Coming On Me

There is always a moment during our sex sessions when we need to decide where Andy should cum.

For some, this might be a simple question and answer. For us, it isn’t. There are so many possibilities we both enjoy, that sometimes neither of us can decide what we’d prefer in the moment. Sometimes, one of us knows exactly where we want it, but sometimes we toss the question back to the other person.

I grew up thinking that PIV meant coming in the vagina (condom or no condom), that blow jobs meant in the mouth, and that hand jobs meant in a kleenex. If you stick to those three things, then that’s super awesome. Really – those are definitely great choices. For us though, we like to have more options. In fact, it is pretty rare that any cum happens inside my vagina, my mouth, or a kleenex.

One of my favourite things in the world is to watch or feel him orgasm. Knowing that he feels good, makes me feel good. He always looks so damn freaking happy when he’s coming. He has this super passionate and focused look when he’s about to, and then when he starts to orgasm, his face changes. I absolutely love it!

(Thankfully, he loves when I orgasm too.)

So where does he cum? Let us count the ways.


cum coming couple sexcapade


This is one of our top two most frequent places for Andy to cum. We’re big fans of the side of the bed, so Andy stands up next to the bed while I lie down on the side. There are two ways that I can play with him from this angle. I can choose to rub him from the front – particularly his testicles. Or, I can play with him from behind. If we angle this properly, I can wrap my arm around the back of his leg and play with his perineum. If I’m feeling up to it – I can do both at the same time. When he cums on my stomach or my boobs, we both get to watch exactly what his happening. I love playing with him at the same time as he’s touching himself because he gets a combined sensation. If it’s on my boobs, he definitely aims for my nipples.

Downside: Getting semen in my belly button – but he’s pretty good at avoiding it.


Andy is totally enamoured by my butt. He’s definitely a “butt guy” and loves when I make it jiggle. If we want him to cum quickly… we aim for my butt. There are two different ways to do this. One is lying down on my stomach on the edge of the bed. This way I can jiggle my butt against his penis – there’s a good angle there for him to feel full contact. The second way is to get on my hands and knees as if he was entering me “doggy style.” This lifts my butt in the air higher so he gets a better view. I tend to shake it until he’s about to cum, and then I lower it so he can make a mess on my skin instead of the sheets.

This is really the only angle that I don’t get to watch him ejaculate, but I can definitely feel it. Sometimes I turn my head around in order to watch him orgasm – because his orgasm face is pretty damn irresistible.


Ever since stopping birth control, Andy rarely cums inside my vagina or anywhere near my vulva. We are currently using condoms, which are not as conducive to PIV orgasms for us. However, when it does happen, I love it. When I’m on top of him, I love that he absolutely has no control of his orgasm. It’s one of his favourite angles, and he always helps control the speed and rhythm with his arms during the session… but when he is having an orgasm, he totally loses control of the rhythm – his body just kinda ‘goes for it’ and I love feeling him beneath me. When he is on top of me, he has all of the control and I really enjoy feeling his orgasm thrusts. I grip onto him and just follow his lead. The orgasm thrusts are different than all the others, and that’s what I like feeling inside of me.


The face! I’m sure many people here are reading it for the face section. I know our readers… and our readers like anal sex and facials. Andy isn’t often allowed to orgasm on my face. We use it as a little treat for when we’re having a particularly intense session. There’s something about his warm semen on my face that makes me feel like we’ve been extra dirty and that we’ve had a particularly rough or messy session. Typically we avoid the eyes and he aims for my mouth/chin or neck area. My absolute favourite is when he is on top of me and straddles my chest. That way I have his penis near my face and I can easily access his shaft and his perineum with my mouth or hands. I get the whole view of exactly what is going on – I can watch both his face orgasm and his penis ejaculate and it is freaking hot.

If he aims for my mouth, I let part of it touch my tongue and part of it dribble out of my mouth. I’ve learned that he loves when it is super messy, so I make sure that it gets super messy. My neck happens less often, but it’s a good alternative when I don’t feel like getting semen on my face. You still get to see the whole view! Just be careful of any hair that might get in the way.


For us, cleaning up is an essential part of after care. Andy doesn’t just cum on me and walk away. It has become part of his duties to clean up his semen from my body. We always make sure to have tissues or wipes next to our bed (we have some on both sides of the bed). He always wipes himself off of me afterwards. I could easily do it, but there is something really nice about him doing it. If he misses a spot, I tell him, and he gets another tissue to clean it up. Some people might not think this is necessary, but it’s part of our routine because we both like it. He likes taking care of me, and I appreciate how thoughtful he is.

If you’re wondering – I rarely shower right after. The tissue cleanup is typically adequate, and Andy loves knowing that I’m still a bit dirty from him as I go about the rest of my day.

He often gets my juices all over his face, so I guess it is pretty fair! haha

Diana Fox

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