A+ for Simplicity: Topco Wildfire Slimline G Review

This toy was used once, put in our toy box and forgotten about… until I kept seeing it pop up all over the place on social media. It seemed like despite never having a recent review, it managed to make its way in banners and on ‘recommended lists’ from famous sex bloggers. Either they were jumping on a bandwagon without trying it, or I obviously had used it incorrectly.

Well, I wouldn’t want to go up against all the sex bloggers… so we were definitely using it incorrectly.

The Basics

This vibrator has one of the most recognizable shapes. It is probably replicated by a dozen companies – who knows who was first (if someone does, let us know!). It has a very simple long wand, with a bulbous head, angled to target your g-spot.

It is made from ABS plastic and requires 2 x AA batteries. It is waterproof and has a very smooth surface. The length is 8.25 inches with 7 inches being insertable. It is 1.25 inches at its largest point (the bulbous head).

You turn it on by properly closing the battery cap. You pop in the two batteries and twist the cap until it properly shuts and it will start buzzing. There is no on/off button – it is dependent on properly connecting the batteries.

Topco makes the version we own but we kind of assume that most versions of this are very similar. If the shape is identical, then the only difference would be the type and strength of vibrations.

The Packaging

We bought this toy well before starting our site, so we admit to no longer owning the packaging. It is very basic, and we didn’t feel the need to keep it for storage. The picture below is taken from the Topco website.

Our toy is in “Purple Passion” colour, and we love it. It is dark purple with a slight sparkle to it. We definitely chose the colour well.

The Story

We first bought the Topco Wildfire Slimline G because we wanted to explore the g-spot. We thought that this toy would do the trick. It was also on sale, which helped. We hadn’t learned about brand names yet, so although Topco isn’t the best company out there, thankfully ABS plastic is body safe.

We kind of thought it would just instantly find my g-spot. Well, it didn’t. It did have some pleasurable sensations, but we spent time wondering how far we had to insert it. My partner tried, I tried, I didn’t like the vibrations and we gave up. It was then neglected in our toy box for a long time.

Fast forward to me properly finding my g-spot with the help of other toys (such as Lelo Ella). We decided to give this one another go and we also want to make sure we include some more budget-friendly toys. You can find this toy close to $10 at any time, so this fits the bill.

I actually like the simplicity of this toy. You put in the batteries and it turns on. It has one specific purpose – to target my g-spot. Now that I have found my g-spot, I can confirm that it really does target it. The bulbous head is the right size for me. I just keep it near the entrance of my vagina and it gives me waves of pleasure. I keep it near, but I am a thruster, so there is thrusting involved. I haven’t found that much pleasure in pushing it farther in. I find it works the best for its intended purpose – the g-spot.

A fun part about g-spot vibes is that you can often use them for clitoral vibes! I find this to be a great basic clitoral vibrator. The vibrations are smooth and consistent, and I can easily rub the head around my pleasure zones. It has a super easy handle to hold on to and won’t get in the way of other toys you might be using for penetration. Yes, it has made me orgasm from clitoral stimulation (while using another toy for my g-spot).

My only complaint is that I managed to turn off the toy more than once by accident. The combination of the vibrations and my hand touching the battery cap caused it to slide undone. It is super simple to re-start, but I would recommend keeping your hand away from the battery cap.

Anal: My butt can’t handle any kind of vibration, so it has not been tested. There is no flared base so usually I would say that it is not anal safe. However, I have seen reviews of people using this toy anally. If you are planning on doing so, despite it not being considered anal safe – please hold on to the wand with a tight grip. Don’t let it get sucked in! Of course, always sterilize it after anal use.

In Conclusion:

Once you’ve figured out where your g-spot is, this is a budget-friendly, no-frills, straight-to-the-point toy. It targets my g-spot and works as a basic clitoral vibrator. This gets an A+ from me!

You can purchase this Topco version from PC. Please be advised that Topco does sells some questionable items so inform yourself before purchasing other toys.

The Orchid version from Come As You Are.

A multi-speed version from Good Vibrations.

The Cloud 9 version from She Vibe.

A+ for Simplicity: Topco Wildfire Slimline G Review





  • – Simple & easy-to-use
  • – Budget-friendly
  • – Targets G-Spot
  • – Classic design that works


  • – Only one vibration setting

Diana Fox

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