I can text and masturbate – Arielle by Blush Novelties Review

What is blue, rabbit-like and able to fill all of my orgasm requirements at once? If you guessed it was a pure silicone, 10-variable vibration, dual motor sex toy called Arielle… well you’d be able to read the title of this review.

All jokes aside – this toy fills up my vagina, rubs against my g-spot and manages to contort to my favourite clitoral stimulation… all while keeping one hand free to film my orgasm for my boyfriend.

The Basics:

Arielle is from the Luxe product line made by Blush Novelties. It is pure silicone (with an ABS plastic battery cap), splash proof and battery-operated (2 x AAA). The large arm has an insertable length of 4.75 inches and is 1 inch wide. The smaller arm is 3 inches long. It has two different buttons – one is to turn on and off the power, while the second button changes the vibration setting. The buttons actually light up during use, depending on the vibration mode. There are two motors that operate this toy – one for each arm of the toy. Depending on which motor is activated by the vibration setting, the lights shine blue (in a non-offensive, non-distracting way). Although totally not necessary, it is kind of a fun addition – there is a visual representation of what’s vibe-ing.

The vibration is rumbly in the tips, with three increasing intensity settings and seven settings of alternating motor patterns. The toy itself is mildly flexible, which allows contortion for pinpoint precision, while maintaining pressure. The silicone itself just feels like standard silicone – there is no distinct difference or particular softness.

Arielle Blush Novelties Review – A Couple of Kinks

The Packaging

The packaging really isn’t anything special. There was no storage pouch. There is no user manual, but it is a pretty self-explanatory toy. You need to keep the package and the original receipt for the 5 year warranty on this product line. Read Blush Novelties’ warranty FAQ here.

Arielle Blush Novelties Review – A Couple of Kinks

Using It With A Partner

Using this toy with a partner is a bit awkward. Because it has a unique design, you’re both trying to figure out how to get the best sensations from it at the same time. Is it too far in? Is it hitting your g-spot? Which of the ten settings is the best? Is the direct pressure on your clit too much? Too little? What is happening?

We’re used to having either a thrusting toy or a vibrator – we’re not used to having two-in-one. It was kind a mess, and I ended up taking control of it in order for an orgasm to occur. The vibration strength was perfect for me – I am definitely NOT a power queen, but I like a little oomph. After fumbling and using it together, we didn’t really enjoy it, and didn’t think it would become one of our favourites.

This is why sex toy reviewers try toys more than once (and you should too)!

Using It By Myself

Using it by myself was unexpectedly enjoyable. In order for me to orgasm, I need vibrations on my clitoris, and I need something for my vagina to squeeze. If it stimulates my g-spot, it is even better. Typically, when I masturbate, I am juggling two toys, porn browsing and lube re-applications. Well, this toy is two-in-one. I can thrust with it, which pleases my need for interior stimulation, and it doesn’t lose out on stimulating my clit. Because the smaller arm is flexible, smooth and elongated, it can consistently reach my clit while I am thrusting. The thrusting also allows for vibrator stimulation on my g-spot. I tended to press down on the smaller arm for a stronger pressure but it was easily manageable with one hand. My other hand was free for all my other needs: browsing porn, applying lube and recording a video for my boyfriend who is currently away. I can text and masturbate. I mean, that’s pretty near perfect.

The vibration settings are really fun, and unlike other toys you can actually feel a difference. The first three settings are a solid vibe with increasing intensities. The next seven vibes alternate between the uses of motors. Some of them use both motors at the same time, just with varying pauses. Some of the settings alternate between using the smaller motor and the larger motor. My favourite setting is number 8 – really long buzzes that alternate between both motors. It almost feels like I’m edging myself. I would never cum from that setting, but it does do a damn good job of getting me to the brink, repeatedly. Check out our video for details on flexibility and the vibrate settings.

The Downsides

Of course, being battery operated isn’t ideal but they can’t all be rechargeable. However, the fact it only takes 2 x AAA is on the lesser end of evils. The toy is marketed as splash proof but described on the website to be safe in the shower. The small info pamphlet says that it should not be submerged. I am not convinced that the battery cover is okay in the shower and I am not planning on testing this theory. I did however get the battery cover pretty wet by washing it and there was no damage.

I also unfortunately managed to change the vibe setting mid-orgasm. The buttons are super easy to press, which I thought was an advantage until it happened by accident in the heat of the moment. I mean, lesson learned, and it hasn’t happened again – this is just a warning for new users.

Arielle Blush Novelties Review – A Couple of Kinks

In Conclusion:

This toy surprised me in more ways than one. It has a unique shape, which works for my personal needs of both internal and external stimulation, with the bonus of a g-spot vibe. It has a variety of settings that are actual noticeable, complete with a non-offensive blinking light that mimics the vibrations. This toy was significantly better when used solo for masturbation than having a partner control it. I would definitely recommend this toy if you enjoy both vaginal and clitoral stimulation. I would not recommend it if you only need one of those two. If you are a power queen, then you can easily use the insertable end of this toy and a different vibrator, but in that case, just buy a regular insertable. Verdict: Arielle is ending up on my nightstand for nights when I’m home alone.

Disclaimer: Please note that not all Blush Novelties toys are made from non-porous materials so please do a little research before purchasing. You can read our Sex Toy Material Guide for more information.

You can purchase the Blush Novelties Arielle on their website or from Sex Toys Canada.

Diana Fox

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