Textureless Toy – Tantus Leisure Review

Initially, we thought this would be great for vaginal insertion. Then we slowly realized that this was not the intention of the Tantus Leisure. Instead, there are so many other wonderful butt-loving possibilities.

The Basics:

The Tantus Leisure is a texture-less, simple design, which starts out narrow at the tip and is slightly curved for easy insertion. The Leisure can be used as a dildo or as a vibrator because it has a hole for bullet vibrators. It is anal safe and completely waterproof. It is also harness and suction cup compatible. It is made of Tantus’ firm glossy silicone and is 7 inches long with a diameter of 1.25 inches. If you haven’t figured it out yet, then basically the Leisure shouts: “Use me for pegging!”

Our Leisure is ‘midnight purple’. All of Tantus’ toys are handmade and handpoured, which means that there might be small imperfections. Our toy seems to have an odd blend of two different shades of purple, but only right at the top. It looked odd at first but we’ve grown accustomed to it.

The Package:

The Leisure comes in standard Tantus packaging (bright colours, gender neutral). It comes with the Tantus Single Speed Removable Bullet Vibe.

In Use:

The Leisure is an incredibly versatile toy for those who do not enjoy texture.

Vaginal: The Leisure isn’t ideal for basic vaginal stimulation. We find that although the curve does allow for g-spot stimulation, you really have to find the right angle for it to feel good and enhance the pressure. We tend to hold the base downward, so the tip has no choice but to rub against my g-spot. The single speed vibrator does send vibes to the top of the toy, but they are not powerful once they get there. For someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy internal vibrations, the mild vaginal vibrate feature is not a selling point. If you do like internal vibrations, you can always change the bullet vibe for something stronger like the We-Vibe Tango.

Anal: The Leisure is incredibly easy to insert anally despite its size. We credit the combination of pointed tip and firm silicone to allow this to happen. This is by far the largest toy that I have inserted into my anus so far. Needless to say, if you know us at all, this means that it has not made its way into Andy’s anus (yet). The Leisure does have the tendency to slide out of my anus as I clench, but that is probably attributed to the fact that I can’t fit it in too deeply. Surprisingly for everyone involved, I actually enjoy the subtle vibrations from the single speed bullet vibe. My butt can’t handle strong vibrations (it hates me for days afterwards), but this particular intensity (or lack of intensity) is actually quite nice.

Pegging: Ah, pegging. As we said, the Leisure has not (yet) been inside of Andy, therefore we unfortunately don’t have any pegging stories. The base and mild flexibility make it easy to fit into our harness and then stay put.

Anal: As stated, the flared base does make it anal safe. Remember to always use lubricant because the anus does not self-lubricate. We tend to use Sliquid Sassy as our ‘go-to’ anal lube because it provides a nice little extra padding.

Cleaning: Silicone is super easy to clean, and the bullet vibe is completely waterproof, too! Yay!

Conclusion: Although we initially thought the Tantus Leisure was going to be great for the g-spot, we quickly discovered that this was not the case. But, we weren’t too disappointed because it works perfectly for the butt! It seems to be missing texture for it to really pleasure a g-spot, but the pointed tip is perfect for anal insertion. The single speed vibe adds a great feature and Andy is thrilled that I can handle a little bit of rectum vibes. Overall, we think this is a great simple dildo that should stick to pleasuring butts (and that you should stick in your butt).

We promise to update the review when we use it for pegging!

Recommended For: People who do not like texture but who enjoy subtle curves. People who like mild anal vibrations. People who want to try pegging with a larger toy.

Not Recommended For: People who enjoy texture. People who enjoy high intensity g-spot stimulation.

You can purchase the Leisure from: Tantus | SheVibe | Pink Cherry

Diana Fox

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