A Porcelain Dildo – Desirables Dalia Review

It is a Montreal-made sex toy! We kind of already knew we were going to love it as a dildo. The shape is perfect, the weight is perfect, and the material is perfect… you get the point.

The best part is that using the g-spot end of the dildo was not a disappointment. It is easy to build up these ideas in your head about a toy, but for them to actually be accurate and hit all the right spots… that’s an achievement.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo Kegels Review – A Couple of Kinks

The Basics:

Porcelain is a unique material to use for a sex toy, but after learning about all its beneficial properties, we wondered why there are so few companies out there that created porcelain toys.

Porcelain is smooth, can retain temperature, is hypoallergenic, is compatible with all types of lubricant and has a really high mechanical strength. This means that you won’t be able to break the toy. Of course, chipping is always a possibility (like glass) but there is no way you can break this toy.

The Dalia is double-ended but only one end is intended as a dildo. The larger tip is used to stimulate the g-spot. The curve allows for precise stimulation. Measuring along the outer curve, the toy is 8.25 inches long with an insertable 4 inches.

The other end is smaller and rounder. It has been designed to help with kegel exercises. The whole toy itself is 230 grams, which makes it fairly heavy for kegel exercises.

The porcelain can be heated in warm water or cooled down in the fridge or cold water (remember: not boiled and not frozen).

You can read more about the company Desirables from our feature article.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo Kegels Review – A Couple of Kinks

The Packaging:

The packaging is a gorgeous cream and burgundy colour combination. The packaging is made locally in Montreal as well! In the box, you will find your Dalia, a storage case, an instruction manual for care, an information packet and a little business card.

The instruction manual for care explains how to properly clean and store the Dalia. The information packet goes over how to use the Dalia, including information about the g-spot and how to perform kegel exercises, particularly things to consider when performing kegel exercises with the Dalia inserted.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo Kegels Review – A Couple of Kinks

The G-Spot End:

I’ve re-written this sentence a few times trying to find the right words to describe how amazing the g-spot end is. I can easily compare it to Lelo Ella, and we all know that toy has been responsible for many squirts – not just from me, but from many other sex toy bloggers.

However, it actually turns out that I have been using the kegel end as the g-spot dildo and vice-versa. I have used both ends, but decided that the smaller, more curved end was the one that worked best for me. A great part of this toy is that you have a choice!

The curve on the smaller end allows the tip to instantly find my g-spot, and then rub against it with unfaltering ease. The bulbous head on the other side allows for an easy grip for quick, repetitive thrusting. This toy makes my vagina gush. It ends up being completely soaked, and that is not a complaint.

Upon insertion, the dildo has a room-temperature chill, which I always adore. A little dab of lube goes a long way with the incredibly sleek porcelain finish. We’ve used everything – Hathor Sutil is currently our favourite with the Dalia.

It’s elegant design means it is gorgeous to look at, appealing to grab from the nightstand and smooth to insert. The handle makes it easy to maneuver while solo or with a partner. I have zero complaints about the g-spot end of the Dalia and neither does my partner.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo Kegels Review – A Couple of Kinks

The Kegel End:

As I have mentioned, it turns out that I have been using the g-spot end as the kegel end and vice-versa. I have used both ends and the larger, more bulbous end works better for my kegels. This is possibly due to the larger size as larger is often noted to be easier for beginners. A great part about this toy is that you can graduate from the larger end to the smaller end as your kegels improve!

Both ends are incredibly easy to insert because of the smooth material and the long handle. For me, it just slides right in without any resistance or pain. I usually add a little bit of lubricant to make things easier. Desirables suggests holding onto the toy while you get used to doing kegel exercises with it. I highly suggest this because the toy itself is pretty heavy (230 grams) and can easily slip out. The last thing you want is for the Dalia to slip out, hit the floor and chip. You can lie down on your back to make the exercises a bit easier (some people find this helpful, but it is okay if you don’t). I admit to having pretty weak kegel muscles, and I find that this toy is too heavy for me to properly use at the moment as it is constantly slipping out of me. The size is perfect, but the weight is too much at the moment. I know this is something I need to work on, but I think it is important to mention for other beginners. If you can handle the weight of the Dalia, then this is a super efficient addition to your kegel exercises. If you can’t handle the weight, then I would recommend using another lighter device to aid in kegel exercises.

To learn more about Kegel Exercises, please check out our guide.

Anal: This toy is not anal safe.

Critique: Our only real critique is that it is not gender-neutral labeling. The Dalia is also known as a “porcelain explorer for ladies”. We’d love if the name was more trans-inclusive. We’d also love if the weight of the toy was mentioned so people looking for a kegel exerciser can know what they’re purchasing.

Desirables Dalia Porcelain Dildo Kegels Review – A Couple of Kinks


We are both big fans of the g-spot end of this toy. We love how the porcelain is smooth, temperature-retaining and sturdy. We love the shape of the g-spot targeting tip. We love the ergonomic handle for both masturbation and partnered play. I love the concept and shape of the kegel exerciser but cannot recommend it for beginners due to the overall weight. If you haven’t noticed yet, we absolutely love that every part of the company is locally made in Montreal! And, as an added bonus, this toy can be used with whichever end you want! Do we love the Dalia from Desirables? Absolutely! We can’t wait to see what other sex toys they come up with!

Recommended For: People who love g-spot targeting, people who love temperature-play, people who do not require internal vibrations, people who do advanced kegel exercises.

Not Recommended For: People who enjoy large girth or deep insertion, people who need a long handle, people who are new to kegel exercises.

Desirables products are available directly on their site or from Come As You Are.

Diana Fox

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