Coco de Mer Leather Ankle Cuffs Review

We felt luxury right out of the package, and then continued to feel spoiled and sexy while using them. Over and over and over again. Yes, they definitely have our approval!

The Basics:

The Coco de Mer Leather Ankle Cuffs are made from cowhide, lamb’s leather, and suede, with brass hardware. The ankle cuffs can adjust between 6.5 to 11 inches (inside circumference) and come with an 8-inch linking strap with clasps on each end. The cuffs themselves are done up with a brass buckle. The linking straps have ‘lobster’ clasps that are easy to undo yet feel very sturdy.

The interior of the cuffs is incredibly padded and soft to ensure that the sub doesn’t end up with any chaffing. The stitching is excellent quality. Neither of us can find a flaw in the manufacturing. These cuffs look like they could last for years if cared for properly.

In Use:

These cuffs feel sexy the moment you’re doing them up. Obviously my kink side loves the idea of getting strapped down or strapping down my partner. The cuffs are smooth to hold and their weight feels like serious business. The leather makes that well-known squeak as you manipulate the straps and it provides a subtle but rich leather aroma. Closing the cuffs is easy to do – you just have to make sure you’re overlapping the ends properly (unlike the first time we did them up). Once the ends are placed, the buckle is easy to achieve the preferred tightness. The leather on leather causes a bit of resistance while tightening but it doesn’t hinder the experience.

You can choose to attach the linking strap before or after the cuffs are placed. The clasps are sturdy but easy to do up. There is no lock, so obviously the sub can always undo them, but chances are the sub’s arms are going to be conveniently strapped out of reach anyway, right? We personally find that not having locks gives us peace of mind and lets our imagination take us farther. Obviously if you like being locked up, then these cuffs won’t be for you. Because the linking strap is removable, you can easily use the brass links for other purposes, including attaching other restraints.

We personally find the chocolate colour and brass buckles to add to the sensuality of our playtime. Even when undoing the straps at the end of a session, there is an added romance with the luxurious design of the cuffs.

Neither of us has chaffed while using them, and we have both tried wearing them for extended periods of time around the house with no issues. The leather does leave lines on your skin, kind of like what a sock might leave behind if it was a bit tight.

During sex they can obviously get in the way depending on what you’re doing, but that is true for any cuffs. When we get desperate, we can simply just unclip them and go about what we were trying to do. Otherwise, they still feel great and they give a little ‘tug’ to remind you that they are there. No pain at all, no chafing, just a bit sweaty. Turns out that my ankles sweat, but nothing too outrageous.

I actually like them during masturbation. I find that the link is a perfect length to keep my legs together and give the sensation of being dommed all on my own. Also, the clasps are incredibly easy to undo, which I discovered after someone knocked on the door while I was masturbating wearing the cuffs… oops!

As Wrist Cuffs: At the tightest setting, my wrists can still slide out of the ankle cuffs. This is because the interior is padded, so there is some wiggle-room. The smaller you make the cuffs, the harder they are to do up. If you have tiny ankles, then this needs to be considered.

Cleaning: The brass hooks and buckles should be cleaned regularly, especially if they have been in contact with liquids. If there is any evidence of corrosion, then they can be cleaned with chrome cleaner. The leather should be cleaned with special leather cleaner to help preserve the natural oils. It is advised not to use strong detergents. The suede should also be cleaned with a specialist brush and cleaner. The cuffs can be stored in the natural fibre bag that comes with them.

In Conclusion:

Damn, these cuffs are good. The Coco de Mer Leather Ankle Cuffs are high-quality luxurious cuffs that feel good to use, whether it is for sex with someone else or sex with yourself. Personally, we think having the matching Wrist Cuffs would be a great combo. Besides a little sweating, we have absolutely zero complaints.

Recommended For: People who want luxurious cuffs. People who want well-made, sturdy cuffs. People who are looking for protective padding.

Not Recommended For: People who desire locks. People who prefer vegan products. People who aren’t ready for a big cleaning commitment.

Diana Fox

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