The Art of Choking

My back is against the bed as he penetrates me from the edge. My legs are spread open; my right one is hovering in the air while my left one is leaning against his shoulder. I could wrap them around him, but I choose to stay wide open.

He sees me play with my clitoris and he thrusts harder with a look that tells me ‘don’t stop’. His arms are supporting him – one against the mattress and one against my hip.

I prop myself up a bit to get a better angle. His body rhythmically pushes against mine, rubbing against my clitoris as I continue to finger it.

His penis feels good. Like down-to-the-core good. Like it-belongs-inside-my-body good.

And then he does it.

He puts one firm hand over my neck and presses down.

My interior muscles contract and I feel my vulva drip even more. I let out a moan, letting him know that it’s okay to be holding me down.

I let him have control over my body. My mind focuses on the feeling around my neck, the feeling of being wanted so badly, the feeling of being in the moment. The look on his face intensifies as he chokes me, like he can’t control his excitement, like he is focused on my pleasure while making sure not to hurt me. His thrusts speed up and my body welcomes them. My body envelops him, it clenches down around his penis so that he can feel every single bit of me.

I grab his chest hair, my hands sliding through his sweat, gripping onto his tense muscles. We stare at each other, telling each other we’re enjoying this without saying a word.

He lets go of my neck and grabs at the bed, getting a better grip as he makes his final thrusts between my legs. The sense of release from my neck and from his body makes me jolt forward. I hold him close as he cums.

I’m dripping wet and without missing a beat, he gets down on his knees, spreads open my labia and starts licking.

*Please note everything detailed was done consensually.

Diana Fox

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