Blush Novelties Helio Review

Sometimes you open a new toy and you just know it is going to be good. But every so often you open a new toy, think it’s going to be good and it ends up blowing your mind. Helio by Blush Novelties is one of those toys – it keeps blowing our minds.

I know that is a high recommendation and I don’t give that lightly. Ever since opening the packaging, Helio has been helping us discover new pleasures.
The Basics

Helio is a Sensa Feel Dual Density design, which means it is firm on the inside and soft on the outside. This means that it can hold its shape while providing exterior squishiness. I spent time just squishing it in my hand because it was so much fun. It is made of 100% silicone, so you know it is hypoallergenic and body safe (and know not to use silicone lubricant). It is 7.5 inches long with an insertable length of 6 inches. The width is 1.5 inches, which is a comfortable fit for me. While the insertable length and width can seem large, because of the squishiness, the toy seems to mold to my body, making it surprisingly easy to fit. It also helps that the head of the toy is not round – it is flatter, which works better for my body.

Helio comes in four colours: almond, toffee, violet and indigo. We aren’t big fans of skin-tone toys, so we asked Blush Novelties for one of the bright colours. They sent us Violet, which we prefer to describe as ‘electric pink’. I like bright, bold colours and this one does the trick.

There is a strong wide suction cup that also makes it harness compatible and possible for anal stimulation. The suction cup is actually strong – we’ve used it on our walls and it stays put. Check out our video to see!
The Packaging

The packaging is simple – a thick plastic, which helps feel like you’ve purchased a quality toy. The Helio comes with a cloth sac for storage, which is always a bonus. The only thing that didn’t go over well was a big “Blush Novelties” on the side of the delivery box – not very discreet.
Discovering New Pleasures

When we first opened this toy, we knew we were in for some good times. The width was perfect for me, the base was flattened and didn’t have a head that was too pronounced so it wouldn’t catch on my pubic bone. It was bright pink and we had fun gently cock slapping each other with the dual density sensation. It was already fun and we hadn’t even done a trial run.

Then we tried it out and it did not disappoint. The texture of the silicone made it easy to slide in (with our Sliquid H2O), and the toy seemed to move and mold to the interior of my body. With stiff toys, I find that I get a ‘drag’ sensation on the entrance to my vagina – but with this toy I felt no discomfort. There was no drag, no stretching – nothing to ruin the pleasure. We couldn’t fit the entire insertable length right away, but had a lot of fun with the head rubbing along my G-spot. We attached the suction cup to the wall, and I had some fun putting on a show for my partner. The suction cup stayed on the wall the whole time – no issues there.

On another trial run, we fit the entire insertable length inside of me comfortably, which would never be possible for me with a firmer toy. I then proceeded to have what I can best describe as an A-Spot orgasm. It was such a unique sensation, like I orgasmed from up inside me, like wayyyy up inside of me. It was intense. I was out-of-breath and my partner was beside himself with pleasure from participating in my newfound A-spot orgasm abilities.

Helio is super easy for masturbation or for a partner to use. There is a wide-enough base that makes for a good gripping spot, and a long enough body that you can choose your own adventure – from G-spot to A-spot. Please keep note that I require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so I typically use a basic vibrator alongside any dildo.

The material of Helio is actually really interesting – the silicone didn’t retain any of my vaginal juices – it almost appeared dry once taken out of me. Quite a contrast to some toys that look messy as hell once removed. There is also no stamp mark on the toy so it is incredibly easy to wash.

Although this toy in anal safe and harness compatible, we admit to not having tried either at this moment. We don’t own a harness (it’s on the wishlist!) and my body is temperamental with anal play, so it is a goal for the future. We can imagine it would be a LOT of fun though. Just remember to always sanitize when changing partners or using the toy from anal to vaginal. Edit Sept 2016: THIS TOY WITH A HARNESS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

In Conclusion:

We’re obsessed. Not only does it currently live on my nightstand, but my partner keeps asking to use it on me. When I told him I was writing the review, his exact words were: “tell them that every time we use it we discover something new… something really hot”. Yup, it is just that good. Blush Novelties Helio is a simple, fun dual density dildo that seems to have the ability to mold to my body, causing the perfect sensations inside of me. Whether you’re looking for a basic dildo to give a ‘fullness’ feeling, or looking for a soft, easy insertable for your G-spot, or aiming to reach your A-spot without discomfort, I would highly recommend this toy.

Disclaimer: Please note that not all Blush Novelties toys are made from body-safe materials so please do a little research before purchasing. You can read our Sex Toy Material Guide for more information.

Recommended For: People who like dual density toys. People who like super squishy toys. People h like G-spot or A-spot stimulation. People who want a toy that works in a harness and has great suction abilities.

Not Recommended For: People who need really hard toys.

Diana Fox

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