Blue, Hard & Horrible: Maia Kendall Dildo Review

This toy is a great addition to the colour diversity of our toy box but that’s about it. It really makes an impression with its bright blue colour and girth, but it is incredibly firm and terrible to actually use.

In short: It is a girthy dildo that gets trapped on my pelvic bone and comes from a questionable company.

The Basics:

The Maia Kendall dildo is made with soft-textured silicone. It is not squishy or pliable, and it can only mildly bend with the effort of two hands. It is 8 inches long with an insertable length of 7 inches. The width is 1.75 inches at its largest – starting with the head. It has a swirled shaft with 5 swirls. The head protrudes on one side. It is marketed for g-spot, anal safe, harness compatible and suction cup capable. As it is made of 100% silicone on the outside, it is body safe, waterproof and easy to clean. All of this information was found on distributing sex shop sites, not the actual Maia site, which actually has very little information about any of their toys.

Maia Kendall Silicone Dildo Review – A Couple of Kinks

The Packaging:

The packaging is the best part! The box looks great. Maia really focuses on using bright colours, which have lured me in twice now for disappointing results (see: Maia Twistty Silicone Duo Balls). Maia’s slogan is “colors of erotica” and they provide a little colour therapy guide with every toy. Their Astral line (blue) is supposed to provoke trust, reliability, belonging and coolness. It does come with a bright blue storage pouch, which is nice but it smells a bit funny. There is a general instruction manual that talks about vibrator settings (not relevant) and cleaning care. While writing this review, I discovered that there is a 90-day warranty. You need to submit your registration online within 10 days of purchase, which I find is a really short time frame for a company that doesn’t advertise their warranty policy. I had to Google their warranty policy to find out more information because I could not find a direct link through their website. I found that there is a $12.50 service charge for repairs. Considering I paid less than $30 for the actual toy, I find this to be a total rip-off. This is the same company that took me 5 tries to get information about their kegel balls. So far, unimpressed.

Maia Kendall Silicone Dildo Review – A Couple of Kinks

Maia Kendall Silicone Dildo Review – A Couple of Kinks


Attempting to Use the Toy:

I was so excited when this toy arrived in the mail. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. I can’t always handle big girth, but we’ve come close to fisting, so it isn’t like I took on an impossible challenge.

I was surprised by how hard the material is. I later found out that the interior is made of a different material, which helps explain why the outside is so firm.

We have never been able to insert this toy inside of me without pain. No matter how warmed up or turned on I am or how desperately I want something large in my vagina – this toy causes me pain. The bulging part of the head gets stuck on my pelvic bone and it hurts. We’ve managed to get passed it with some strong will and lots of lube, but then the next swirl shows up and it’s game over. Out it comes, and we go on about our session and are much happier to leave it behind.

Maia Kendall Silicone Dildo Review – A Couple of Kinks


Anal: There is no way this is able to fit in my butt. I can only assume that the intense firmness might be uncomfortable for some.

Harness/Suction: The toy does have a flared base that acts as a suction cup. We don’t own a harness (yet!), but we can comment on the suction function. Our comment is: it is great when gravity is working with you – when the toy is vertical on a table or the floor. It is awful when gravity is working against you and it is horizontal on a wall. The suction doesn’t hold – it just comes right off. Check out our video.


In Conclusion:

I would only recommend this toy to someone who likes rigid, wide, textured toys. Even then, I would not recommend this company to anyone. I find their products to be disappointing and their customer service to be appalling. There is very little information about any of their toys on their company website. It took me five attempts to get someone to answer my very simple question. Their warranty policy is incredibly sneaky. We will personally be staying away from this company, despite the lure of bright colours.

If you still want to buy this toy you can purchase it from She Vibe (US) or PC (Canada).

Diana Fox

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