Lovehoney Beginner’s Unisex Strap On Harness Kit Review

We were so excited to receive our very first harness! I’ve been dreaming about pegging Andy for so long, and Andy agreed to try it a while ago. We were just waiting for the right kit to start with. Please note that we will be discussing this harness for pegging purposes but it can definitely be used in other ways, too!

The Basics:

The Lovehoney Beginner’s Unisex Strap On Harness Kit includes a harness and a pegging dildo.

The harness is machine washable and adjustable between 18 inches and 68 inches. The suggested US dress sizes on the Lovehoney site are 4-46 (but I am not totally sure if that is accurate, you are better off measuring your waist in inches). It comes with 3 interchangeable O-rings (1.25, 1.5 and 2 inches), which means you can easily use it with another dildo. The O-rings are kept in place by 4 snap-style buttons. The harness is multi-strap style, which means that there is a strap for each leg and one that goes around your waist/butt area. There is a little pocket in the inside that can fit a bullet vibe if you would like (not included).

The dildo is made of firm silicone that is curved to stimulate a g-spot or p-spot. It is 5 inches long with 4.5 inches being insertable. The circumference is 3 inches and the O-ring diameter required is 1.25 inches. The base is flared and 2 inches in diameter. It also has a suction capability (although not a very strong one).

Adjusting the Harness:

The harness is incredibly easy to step into. If you’ve ever gone rock climbing or zip-lining, then it is a very similar concept. Each leg goes in a strap, and there is one that goes around the waist. You just pull the straps and they get tighter. There is quite a large range of sizes possible, so there might be a lot of leftover straps hanging down. They might get annoying during use (I’m a size 8 US), so I just tie them up with a hair elastic. The actual strap on part sits low on my pubic bone.

Using the dildo for anal:

It is important to test out the dildo prior to pegging so you know how it feels and how it is curved. This particular dildo is really easy to insert. There is no texture, which is perfect for my butt because it really hates texture. Sleek and textureless make for a great first anal dildo. Note: this dildo is too small to please my vagina. If you are using the kit for vaginal insertion, you might consider using a larger dildo.

Using the dildo with the harness:

We have yet to use this exact dildo for pegging as we are currently using a smaller dildo (Godemiche Peg). Andy is still getting comfortable with the smaller size, so we haven’t upgraded yet. However, we have used the Lovehoney dildo on the harness in other ways, including using it with a Fleshlight. We use the 1.25 inch O-ring and it always stays in place. We have also used it while Andy has gone down on me, both on vulva and on dildo, and it remains in place and comfortable during both.

Lovehoney Beginner Unisex Strap On Harness Kit Review Kinks Pegging

Using other dildos with the harness:

I absolutely love when Andy gives me head with a dildo. We’ve used a bunch of other sizes (my favourite being the Helio), and it has always been easy to interchange them. I personally love that the open bottom allows access to my vulva/vagina while wearing it – this is definitely a highlight. The only negative aspect is that the front part is really low set so it makes my clitoris hard to reach by mouth (but not impossible) while wearing it. Nothing gets in the way for penile penetration.

Using the harness for pegging:

During pegging, the harness remains comfortable. The low positioned front section is helpful to get the right angle. Not once did it feel like it was too tight or jabbing into me, and it didn’t leave any marks. Once the pegging was over, it was easy to release the harness without interrupting the session. It helped continue the flow of the night without being awkward or fumbly about it, which I had never appreciated until it was a smooth transition. Please note that vaginal penetration was not tested but can definitely be a great option!

Cleaning: As stated, the harness is machine washable. In the meantime, if you get some juices on the front part, it is made out of an easy-to-wipe material. The dildo itself should be cleaned like any other silicone toy – always make sure to sanitize if sharing between people or orifices.

In Conclusion: The Lovehoney Beginner’s Harness isn’t the most elegant, but it does the trick for a beginner. It is easy to interchange dildos with the three ring sizes, it is easy to put on, including adjusting the size and tightness, and it is easy to take off. Our dildos stay in place during use and are easy to remove for cleaning. Most importantly, it helped us successfully try pegging for the first time. It is definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing, but if you don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money to test out harness play, then we would recommend starting with this one. You can then get used to wearing a strap on and then splurge on a fancier one!

Recommend For: People who are true beginners with harnesses. People who don’t mind having a less fancy harness to start with. People needing larger-fitting harnesses. People who want to share harnesses and can modify the size between people.

Not Recommended For: People who use harnesses often (we recommend splurging for a fancy one). People who might get annoyed by the extra length of straps.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Beginner’s Unisex Strap On Harness Kit at: Lovehoney US | Lovehoney Canada | Lovehoney UK

Diana Fox

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