Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review

So, I kind of messed up and made really terrible looking handcuffs. Let’s just say that I have never been good with arts and crafts. Remember those bracelets that everyone made at camp? They were often made out of gimp and then you had to get an adult to melts the ends together so it was sealed shut? Well, I sucked at making those. These handcuffs were kind of doomed to look horrible from the start.

Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

The Basics:

Kink Craft is an awesome company that has taken over the niche market of creating your own BDSM toys. Basically, the owners were fed up with terrible YouTube videos of incomplete or intricate toys, and went on a hunt for the proper information. Instead of keeping it for themselves, they decided to share it with the world! Yay!

You can purchase online video courses that require you to provide your own supplies, or you can purchase the toys ready-made, or the best option: you can purchase the kits that include both the supplies and the video course so you can do it yourself!
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

The Kit

The Figure 8 Handcuffs are categorized as an easy course. When you receive your kit, you will see that the paracord, clip and metal ring are all included. You will need to provide your own measuring tape, scissors and lighter. The kit contains a code in order to download the online course for free. All you need to do is “purchase” the course, enter the code and then the course shows up in your account free of charge.

The videos are broken up into sections, and you can pause and rewind as many times as you need to (trust me, I did it a lot). What is really nice is that the video is yours forever, which means you can always buy more material and make more BDSM toys. You can even use it for a super fun craft night like a bachelorette party (yes, I know that is an awesome idea).

Making Them:

I have already made the Paracord Mini Flogger from Kink Craft, which I absolutely adored. It was enjoyable to make, required very little craft skills and continues to be a fun part of our playtime. There will be a review coming soon.
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

Phase 1

The handcuffs on the other hand were more complicated to make, and I made them really ugly (not on purpose, I swear!). I found the videos occasionally difficult to follow along with and there was just so much extra paracord that it was hard to keep track of which side went where. There are lots of necessary knots, and I kept forgetting which side I needed to do next. Instead of making an elegant straight line, my knots made everything go crooked in multiple directions. It was not a glamorous affair. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t get the paracord to look nice.
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

Phase 2

The website says that the handcuffs can be made within 30 minutes, but for a first time, it took me over an hour. Once you’ve sorted it out though, the second time would be significantly easier and faster.

What is great about the handcuffs is that you can create a custom size. There is more than enough paracord for any wrist size. If you have small wrists, I would consider cutting a little bit of paracord off the end so it is easier to braid. Obviously, not too much or you won’t be able to finish the cuffs, it would be something to consider once you’ve made your first pair and see how much is left over at the end.
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

Phase 3

Unfortunately, I really was quite terrible at making these Figure 8 cuffs, which is so unfortunate because our Mini Flogger was so damn excellent. If you look at the comparison pictures, you’re just going to laugh at me. The kit is excellent, I just seriously failed at it.
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM


Using Them:

Despite how they might look after I had massacred them, they are fully functional, fit both of us and are super practical. They fit both of us without being too restrictive or without us slipping out of them. They are really easy to attach and you never feel trapped in them. They are easy to do up and un-do yourself, which means that they are perfect for someone who might be intimidated by the idea of totally being at the mercy of their partner. If you like the idea of being trapped, then the clasp does have a lock-mode. They aren’t long enough to also attach around a bedpost, but for basic handcuff play they definitely do the trick.

The material is comfortable to wear except occasionally when the hardened melted bit scratches your skin. The video shows how to hide the melted part so this is never an issue. Obviously, I failed at that and had to improvise, but I still melted it as far away from skin-contact as possible. It rarely causes any issues.
Kink Craft Figure 8 Handcuffs Review DIY BDSM

What they should actually look like

In Conclusion:

I’m a huge fan of Kink Craft and their really awesome idea of making your own BDSM toys and accessories. I am a huge fan on their Mini Flogger and their Nipple Clamps, but I struggled with these handcuffs. In use, they are still great and they do the trick for a really cheap price. If they turn out well, you also get the added bonus of feeling proud of your work every time you use them. However, following these videos just happened to be challenging for me, but that doesn’t mean it will be challenging for you! I’m a self-proclaimed terrible arts & crafter, and if you are too then maybe start with something easier like the Mini Flogger. If you feel like you know what you’re doing, then the Figure 8 Handcuffs could be perfect for you!

Recommended For: People who enjoy arts & crafts. People who want to explore BDSM/kink for cheap. People who like adding another dimension to their toys by taking part in creating them.

Not Recommended For: People who are terrible at arts & crafts. People who want luxurious BDSM items.

Diana Fox

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