you don’t need to worry about this. BUT if you’re heading out in any type of uncomfortable shoes, you might want to consider bringing a pair for the morning. Or you can just be like me and go for a walk at 8am in a pair of shiny black high heels! Your choice : )



You don’t need to show up to a hookup’s house with a large sleepover bag, but throwing in a few of these items into a small or medium-sized bag can be a great idea! Let us know what you think is important – we’d love to find out what’s in everyone’s one-night stand bag!

Diana Fox

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