1-Ring Collar from Luxurious Bliss [Review]

Neither of us wear jewellery or many accessories. My glasses and Andy’s watch are basically all we’ve ever really worn. Jewellery just makes my body feel uncomfortable. I don’t know where this came from, but like most things, I should probably just blame my mother (who also never ever wears jewellery).

My engagement ring took a long time to get used to. Not because of the metaphorical commitment (cuz I proposed to Andy, so we’re all good on that front), but because of something physically being on my finger. My finger actually swelled for a few days as if it was actually physically irritated.

Why am I telling you this? Because despite all of this, when Luxurious Bliss gave us a list of products to review… I was super drawn to their collars. I never thought I would be – I absolutely hate having things around my neck. I never wear necklaces, I never wear turtlenecks, I hardly wear high-necked shirts because I feel like they are choking me. But I just couldn’t resist trying out one of their collars. I debated between a collar and their Leather Bat (but I’m secretly hoping that they’ll send us one of their Leather Bats in the future). Actually, Andy wanted the Leather Bat more than the collar but I was just so drawn to it that I made the final decision.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK

The Company:

Luxurious Bliss is a CANADIAN company! In their e-mail to us, they mentioned that most of their leather products are made in-house! It doesn’t mention it anywhere on their site, but their Twitter has a few behind-the-scenes pics. It would be awesome to learn more about their process. We love when products are made in Canada!


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK

The Collar:

The 1-Ring Collar is beautiful! Especially in the Black Cherry colour that we received. It is 1.25 inches wide and comes in two different neck sizes: Small (11.5 inches to 14.5 inches) and Medium (13 inches to 16 inches). We measured my neck and it was about 13 inches so we opted for the smaller collar and I am very glad that we did.

The hardware is nickel plated. The front of the collar has a large O-ring. The back of the collar has the buckle that you can actually lock. It doesn’t come with a lock, but the system is pretty evident on how you would go about locking it. You can purchase a matching lead, which looks super sexy if you’re into pet play.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK


In order to do it up, there are four different slots along the colourful leather to adjust your collar size. The underneath black leather is just a tad bit shorter than the colourful part. This is our first collar, but from what I understand this is unusual as normally the underneath leather is shorter. This is important as the black leather protects your neck if you need to use the collar at its largest size.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK


The interior is not padded, but there is a faux fur-lined option available.

Yes, it does smell like leather. Initially out of the package it smells fairly strong but it quickly subdues and just has a hint of lingering leather. Obviously, this product is not helpful if you only purchase vegan gear.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK

In Use:

Despite my hatred for jewellery and accessories, I actually quite like wearing this collar. The first time wearing it was a bit of a surprise and I took it off shortly after, but I just needed time to get used to it. I’ve now worn it for a couple hours at a time with no issues.

Doing it up, I use the second tightest slot. At first I wasn’t sure if it was fitting my neck properly as it was a bit loose (but the tightest slot was too tight) but after wearing it for a while, I realized that it was perfect. The slight looseness accounted for neck movements, neck straining, etc. Any tighter and I think I would have hated it.

Doing it up is super simple and although we don’t lock it, I particularly like the look of the buckle. Instead of a flat edge like in a pant belt, there is a loop (for where the lock would go) and I think it makes it a less harsh overall feeling.

It is simple for me to put on even without looking in a mirror and I feel like that is important. It is also easy for Andy to attach for me which is probably more important in this context.

During sex-related activities it does not get in the way, although the O-ring does make a little bit of noise when it hits its attachment piece.

Upon removal, I do not have any lines on my neck and there is no indication of chaffing. It is comfortable to move my neck around in all different positions.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK


Aesthetically, I find that it fits my neck well. I have a long neck and I find that the 1.25 inch width doesn’t alter how long my neck looks, which is ideal. I do wish that the O-ring was a bit more subtle, but I understand that it is that size for functional reasons. You could never go to a party and have someone mistake this for something other than a sex-related collar.

I have yet to attend an event in which is would be appropriate to wear this collar, but I plan to find one. The Black Cherry colour makes it a great choice for public occasions, and I already have an outfit in mind that would dramatically contrast the collar.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK


If there are no visible stains or blemishes, then you can use a mildly damp cloth and gently wipe down the leather. If you need to clean a bit more intensely, then use a mild soap or a leather cleaner. Water and harsh soaps can cause the leather to dry out over time. If this starts to happen, then you can lightly rub a leather moisturizer into the product.


One Ring Collar Luxurious Bliss Review ACOK

In Conclusion:

I am super thrilled to have such a great collar be part of our sex accessories! It is easy to put on, painless to wear and sleek enough to feel sensual. As our first collar, we definitely approve of the 1-Ring Collar from Luxurious Bliss. Even with all of my hatred for accessories and jewellery, I would still recommend this collar, which makes it a pretty incredible recommendation. PLUS it is MADE in CANADA – how many other reasons do you need?


Recommended For: People who want to test out if they like collars. People who support locally-made products. People who want to be locked up.

Not Recommended For: People who have no interest in collars. Otherwise, we recommend it!

You can purchase the 1-Ring Collar at: Luxurious Bliss


Thank you to Luxurious Bliss for providing us with a 1-Ring Collar in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

Diana Fox

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