Hot Octopuss PULSE II DUO Review

The PULSE is a revolutionary toy because it is the first penis masturbator that does not require insertion into an orifice. In fact, the PULSE can be used with an erect penis or a flaccid one – it has been life changing for those with erectile dysfunction.

The Basics:

There are two main ways to use the PULSE II Solo or II Duo if you’re on your own. The first one is to add some lubricant and move it up and down the shaft. The second one is as a ‘static stimulator’ where you hold the vibrator (Pleasure Plate) directly against the frenulum.

The PULSE II Duo adds an extra dimension of partnered play. No, it is not meant to be physically inserted into the partner (although that might be a lot of fun for Size Queens). It is meant to be used as a dual vibrator, with one motor for the wearer and one motor for the partner. Basically, the wearer puts it on like normal, and the partner presses against it. The website did note that shallow penetration was possible if the wearer has a lengthy penis, but don’t be on being able to use it like that. It should be noted that the second motor for the partner is controlled by a remote.

The toy is made out of soft silicone, designed to ‘encompass’ the penis. The two wings are able to expand to allow for easy insertion. On the inside, there are two textures: one is a bump that covers the motor and the other comes from three added ridges. The vibrations are high-amplitude oscillations that offer five pattern modes with variable intensities. The Pulse is rechargeable and waterproof.

Of course you might be wondering what the difference is between the Solo and the Duo. The major difference is that there is a second motor for the partner in the Duo that is controlled by a remote. Otherwise, the differences are subtly. The outside of the Duo is covered in soft silicone and ridges.

The Package:

The package the PULSE II Duo arrived in is pretty solid and it comes with a storage case.

We do have an issue with the very prominent gendering of the masturbator. Everything is ‘for him’ and ‘for her’. It doesn’t stop there. The packaging displays an image of a stereotypically hot young woman. Not only does the toy assume genders but it also assumes sexualities and that is super disappointing. I have many feels about this, but I’ve kept it short.

Solo Use:

Andy has a girthier penis than average so he can’t just ‘slide it in’ to the masturbator. He needs to open the wings to insert it. I have tried opening the wings for him, but honestly it doesn’t go as smoothly. I would suggest just letting the wearer do this on their own. It is definitely not as sexy as putting on a condom for someone else (and if you don’t think condoms are sexy, might change your mind).

We always add lube (Sliquid H2O, which is Andy’s absolutely favourite lube). It helps with insertion and any thrusting that might occur. You don’t technically need it if you’re just going to hold it in place, but we would recommend that you use some anyway (because lube is fantastic).

Once it is in place, it is a bit difficult to actually press the power and intensity buttons. They are quite tough to press down, which seems a bit odd for a toy that is marketed towards people with erectile dysfunction (as ED and arthritis are both common in the older community). The remote control that comes with the Duo is easy to press but that only controls the second motor.

Once the vibrations are turned on, Andy absolutely loves them. Like, moaning-out-loud likes them. It is super hot to watch his eyes roll back while the vibrations touch his frenulum.

Every penis is shaped differently, which means that every penis will appreciate this toy in a different way. For Andy, the curve of his penis doesn’t quite match up with the curve of the toy so that thrusting doesn’t feel as great as it might for someone else.

What really works for him is ‘static stimulation’ where he holds the motor right on his frenulum. That is definitely the highlight of the PULSE. It is a unique vibrator sensation because of the oscillation motor. It might take some getting used to if you plan to orgasm from the PULSE.

Partnered Use:

This is where the PULSE II Duo is both strange and interesting at the same time.

There are two positions suggested for partnered play. The PULSE is NOT supposed to enter the partner. Instead, it is supposed to press against the genitals. The first position is when the partner is on top. Andy lies down and I straddle him, “sitting” on the toy instead of letting him insert me.

The vibrations are broad, which might be perfect for some people. I personally require more pinpoint stimulation to orgasm, so I will unlikely ever orgasm from the PULSE. However, the vibrations are quite pleasant. They aren’t too deep, but they do manage to arouse me.

I assumed the ridges were there so that I would be able to feel then while “thrusting” back and forth, but I don’t really feel them and much prefer just enjoying the vibrations. The remote control is excellent for this. Instead of fumbling around for the controls that are between your two bodies, you simply just press the remote in your hand.

The second position for partnered play is with the ‘wearer’ on top, like missionary except no penetration. This means that the ‘wearer’ is in control of the pressure and this did not work for us. Because Andy is used to having direct feedback in his penis, he kept pressing too hard with the PULSE and hurting me. Absolutely unintentionally of course, but he just couldn’t measure the force. That particular angle doesn’t really work for the contours of my body.

Andy is able to thrust more in this position than when I was on top and I kept thinking to myself: “This is a really cool way to be abstinent from intercourse and still feel close to your partner.” It doesn’t have to just be for abstinence. If erectile dysfunction is a problem, it might mean that penetration is a problem. This is an excellent way to achieve feeling close to your partner.


Although the PULSE II Duo does not particularly work for us, we do get pleasure from using it. Andy’s frenulum has never experienced such great vibrations and I get totally turned on from his pleasure. The broad vibrations do feel quite nice against my vulva when positioned in the correct way. The remote control is a super neat feature to control the second motor.

The highlight of the PULSE is that it is an amazing innovation for those who have difficulty getting firm or achieving penetration. For solo use, it is the first of its kind that you don’t need to ‘penetrate’ a masturbator; you simply need to ‘place’ it. For partnered use, it can really simulate PIV intercourse and bring you closer as a couple without needing any penetration.

Recommended For: People who do not enjoy the stereotypical masturbator sleeves. People who have erectile dysfunction. People who want to feel close to their partner without penetration. Partners who enjoy broad vibrations. People who want to try unique oscillation vibrations along the frenulum.

Not Recommended For: People who do not have issues with penetration (unless they want to try the unique vibrations).


Note: You can no longer purchase a PULSE II because they have been updated to PULSE III

You can purchase a PULSE III Duo from Hot Octopuss or SheVibe | Lovehoney US | Lovehoney Canada | Lovehoney UK | Good Vibrations | Come As You Are

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