We-Vibe Wish Review

You already know how much we love the We-Vibe Tango and the We-Vibe Touch, so you can guess that we were pretty excited to test out another We-Vibe toy!

This one didn’t totally live up to our very high expectations, but it wasn’t a disappointment either.

The Basics:

The We-Vibe Wish is a rechargeable vibrator that has a soft silicone exterior. It is wider than the other two vibes mentioned so it is intended to provide broader stimulation.

The major differences that distinguish the Wish beyond the broad size is that there are two motors and that there is actually a different type of vibration. We-Vibe calls it the PowerPulse, and instead of a straight smooth line, it always pulses in waves. There are 10 present vibration levels and only 3 of them are close to a straight line (PowerPulse -low, -medium and -high).

The Wish is 100% waterproof and USB charges in 90 minutes for a max of 2 hours of play time. There is a low-power alert indicator. It comes with a storage pouch and a 1-year warranty.

The size of the wish is a bit tricky to describe in words, but the We-Vibe site has a perfect graphic. The width is 2.6 inches. The height is 4.1 inches. The thickness is 1.6 inches. When viewed from above, it looks like an asymmetrical egg. When viewed from the side, you can see that there is a curve to help fit over a vulva or perineum.

Vulva Use with Partner:

We were excited to get the Wish because we thought that it would be really easy for Andy to control on my vulva. It is broader than the other toys, so we assumed that the vibrations would feel good when the entire toy was pressed against me.

It was not. Well… it wasn’t that it wasn’t good… it’s just that Andy couldn’t quite figure out how to hold it comfortably for both of us. Despite the squishy tip, the body of the Wish is very hard. The curve does not bend with your body, so it needs to placed in a comfortable spot. Andy just wasn’t super great at doing this. We would get it in position, and then he would hold it while we continued to do other things, and it would change positions and start mildly hurting me.

We learned pretty quickly that this wasn’t super great for partnered play for us. Of course, he could have held it with more precision, but that wasn’t what we were hoping with this shape of toy.

Vulva Use without Partner:

The vibrations are definitely more concentrated at the tip of the Wish. Despite having two motors, they kind of just feel like one giant one at the tip. I ended up using this toy to get pinpoint stimulation, but the very tip is squishy, so it wasn’t totally practical.

When I read Epiphora’s review, I laughed at her description of the vibrations. There is no steady pattern because it is actually mini pulses. However, unlike her experience, I am able to orgasm from the We-Vibe Wish. I typically require steady vibrations and zero patterns, but this toy was an anomaly.

The PowerPulse settings didn’t do it for me. I think it is because it is so close to a steady vibration but it just isn’t. My body hopes for steady but the vibes don’t provide it.

Instead, I actually enjoy two of the other preset vibrations: Wave and Massage. I think this is the first time in any review that I have ever said that I enjoy a vibe pattern. The Wave is excellent at getting me all warmed up and teasing me. It feels a bit like edging, and the vibrations do become very powerful. It is the Massage pattern that does the trick though – most likely through sheer intensity of the setting.

I normally masturbate on my back, but for the We-Vibe Wish I did try placing it on a pillow between my legs while I lay on my stomach. It doesn’t work for me, but I can see how it might work for someone who gets off by pillow/object grinding.

Perineum Use:

This toy gets huge bonus points for being versatile! The shape of the Wish is perfect to press against Andy’s perineum. The other We-Vibe toys that we own are too pin-point for him. The Wish however, is very, very well-received. The PowerPulse does not make a difference for pleasure. It is easy to hold in place and the broad stimulation feels really good.

It’s long enough to get really close to the butthole – so major bonus points for that. This toy will definitely get more use on Andy than it will on me.

The App:

The app is the same for all We-Vibe products that are capable of connection via Bluetooth. Simply speaking – the app lets you or your partner (next door or across the world) control the vibrations. You can adjust intensities and speeds, and even create your own patterns. It’s super easy to use, and a neat feature if you’re long distance or if you have a certain vibe pattern in your mind. We go into a bit more detail in our Rave review.


As with all silicone products, it is suggested to use water-based lubricant or do a patch test with hybrid or silicone lubes.


Waterproof and silicone! It can’t get much easier!


While we wouldn’t recommend the purchase of the We-Vibe Wish ahead of the Tango or the Touch, we wouldn’t rule it out completely. The Wish has two strong motors, but you have to enjoy patterned vibrations to benefit from them. For the price point, we think there are better choices available, but if you do have the means to experiment, then this is still a high quality toy that provides orgasms for both of us – major bonus points for both vulva and perineum pleasure.

Recommended For: People who enjoy strong patterned vibrations. Potentially for people who enjoy pillow/object humping/grinding. People who enjoy vibrations along the perineum. People who like app-compatible vibrators.

Not Recommended For: People who need steady vibration patterns. People who don’t own other We-Vibe products. People who are looking for a toy to use as a couple.

Diana Fox

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