Rocks Off Rise Review

When Peepshow Toys offered us to review the Rise by Rocks Off, we immediately said YES! We then sent an email to Hot Octopuss asking to review their PULSE II toy for comparison purposes.

While the two toys look different, both products have a very similar concept: a masturbator that does not require penetration.

While our conclusion of the PULSE was “It is revolutionary but not great for us personally”, we have a much different conclusion of the Rise (a good conclusion).

The Basics:

The Rocks Off Rise is an open masturbator, which allows a penis to be placed inside of it instead of requiring penetration. This means that you do not need to be fully erect to use it, which is absolutely wonderful for those who might have erectile issues.

The Rise has two pliable sides, which allow for a range of penis girths to use the same toy. There is a handle on the back to facilitate thrusting or just hold it in place. On the inside, there are ridges to enhance stimulation as well as a ‘bump’ where the core vibrations are coming from. The Rise is made of silicone and is USB rechargeable and waterproof.

There are ten different vibration settings. The first two are constant vibrations of two different intensities. This is followed by eight patterned vibrations.

The purpose of the toy is to either thrust it up and down the shaft or just hold it in place against your frenulum.

Rocks Off Masturabtor Rise Peepshow Toys ACOK Review Packaging

In Use:

The first time we used this toy, we didn’t have the hang of it so were disappointed. Once we tried again, we realized our mistakes and had a really amazing experience with it.

Andy’s penis is average length but larger-than-average girth which meant that the sides of the toy needed to expand. They are designed to expand but they also require quite a bit of force to expand them. Using our hands is easy, but when you’re trying to expand the wings while maintaining pleasure… it becomes a different situation. The trick Andy uses it that he hold the Rise with his right hand and presses upward against his penis with his left hand to keep the right pressure. Otherwise, the wings overpower and he just pops right out of it.

The problem with the Rise is that it is a fairly straight spine, which means any penis curve will be slightly problematic. Andy has a slight curve upwards and this causes the thrusting motion to be a waste. It hits only part of his shaft, so he isn’t capable of getting the whole sensation.

However, the motor in the frenulum-targeting bump is where this toy really shines. There is a bump in the toy intended to target the frenulum and we can assure you that it does – even with the girth issue and the curve issue – this bump is pretty great.

Andy doesn’t like patterned vibrations (it’s a good tease but nothing will really come of it). The first setting is perfect for him. The second more intense setting causes him to desensitize, so we just use the first setting.

It is pretty rare for Andy to orgasm from a masturbator but the Rise allows him to do just that. After one of our sessions with the Rise (while I was doing other things to his body too), he told me that: “I wish a produced more cum because I could have just kept cumming”. I’d say that is a pretty high approval.

Partnered Use:

I tried to control the Rise for Andy a few times, but between the girth and the curve, it just wasn’t working out. We agreed that it was much better if Andy controlled it while I did other things. Especially if your partner has foreskin, it just seems to be uncomfortable when someone else is controlling it.


Use lube! Andy’s absolute favourite lube is Sliquid H2O, so we use that every time. It is a silicone toy, so always do a patch test first if you’re planning on using a silicone-based lubricant.


The Rise is fully waterproof, which makes it easier to clean. However, there are so many ridges that you really have to pay attention to it. As well, drying the toy is a pain. Not only do the ridges soak up water but the outside motif (no actual purpose for this texture) makes it really annoying. Hence why the photos are still wet – I gave up trying to let it air dry. Find out about cleaning silicone from our guide.


The Rise has a 4-hour charge time that gives you 4-hours of play time. We live in our own apartment so this isn’t really an issue for us, but 4-hours of charging might be a turn-off for some people who share rooms/outlets with roommates or family.

Rocks Off Masturabtor Rise Peepshow Toys ACOK Review Packaging


The Rocks Off website is totally gendered! UGH! They have a section “Toys for Boys” and a section “Toys for Girls”. Not only is it gendered but it is infantilized. UGH. They also have a “Toys for Couples” in case you were wondering (but I bet you’re not surprised).


We are pleasantly surprised that the RISE works for Andy! At first, we didn’t quite know how to use it according to Andy’s body but then with time we found out exactly what works. Girth and curves aren’t really considered in the design of this toy but we found ways to work with it – the vibrations in the frenulum targeting-bump are key. We would suggest to use this toy more than once to find what works for you.

Recommended For: People who want to try a masturbator that does not require penetration. People who enjoy frenulum targeted vibrations.

Not Recommended For: People who really want to have a partner use this on them. People with incredibly large girth or penis curves (you’d be better off buying a lone vibrator or a penetrable sleeve if possible).

You can purchase the Rise from: SheVibe | Lovehoney UK

Diana Fox

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