This Is How It’s Done – Lelo Luna Beads Review

I was brave enough to wear kegel balls in public. It was my sexy secret little workout until… it wasn’t so secret anymore. Urgently grabbing my crotch as the beads casually popped out of me in public was not what I had in mind, but still doesn’t deter my overall recommendation.

Lelo Luna beads have been praised by basically every sex toy reviewer out there. I have yet to see a bad review and these particular kegel balls are often recommended for beginners (aka the untrained PC muscles).

So why am I reviewing them if we already know they’re so great?

First, I wanted to try them if they’re so great, obviously.
Second, I had a fiasco with my first ever kegel ball purchase and wanted to see if I’d have the same experience with a highly vetted set. (Definitely not the same, but definitely an adventure).

FYI: We have a huge article about kegel balls you should read (it is very informative, we promise).

The Basics

The Lelo website claims “Gently and secretly vibrating in response to your body’s movements, these interchangeable weighted beads are perfect for helping you on the road to stronger, more intense climaxes.”

Basically, in less lustrous phrasing: The Luna beads are a duotone system, which means that there is a small weighted bead inside the larger colourful ball. These weighted beads roll around as you move/walk/run/jump, and each time they roll towards your vaginal wall, your PC muscles contract. Effectively, it is the laziest way you can possibly work out your PC muscles.

The beads are made out of ABS plastic, the harness is made from silicone and the retrieval string is made of nylon, all of which are hygienic materials. Lelo Luna Beads come with four options. Two lighter balls and two heavier balls. You can use the balls solo or as a pair, which means you can progressively increase the weight as your muscle strengthens. The pink (lighter) balls each weigh 28 grams. The blue (heavier) balls each weigh 37 grams. As a true beginner, you can start with 28 grams and work your way up to 74 grams. The diameter of each ball is 36 mm.

The Packaging

Oh my does Lelo ever have sexy packaging. Once you open the sleek box, you are presented with your 4 beads and harness all sitting pleasantly in their own slots so they can’t roll around and spark your mailman’s curiosity. Hidden underneath, you will find a satin storage pouch (yay! – but wash it before use because it sheds), personal moisturizer (a.k.a a one-time lube sample), a detailed instruction manual (every toy should have this) and a warranty registration card (cha-ching!).

Registering online was super simple, you just need to create an account and enter the product and warranty code. The instruction manual is also available online if you don’t like hoarding papers. As a side note – Dangerous Lilly has all the information about Lelo Luna Beads (regular and mini) that you could ever need.

The Real Deets

So, did it work? Did I feel ‘gentle and secret vibrations’? Why, yes I did. I often wear them while I am working from home, which means there is a lot of sitting around (not-moving) with spurts of motion. Each time I get up from my chair, there is a gentle rocking motion that the beads do and it is always a pleasant reminder that I have the kegel balls inside me. While I am sitting, I don’t feel them at all, much like you don’t feel a tampon. I can feel them jiggle with sudden movements like standing up and I can feel them slowly work out my muscle over longer chronic movements like casual walking. It feels like a gentle pawing of my PC muscle, like something deep inside me is purring.

Also, if you gyrate heavily, you can feel them rocking around inside you which I find really fun. I’ve been known to stand next to my partner while shaking my hips and yelling “can you hear them?” The answer is: if you’re just walking around then no one else can hear them, but if you’re purposely gyrating hard enough to annoy your boyfriend: he can hear them.

I have untrained PC muscles, which means that I have been using the pink (lighter) beads. I can use two at a time but I have not yet progressed. I wear them for longer periods and more often but not heavier. If I over-wear them I feel a tiny little shake deep inside me and I know I should end my little workout soon.

Inserting them has never been an issue. I add a tiny bit of lube to the tops of both beads, insert one at a time, and they casually direct themselves into the right place. I don’t need to be a contortionist to get them in, which is pretty key.

Taking them out is easy too, although I find a slower removal to be more bearable. I find that my body resists a bit but a little extra tugging on the retrieval string has them come right out. If you happen to be a ‘discharger’ like me – and by that I mean everything makes me discharge – then yes, you there will be discharge. Make sure to take the set apart when you wash them – you need to clean under the holster. Don’t be lazy, take care of your toys and your vagina will love you (well, it already does, but it will love you while basking in all its glorious health).

That Damn Moment

Let’s face it, by now you’re expecting some kind of awkward story from me. So let me warn you, from my vagina to yours. If you’re thinking of running errands around town with your kegel balls in – I highly recommend this. What I do not recommend is considering doing this after a hot sexy session in the bedroom. Your vagina will be roaring to go and naturally lubed-up, which means that you’ve just created an easy getaway for your kegel balls. This might mean that your beads can easily find their way out of your body and into your underwear. It might happen on the way to your car, where you can gracefully (uh, not so gracefully) remove them while in the driver’s seat, scarring other drivers. Or, it might happen in the middle of the mall, where there is absolutely no subtle way to remove them, so you attempt to discreetly (uh, not so discretely) grab your crotch and shove them back in. Just be advised, if you’re brave (or dumb enough like me) to attempt this, bring a tissue and a storage pouch with you. Running errands with kegel balls is sexy. Having them slide out of you in public – makes you me.

In Conclusion

The Lelo Luna Beads are the perfect set for beginners, as they can range from 28g to 74g, aren’t excessively long or wide, and are flexible enough to insert with no major issues. The sensations are strong enough that you know what’s going on, and discreet enough that no one else knows what’s going on.

Recommended For: People who are newbies to kegel balls. People who want a system that gets progressively more challenging.

Not Recommended For: People who don’t want the duotone system. People who have difficulty with fine motor skills (placing the balls in the harness).

You can purchase Lelo Luna Beads from Lovehoney US | Lovehoney UK | SheVibe | Come As You Are

If you have questions about kegel balls in general, head over to our Ultimate Guide To Kegel Balls.

Diana Fox

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