Womanizer Deluxe Review: Crazy-Fast Orgasms With a Twist

The Womanizer made a ripple in the sex blogging community a few months ago when Epi24 launched their innovation, named it something terrible, made it look like a tacky otoscope or thermometer and then charged over $200 for it. It made an even bigger wave when most of the sex blogging reviews were positive. There was a lot of “I don’t know why, but I like it” or “I still don’t understand how this works, but it works”. Epi24 then launched a second version (Womanizer Deluxe), which is slightly more expensive but claims to be quieter, includes two extra intensity options and looks less like something a doctor would use.

So do I like it? It’s more complicated than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The Basics:

The Womanizer Deluxe is a rechargeable clitoral stimulator. It is not a vibrator, but instead uses what they call Pleasure Air Technology. In layman’s terms, it means that there is a pulsing/vibrate effect that is more effective when the clitoral suction cup has a proper seal.

The toy itself is splashproof and made out of ABS plastic. The suction cup (the white part) is made of silicone. You are provided with two different size suction cups that are easy to remove and alternate. The clitoral suction cup is meant to be kept covering your clitoris so having different sizes is important.

There is an on/off button (the Swarovski gemstone) as well as an intensity controller that is easy to press. There are 8 intensity levels. For some reason the suction cup glows red when in use.

There are four colour combo/designs that you can have, but I’m a fan of leopard print so it was an obvious choice for us.

The Packaging:

The Womanizer Deluxe comes with a USB rechargeable cord and a wall plug. Our wall plug oddly kept falling out of the sockets. It also comes with two silicone heads and a storage pouch. There are detailed instructions on how to use and clean your toy.

In Use:

The Womanizer both simplifies and complicates my orgasm.

The Positives: I can cum incredibly quickly with the Womanizer alone. This means, unlike most of my orgasms, I do not need g-spot stimulation at the same time. The first time I used it, I managed to orgasm 4 times within 10 minutes. Definitely a speed record and frequency record for me. However….

The Negatives: The orgasms are short, shallow and end up being painful if I’m not careful. Let’s see if I can properly explain this. My orgasms are usually prolonged – I enjoy continued stimulation while I’m actively cuming in order to fully finish orgasming. My orgasms are usually deep – they are typically a mix of g-spot and clitoral orgasm that makes my whole body shake. When I typically orgasm, I become sensitive afterwards, however this has never been an issue. Once I am fully done, I feel satisfied.

BUT with the Womanizer, this is not the case. I can bring myself to orgasm crazy-fast, except that if I start to orgasm and leave the Womanizer touching my clitoris, then I end up in pain – to the point where I remove the Womanizer and my orgasm stops. Pain -> Removal of toy -> end of orgasm.

The Positives: Because my orgasms are short and shallow, I can then proceed to have another one. I just need a little bit of rest to reduce sensitivity in my clitoris, and then I can go for another round or two… or three.

The Negatives: If I orgasm from the Womanizer only once, then I am incredibly unsatisfied. I need to then orgasm with another toy or orgasm more than once with the Womanizer… but then that means I keep hurting myself. It is a conundrum.

Perks of the Womanizer: It is incredibly easy to hold, super easy to change the intensity levels while you are using it and easy to turn off if needed. It is a unique sensation, kind of like your orgasm is being ripped out of you, but in a good way (well, until it is too intense and then it is a bad way). For me, the smaller attachment works the best, but I love that there is an option.

Womanizer Deluxe Review W500 Pro

Cleaning: Easy to clean the silicone attachment, however it is a bit annoying to clean the toy itself. It comes with full cleaning details, but essentially you need to dip the tip in water and turn it on.

Conclusion: The Womanizer Deluxe is both a blessing and a curse for my clitoris. I’ve never had so many orgasms so quickly, but the orgasms feel incomplete. Part of me wishes that I had access to this toy when I spent YEARS being sexually active and unable to orgasm. The other part of me is thankful that I became confident with manual orgasms prior to using this toy. I think it could be great for someone who has a lot of difficulty with clitoral orgasms, but it might be harmful for others. Am I conflicted? Yes. Will I use it again? Absolutely. If we’re ever running late and I can’t orgasm, I know that the Womanizer will do the trick – it always does.

Recommended For: People who enjoy clitoral orgasms. People who enjoy quick orgasms. People who have mobility limitations as you don’t have to move the toy.

Not Recommended For: People who have very sensitive clits. People who prefer long, deep orgasms.

You can purchase a Womanizer Deluxe (W500) from: Lovehoney | SheVibe | GoodVibes | Pink Cherry

Diana Fox

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