Compact Masturbator: Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Review

A practical, non-realistic masturbator sleeve was exactly what we were hoping for. Our very first masturbator sleeve we ever bought was a much cheaper version of this, and was enjoyed until it melted while in contact with a toxic dildo (we have obviously since learned of the dangers of this).

Our Quickshot Vantage however, has not been cursed with the same fate. The Quickshot is still alive and well, even after a few good poundings.

The Basics:

The Quickshot Vantage is the most compact product from Fleshlight. It has a dual-orifice SuperSkin and opens on both ends. It is non-realistic (non-anatomical) and therefore sex-neutral. The ‘Vantage” part of the name comes from the clear material. Both the SuperSkin and case are clear, so you clearly see the penis.

The canal diameter is 0.75 inches but can stretch. The total length is 4.4 inches but the internal length is 3.5 inches. It is intended to be compact, discreet and great for traveling.

The SuperSkin is incredibly tacky. Normally, cornstarch is used to reduce the tackiness of the material, but the Vantage does not get treated with cornstarch in order to keep the material looking clear. The case is firm and easy to grip.
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Male Masturbator Sleeve Review – A Couple of Kinks

Interior texture, photo from SheVibe

The Package:

The Quickshot is open on both ends, which means that there is SuperSkin exposed on both ends. In order for this to not be a problem, there are two separate caps that cover each end. These are needed – do not lose them.


As usual, we recommend a LOT of lubricant. The tackiness will go away the moment you add lubricant to it. It is overall much easier to maneuver than a full Fleshlight because it is more compact. There is no need to adjust air pressure or get vacuum-like pressure. You add lubricant onto both your penis and the Quickshot, and then just easily roll it onto your penis. You can use it with either way facing upwards as it is double-ended. The case is pretty tight, but easily maneuverable. Andy prefers to use the Quickshot solely on his shaft, while avoiding stroking it on his tip. It might be because he in uncircumcised and it grips onto the skin instead of rolling over it. It was much easy for Andy to cum with the Quickshot than a full-length Fleshlight. It was also more fun to watch because you can see it happen.

Blow Job:

As per the Fleshlight marketing campaign, apparently you can give a blowjob while using the Quickshot. Of course, we had to test this out. While it is very true that I can lick or suck the tip of Andy’s penis while continuing to stroke the Quickshot, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is overall pretty awkward, and you end up with the taste of lube in your mouth. Actually, you end up with a buildup of lube as the Quickshot pushes all the lube upwards. If you have a great-tasting lube, then maybe this won’t be an issue. We just find it overall uncomfortable and awkward. It is possible to do, but not super realistic. I don’t see how it adds more to a blowjob than just getting deep and dirty without the addition of a Quickshot. If you have issues with a gag-reflex, then maybe (maybe) this can be a good idea. We know Erica Moen and Emmeline Peaches had a lot of fun with it, but we just think it gets in the way.
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Male Masturbator Sleeve Review – A Couple of Kinks

Photo from Fleshlight

Cleanup: The cleanup is relatively easy. You just rinse with warm water and let it air dry. For further cleaning, you can use the Fleshwash cleaning liquid or isopropyl alcohol. Normally we’d suggest sprinkling cornstarch on the sleeve to reduce tackiness, but we’d avoid it with any clear products because it will make it cloudy.

Lubricant: The only recommended lubricants are water-based. However, if you plan on washing immediately and thoroughly, you can get away with a hybrid lubricant (like Sliquid Silk) but it is at your own risk. We use Sliquid H2O and it seems to work for us.

Options: There a version of the Quickshot that has a black case for those who do not care to watch the action happen.

In Conclusion:

We really like the Quickshot Vantage and believe it to be way more practical than a full-sized Fleshlight. We like that it is short and double ended so there is no need to play with the air pressure settings (and also easier to clean). We think it is great for masturbating, but we do not like it as a couple’s toy and specifically do not like simultaneously attempting to give a blowjob with it. If you’re looking to experiment with masturbation sleeves, then we really believe this is an excellent choice. It is budget-friendly and highly pleasurable!

Recommended For: People who want to experiment with masturbation sleeves. People who don’t enjoy fiddling with air pressure. People who enjoy watching masturbation happen. People who want to travel with a masturbator. Possibly recommended for people with sensitive gag reflexes.

Not Recommended For: People who primarily want to use it as a couple’s toy.

You can purchase your own Quickshot Vantage from Fleshlight | Lovehoney US | Lovehoney Canada | SheVibe | Come As You Are | Pink Cherry | Lovehoney UK

Diana Fox

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