We-Vibe Touch Review

I wish my first vibrator had been the We-Vibe Touch. It has all the power of my current favourite vibe (the We-Vibe Tango), softened by the silicone and larger exterior.

The Basics:

The We-Vibe Touch is made of silky silicone and is 100% waterproof. It has 8 vibration modes – 4 of which are just straight vibes in increasing intensity and 4 of which are patterns. It is rechargeable with a USB and takes 90 minutes to charge for 120 minutes of playtime (and will alert you when the battery is running low). The power and mode button are the same – and it is found on the base of the toy. It is easy to press, but only goes in one direction which means you have to cycle through all of them instead of reversing if you want to go back to a setting.

The body itself has a unique shape that has been designed to fit in a hand. The larger body with its curve makes it comfortable to hold. The head has two options – a broader stim or a pin-point stim. Or really, let’s be honest – the curved back of the head is also a great option. Despite it looking soft, the Touch is actually quite firm – there is just a little bit of ‘give’ right at the tip.

All We-Vibe products come with a 1-year warranty.


In Use:

Holding the Touch is super easy with the curves of the product, however it took me a while to figure out the best way to use it with my body. The tip is pin-point but not an extreme pinpoint. The ‘clit’ indented part works for me best when holding the product facing downward and held downward at an angle even more. The back of the head is also great to get slightly broader vibrations. The vibrations are definitely rumbly and the power/mode button is easy to press. Unfortunately the button only goes in one direction which I always dislike. I personally don’t like vibe patterns and I appreciate that there are four levels of straight vibes that I can work my way up.

We-Vibe’s website mentions that it is for external use only but we’ve tried it just a little bit internally. The vibrations are strong, but I’m not a fan of internal vibes in general so it doesn’t add much for me.

The best part about the Touch is how easy it is for Andy to use on me. Not only is it easy for him to hold and place on specific parts of my body, it is also easy for him to hold in the palm of his hand and press the body of the product against my entire vulva. The Touch is very firm so this isn’t my ideal way of using it, but it does add a dimension to the product while using it with a partner.


Compared to Tango:

The We-Vibe Tango basically guarantees that I orgasm, so it has become a staple in our sex sessions. Playing with the Touch can often make me orgasm, but the vibrations are just a tad bit more diluted through the material so occasionally, and I mean really occasionally, I will switch to the Tango. The motors and patterns are identical in both products, however the different materials and width of the products is what makes the vibrations seem a little less intense with the Touch. This can actually be a really, really great thing. I seriously wish that this had been my first vibrator because I would have been so spoiled with the quality and would have been able to handle the lower settings. There is no way that the Tango could have been my first vibrator – I think it would have scared me with its intensity (that’s just personal for me).

One of the more advantageous parts of the Touch is that Andy is significantly better at using it on me than he is with the Tango. It probably has to do with the size of the product, as well as being able to put more pressure on my body because of the slightly subdued vibes. The Tango I keep to use on myself as a powerhouse and the Touch we keep so that Andy can use it on me.



One of the biggest flaws of the Tango was that the charger is kinda crap. The USB cord is fine, but it connects to the product via magnets… really, really weak magnets. Despite everyone’s complaints, We-Vibe didn’t change it for the Touch. The charger still sucks. It is an easy flaw to forgive because it is such a great toy but like… c’mon, they had the chance to improve it.


Lube: Always use water-based lube with silicone products unless you’re going to do a patch-test for silicone or hybrid lubes. We’re fans of Sliquid H2O and Sutil.

Cleaning: It is 100% waterproof, which means it is really easy to clean!

In Conclusion:

I would absolutely recommend the We-Vibe Touch. If you need a powerhouse or if you need extreme pinpoint stim, then I’d suggest the Tango. However, if you’re looking for a good quality rumbly vibrator that can be used in a few different ways… the Touch is definitely it. The quality is great, the vibrations are excellent, and it has been wonderful to use solo and with a partner. I’m actually going to start recommending the We-Vibe Touch to my friends who are slowly starting to ask me about sex toys.

If you already have a Tango, then it isn’t urgent to go out and buy a Touch, but I have to say that we carry both around with us. They aren’t totally interchangeable so if you have the luxury of owning both, we’d recommend it.


Recommended For: People who like rumbly vibrations. People who like to alternate between pin-point and broad stimulation. People who need products that can easily be held in the palm of a hand.

Not Recommended For: People who like intense pin-point stimulation. People who need long toys for ease of use. People who easily get upset at chargers.

Diana Fox

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