The Perfect Beginner Plug: Godemiche Plug B Review

When you hold the Plug B in your hand you realize just how tiny it actually is. This might not be ideal for some, but for us butt beginners, it is just perfect.

The Basics:

The Godemiche Plug B is designed for anal beginners. It is handmade and made of silicone with an appropriate anal-safe base. The length is 2.7 inches with an insertable length of 2.1 inches. At the widest point it is 1 inch.

The tip is tapered for ease of insertion. The T-shaped base is designed to comfortably fit between your butt cheeks. We also can’t forget to mention the variety of colours that all of Godemiche’s toys come in. We were lucky enough to be sent bright yellow, one of Rebecca’s favourite colours!

Godemiche Beginner Plug B Review Butt Anal – A Couple of Kinks

In Use:

We’re always a little intimated by butt stuff. It isn’t that we don’t love it, because we do love it – it’s just that we have a lot of failed attempts. Either a toy won’t go in all the way or I will ask to remove it once it has been in for a short period of time.

The Plug B has resolved this issue for us!

The small size and the tapered tip make this toy incredibly easy to insert. I thought that maybe the bulb would be a problem, but with a bit of lube it always glides right in.

The base fits perfectly between my cheeks. In fact, I can walk around with it and have no issues at all (except for Andy constantly staring at me with heart eyes, but then that isn’t really an issue). Due to the size, it isn’t going to feel like it is ‘filling you up’ or ‘stretching you’. Sometimes, I don’t even feel it inside of me. When I walk around I get a little bit more sensation than when I am lying down, but not a whole lot.

We can easily fit a toy inside of my vagina while I am wearing the Plug B, which is always something we strive for. Double penetration is… well… more than double the fun. I do find that my butt gets used to it really quickly and it loses its magic. However, it is the first plug that I have totally felt comfortable wearing.

Removal is pain-free as well. It is comfortable and does not make me feel like I am pooping, which is a genuine concern of mine. Actually, my orgasms typically cause the plug to come out, so we would recommend protecting your bed sheets if you tend to leave a little residue on toys.

This was the first plug that we’ve ever tried using on Andy. Initially, it was really awkward to insert. Partially because it was so small, but also because it ‘popped’ into place a bit too quickly for Andy’s liking. It is much better when Andy inserts it himself as he can guide it properly. Let’s just say that the Peg (review coming) was much more appreciate than the Plug B. Andy was more comfortable with the consistent size as opposed to a bulb shape.

Godemiche Beginner Plug B Review Butt Anal – A Couple of Kinks

Lubricant: It is always important to use lubricant during anal play because the anus does not self-lubricate. We typically choose to use Sliquid Sassy, a water-based lubricant that is thickened for extra padding. Godemiche has performed successful trials of silicone-based lube, but always make sure to do a patch test first.

Cleaning: Silicone is super easy to clean as it is non-porous. There is always a possibility of a lingering smell, but Dangerous Lily answers how to take care of that.

Godemiche Beginner Plug B Review Butt Anal – A Couple of Kinks

Conclusion: The Godemiche Plug B isn’t going to provide a lot of sensation, but that isn’t really the point of it. The Plug B is easy and painless to insert and is a fantastic first step for anal play. We really like the simplicity and true-beginner level of this plug, but if you are looking for big sensations you will probably be disappointed. If you’re just starting out and need to get used to putting something in your butt (either mentally or physically) then we would recommend the Plug B. If you’re passed this stage, then we would suggest trying something larger. If you’re a true beginner and have only ever used your fingers, then we might actually suggest the Peg as your first anal toy to get used to the sensation before you attempt a slightly larger circumference.

Recommended For: People who are new to butt plugs. People who enjoy walking around with plugs or who dislike rounded bases.

Not Recommended For: People with butt plug experience.

Diana Fox

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