Our First Rabbit Vibe! BSwish BWild Classic Bunny

When BSwish asked if they could send us a rabbit, we just had to say yes! We’ve never actually owned a rabbit before and were totally intrigued by this type of sex toy. We’ve heard mixed reviews about rabbits: when it works, it really works but when it doesn’t work it really doesn’t work.

I’ve had a few friends come up to me (knowing I review toys) and tell me that their other friends recommended they buy rabbits. I basically tell them to stay away, because I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be if your first toy just didn’t work for you.

I think it is important to discover what kind of stimulation you like prior to buying a rabbit because they aren’t versatile. The two parts will always act together, which could be interesting if you like clitoral and internal stimulation, but could be bad if they don’t match up with your anatomy.

While the BSwish BWild Classic Bunny didn’t completely work for me, there were still quite a few positive aspects.

The Basics:

The BSwish BWild Classic Bunny is made out of silicone (interior is ABS plastic), is completely waterproof and battery operated (2 x AAA batteries). It has five different vibration functions that involve two different motors. The use time per set of batteries is 3 hours. The total length is 6 inches, with the insertable length being 3.5 inches. The diameter is 1.25 inches and the bunny branch is about 2.5 inches.

The insertable end has a curve to stimulate the g-spot, while the clitoral end has two ‘bunny ears’ sticking out of it that are 100% silicone (meaning that they are incredibly flexible).

I was actually surprised by how small the rabbit looks compared to some of our other vibrators. We’ve definitely gotten used to larger and broader stimulation, but this rabbit seemed like a cute size (and price!) for a beginner rabbit. At $35 USD, this rabbit is one of our cheaper-priced toys, which definitely needs to be considered. We aren’t comparing it to an $80 g-spot vibrator.


The BWild comes with a little instruction manual as well as a really nice storage pouch. The inside of the pouch is incredibly soft.

In Use:

I was pleasantly surprised to feel that the vibrations are not too buzzy and that they actually get pretty intense! Most battery operated toys have a ‘buzzier’ vibration than rechargeable toys, but this one is on the less buzzy scale. There are five functions – the first three are solid patterns that just increase intensity. The last two patterns pulse at varying speeds. The power button is on the bottom of the rabbit and it works in one direction so you have to go through all the patterns to turn it off or lower the intensity.

The insertable curve does hit my g-spot and feels really good when I thrust with it at the right angle. The problem is that it is hard to thrust because the rabbit branch hits the wrong place of my anatomy. I kept turning the rabbit to the side in order to thrust without interruption but it doesn’t quite hit my g-spot when I turn it. If I keep the vibrator positions straight and lift the ears so they don’t touch my body, then I can properly thrust and have it feel really pleasurable. The curve on its own works for me!

The motor is in the bunny’s ‘head’, which leaves the ears to have residual vibrations. The fun part about this is that I can position the ears to vibrate along the sides of my clit as if they’re giving it a hug around the hood. Alternatively, I can take one of the ears and put direct pressure on my clit, which results in intense pinpoint stimulation. The problem with both of these options is that I have to use my hand to direct the pressure of the rabbit ears, but then I can no longer thrust the insertable part.

Using the two branches together doesn’t quite work for me because my clitoris and vaginal opening are too far apart for this vibrator. I find that I am either trying to thrust or trying to move the bunny ears around to the right place. I would need a much longer rabbit arm in order to be able to hit both of the intended pleasure zones.

Waterproof: Yes, it is waterproof! I’ve immersed the toy and changed around the settings without any issues. Hurray!

Cleaning: This toy is so easy to clean because it is completely waterproof! Of course, make sure to take the batteries out before cleaning it. Use soap and water or a toy cleaner. It says to use a non-alcoholic soap, but we use a rubbing alcohol solution to clean our silicone toys so we aren’t sure why it seems like it is not suggested.

Lubricant: As with all silicone toys, use a water-based lubricant. If you’re going to use a hybrid or silicone lube, then make sure to do a patch test first.

Anal: This toy is not really intended for anal use, but there is nothing stopping you from inserting the longer branch into your butt. The rabbit branch would act like a flared base and make sure it was anal safe. We didn’t try this (my butt can’t handle vibrations) but it could make for an interesting sensation if you flip the rabbit upside down and have the ears vibrate between your anus and vagina or anus and testicles. If you have done this, please let us know how it went.


The dilemma is that the BSwish BWild Classic Bunny seems like a great toy for someone getting used to using sex toys because of the price and battery operated lower vibration intensities. It also has the extra perk of being waterproof and able to be used in the shower if that’s your only place for privacy. However, we wouldn’t recommend a rabbit vibrator to a beginner because it might just not work for the body type, like it didn’t for me. I still prefer to have two separate toys going at the same time than have to maneuver the rabbit to hits my pleasure zones properly.

If you are still looking for a rabbit vibe, this toy is a great place to start as long as you keep in mind that it might not work for your anatomy.

Recommended For: People who want to experiment with rabbit vibrators. People who have a small vaginal-clit distance. People who enjoy hooded-clit stimulation. People who enjoy pinpoint stimulation.

Not Recommended For: People who aren’t sure what kind of stimulation they like. People who like larger toys. People who have a larger distance between vagina and clit (like me!). People who need to thrust at the same time as have clitoral stimulation.

You can purchase the BSwish BWild Classic Bunny over at BSwish

Diana Fox

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