10 Reasons to Have a One-Night Stand

We’ll let you in on a little secret… our relationship started from a one-night stand! I actually attended a party specifically in hopes that Andy would take me home! Well, it worked… but it clearly turned into more than just one night!

Don’t worry – we aren’t here to tell you that you should be looking for a partner. Instead, we’re going to share with you ten reasons that you should consider having a true one-night hookup.


Please note that we only condone one-night stands that are consensual for everyone involved and that are emotionally and physically safe (this includes having the safe sex talk). Note that alcohol impairs the ability to properly consent.


1. You’re Horny!

Yes, you can admit to being horny! Horniness can feel different for different people and can also be satisfied in different ways. Sometimes a good masturbation session will satisfy you. Sometimes you want another person to be part of it. Sometimes you want multiple people to be part of it. All of these are totally valid and not mutually exclusive. The good news is that if you’re feeling horny, there are fun ways to be satisfied!

2. Sex is Healthy!

There are countless articles online stating all the reasons that sex is beneficial. Some of these reasons include the releases of oxytocin and endorphins in your body. Other reasons include stress relief and being active! We think that being happy and less stressed is a pretty damn good reason to have sex! Always make sure you communicate about safe sex (yes, including discussing STIs and barriers).

3. Flirting, Flirting, Flirting!

Many people experience a total thrill from flirting! Finding your one-night stand can be just as exciting as actually going home with them. Whether you’re being seductive in person or you’re having a dirty chat on My Sex Hookups or other site, there is a certain rush of adrenaline. Flirting with a potential partner is a major part of the fun!

4. No Attachments!

Relationships have their perks but being single also has a lot of perks. If you’re not looking to get emotionally attached to someone, then a one-night stand might be perfect for you! If you know you easily fall for people you’ve slept with, then consider working out some emotional boundaries beforehand. Talking to some friends that have some experience with this might help.

5. Confidence Booster!

If you’re going through a tough time or if you just went through a really rough breakup, sometimes hookups can help boost your mood. They can be a great reminder of how you’re totally awesome and badass. They can be a great reminder of how you’re a pro at flirting or that you can be spontaneous. Even just flirting with people can make you feel a bit of excitement or a bit more powerful. We shouldn’t rely on others to provide us with confidence, but sometimes compliments and reciprocated attraction can be really nice.


6. Experimenting Time!

New partners mean new opportunities to experiment! If you’re hoping to test out something new – like a new sex position or a new personality – then a one-night stand is the perfect chance! If everything goes horribly wrong like your leg cramps up or you forget about your accent mid-way through… it is kind of okay because you never have to see them again! As always, make sure your newfound partner consents to any (and all) sex acts.

7. Something New About You!

Hooking up with different people is always interesting because everyone has different preferences and styles. You might learn that you love a different technique when receiving oral sex or you might be asked to try a new position that hits all the right spots or you might try a new sex toy. You might discover something you dislike, but you might also discover something that can change your sex-life forever for the best. One-night stands provide opportunities to learn something new about yourself!

8. No Repeats Necessary!

The bad news is that some one-night stands can lead to terrible sex. The good news is that you never have to go through it again.

Alternatively, if the sex was really wonderful, there is no pressure of a repeat performance. You can keep the positive memory in your mind without having to deal with a potentially disappointing round two.

9. Have an Adventure!

No matter what happens – whether it was great sex or terrible sex – you will always leave with a great story. Whether you choose to keep the details to yourself or share them with your friends, one-night stands make for great adventures!

10. The Thrill!

Hooking up with someone new is exciting! Everything from flirting with them to your first kiss together to taking off the first layer of clothing. Hooking up with Andy was basically an adrenaline rush from the moment I was getting ready to go out until the moment I got home the next morning. It can be super nerve-wracking but it can also be incredibly thrilling!



What do you think? Did we mention all the pros of one-night stands? Let us know in the comments if we missed anything! We’d love to read about your experiences!

Diana Fox

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