How We Like to Use Sex Toys

I pick out a few of my favourite sex toys and ask Andy to come into the room. Laying before him are two vibrators and a variety of dildos. The dildos range from cold hard glass ones and a-spot hitting dual density ones, and a few in between.

I usually know which vibrator he’s going to pick, but occasionally I guide him to the one I’m craving the most. Well, I only suggest because I really leave it up to him.

The dildo is completely his choice. It depends on what he wants to do with my body. Of course, I’ve only laid out the ones that I’m happy with, so the choice isn’t totally his… but I know what he’s in the mood for by the one he picks up. Or if he picks up two of them.

If he is going to tease me, then he’ll pick one that he can maneuver around more – like a soft silicone toy that can hit my g-spot, my a-spot or my p-spot. If he wants me to cum hard and quickly… and probably more than once… then he’ll pick the firmest one of the bunch.

Today he’s chosen the hardest one and I know exactly what to expect. He gives me a look that asks me if I approve, and I always do.

He makes me move up the bed to a better position so he can start kissing my stomach and move all the way down to my vulva. Nudging down my underwear, he takes a deep breath, inhaling my scent. I can feel him get hard against my leg but this moment isn’t about him. It’s about what he’s going to do to me next – he’ll have his turn after.

Grabbing a bottle of lubricant, he puts a drop on the tip of the vibrator and turns it on to the lowest setting. Smiling up at me, he gets as close to my body as possible and focuses on warming me up with some soft vibrations. Circles are what work for me the best. Some rumbly vibrations through the hood of my clitoris causes the rest of my body to prepare for much-needed – much-desired – penetration.

After a few minutes he knows to start inserting one finger at a time. If he uses his thumb first, then I know we’re in for a very loud conclusion. There’s something sexy about his thumb being inserted inside of me. Maybe it’s the curve of his finger or maybe its the bulge of his knuckle or maybe it’s just the way it slides inside of me so smoothly, hitting all the good parts on its way in.

The vibrator is still pressed against me as he warms up my vagina with more fingers. His fingertips aim directly for my G-spot, having years of practice knowing just how to prod it.

When his hand is sufficiently soaked, he puts a drop of lube onto the dildo and places the cold glass against my vulva and slowly slips it deep inside of me, quickly warming up to my body temperature.

I usually don’t last very long with a hard toy if he keeps the thrusts slow and consistent but he can keep me along the edge of orgasm for as long as he wants. When my body starts moving in the air and my pelvic muscles start squeezing… he changes the position of the toys. It drives me a wild in a let-me-cum-omg-dont-stop-teasing-me-but-let-me-cum kind of way.

I take the vibrator in my own hand and he repositions himself so that he only focuses on the thrusts of the dildo. “Like that?”, he says and I don’t need to answer because my body is already trembling.

A few more thrusts against my G-spot while my vibrator is pressing down on part of my exposed clit, and my body tells Andy (and the neighbours) that I’m cumming hard. I remove the vibrator as my sensitivity intensifies while Andy thrusts even harder inside of me until my body crashes back onto the bed and I let out a sigh of relief.

Andy places the toys on our nightstand while I’m catching my breath on the bed. He lies down next to me, his body touching mine. I can still feel how hard he is against my side as I turn to tell him to get the condoms.

Diana Fox

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